1INCH Network Price Prediction – 2022, 2025, 2030

DEXs are decentralized exchanges. They are the platforms or exchanges where cryptocurrency trading takes place without the involvement of a third party. In other words, no financial institution or company is involved in the operation of a decentralized exchange. Participants trade on decentralized platforms without discrimination and must only connect their digital wallets to trade successfully.

DEXs do not give anyone access to their users’ assets or personal information, so people trade with their funds in their hands only. Many exchanges have set prices for cryptocurrencies that vary from exchange to exchange, and traders try to buy the coins at the lowest price possible to maximize profits.

This cryptocurrency guide will teach you everything there is to know about the 1inch network and its features. Nonetheless, we will continue to focus on the 1inch network price prediction from 2022 to 2030.

What is the 1inch Network?

This network has made trading more convenient. It analyzes all DEXs and finds the one with the lowest price to offer to its customers in order for them to get the best price. The primary goal of this 1Inch network is to provide better price options to its customers while maintaining asset liquidity and security.

1inch Network Ecosystem

This 1Inch Network is made up of three protocols that ensure its smooth operation and provide services to its participants.

1inch Aggregation Protocol

This protocol’s purpose is to determine the best path for its users. There are numerous liquidity exchanges in the digital market that support various cryptocurrencies on their platforms, each with its own set of prices; some offer a higher price for a coin, while others offer the same coin at a lower price.

This protocol analyzes the prices on all of these exchanges and recommends to its users the exchange with the lowest price in comparison to other platforms. Customers can trade at a low cost as a result of this.

1inch Liquidity Protocol

The protocol handles all tasks related to protection and safety. This protocol protects participants from various threats that they may encounter while trading. It also serves to provide incentives to its users.

1inch Limit Order Protocol

This protocol is the most recently updated of the three. Its services limit customers’ order swap opportunities in decentralized finance. Other features of this protocol include dynamic pricing and conditional orders. This protocol also supports custom implementations such as stop-loss and trailing stop orders.

1inch Wallet

This wallet enables trading on a variety of exchange platforms. Users store their assets in the digital wallet and connect it to the 1Inch Network to begin trading without handing over control of their assets to anyone. This 1inch wallet is a user-friendly mobile platform that protects the assets of the clients. It also improves the participants’ transaction and staking skills.

Fundamentals of 1Inch Network (1INCH)

When was it introduced?

1inch Network was founded in the year, 2019.

Management Team: Sergej Kunz and Anton Bunkov founded 1inch Network. The ETHGlobal, New York hackathon, created these two platforms, and Artem Vorobev is the lead dApp Architect, with Mikhail Melnik as the lead blockchain engineer and architect. Nikita Ovchinnik is in charge of business development.

Native Token: 1INCH

What is the Aim of 1Inch?

1 Inch Network is a non-profit organization to foster the growth and expansion of the 1inch Network. It is working to service incentive contributions via grants and various capital deployment vehicles. The platform is focused on increasing its decentralization by growing its stake owners and giving them opportunities to govern DAO.

How does 1Inch work?

1inch platform finds the cheapest ways for its users to place their trade using all exchanges and liquidity protocols that can help facilitate the trade. This process involves swapping Ethereum between other platforms and currencies before arriving at Wrapped Bitcoin. The 1Inch Network has three protocols in its ecosystem to find the perfect exchange, protect participants from risks and threats, increase liquidity, and provide limited order swap opportunities in DeFi.

1INCH Use Case

1INCH tokens are utilized on the platform for transactions, staking, and mining purposes that increase liquidity. The main use case of the 1INCH token is allowing governance rights to its users. The participants use the token to vote on the protocol proposals under the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) model.

Price History of 1INCH Network

The launch of 1INCH in 2019 reached an all-time high of $7.87 on May 8, 2021. The live price of 1INCH is $0.67, with a -2.58% change in the last 24 hours. 1INCH is 92.37 percent less than its all-time high, having reached its all-time low yesterday.

1Inch Netwoek Price Chart: Source Tradingview
  • All-time high price: $7.87 on 08 May 2021.
  • All-time low price: $0.5393 on 15 June 2022.

1INCH Coin Overview

The 1inch Network’s ticker symbol is 1INCH. It provides power to the 1inch Network and enables users to participate. These tokens offer their users incentives s well as liquidity mining programs, which has increased their demand. In addition, the coin allows users to trade coins at the best prices available. Furthermore, holders of 1INCH coins have the right to vote on future coin-related proposals.

1Inch Network Overview Source: Coinmarketcap

Many exchange platforms, including Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, FTX, OKEx, Kraken, and KuCoin, support the trading of 1INCH Network coins. Although Coinbase allows the sending and receiving of 1INCH tokens, trading via digital wallets is not supported.

The 1INCH Network token is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and requires 14 network confirmations before a transaction can be completed. The maximum withdrawal amount for 1INCH is 31,250 1INCH, with a minimum price of 3.33 1INCH coins.

1INCHCoin Tokenomics

1INCH is ranked #90 in the world, with a live market capitalization of $1,011,037,950.00. There are currently 535,983,765.45 1INCH coins in circulation, with a total supply of 1,500,000,000 1INCH coins. There is insufficient supply.

1Inch network Price Prediction

Are you looking for 1inch Network price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and want to comprehend where 1inch Network prices can go in the future? We’ll look at 1inch Network’s (1INCH) past prices and see what technical analysis suggests about the 1inch Network forecast.

The 1inch Network (1INCH) price predictions are solely based on technical analysis, and I will be using a series of technical indicators such as moving averages, trendlines, Fibonacci retracement, RSI, and MACD to determine the 1inch Network price prediction.

Let’s first look at the 1Inch Network price prediction for 2022 to 2030.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2022

There are indications that this currency will continue to rise this year, owing to the same favorable trend. 1Inch has a total capitalization of $321,663,211. Our experts predicted the coin’s value. They indicate that the coin could reach $0.79 in 2022. Before the end of the year, the currency could reach a minimum price value of $0.74. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a surge at the highest possible value of approximately $0.82.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2023

Based on the coin’s short and long-term price history, the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 may not be ideal for its rise, owing to other crypto rivals gaining momentum or market fluctuations. However, the currency is expected to reach a high of $0.95 in 2023.

The technical analysis also predicted that the coin’s price would not fall below $0.57. According to our estimates, this coin could trade at an average price of $0.65 by the end of 2023.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2024

Unlike other digital currencies, 1INCH can thrive and grow even in adverse circumstances. This coin is expected to dominate the crypto world in 2024, assuming that an incredible opportunity does not arise and that a bullish trend leads the crypto market.

1Inch Network Weekly Price Chart: Source Tradingview

The technical analysis predicted that the 1Inch network price would rise above $0.75. Instead, the currency aims to reach the lowest price of $0.70. By the end of 2024, the highest value of this currency could reach $0.80.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2025

The year 2025 may be advantageous for this currency. No significant events, such as an outbreak or a depression, are expected to jeopardize the foundations of economic markets. And it is predicted that the damage done to this coin will be reversed. The coin’s value is almost certainly going to double.

1Inch price forecast estimated that this coin could trade for $1.12 on the low end, with a maximum price value of $1.27. This currency may not fall below $1.05 if the market remains positive in 2025.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2026

It is anticipated that the coin price will peak in 2026. The estimated value for 2026 is positive. Investors and traders have begun to bet on the long-term price fluctuation, closely monitoring its value as an asset opportunity.

According to 1Inch price prediction, the price will most likely reach $1.01. By the end of the year, the currency could be worth as little as $1.25. In addition, the price has the potential to reach a maximum price of $1.96.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2027

Because of the volatility, professional coin investors always prefer long-term gains to short-term profits. This coin will be regarded as a superior alternative, and the 1Inch Network price will rise further due to increased customer demand.

1Inch price prediction shows this coin may be worth more than $1.72. By 2027, the currency could be worth as little as $1.24. Furthermore, the coin’s price has the potential to reach a high of $1.79 in the crypto market.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2028

This coin may represent an excellent long-term investment opportunity in the Defi sector. The cryptocurrency appears to be on the rise, with numerous opportunities for beneficial initiatives in 2028.

1Inch price prediction exhibits a probability of the average forecast price rising above $1.97. The 1Inch Network is expected to reach the $1.63 minimum price by the end of 2028. Furthermore, the price has the potential to reach a maximum price level of $2.43 by 2028.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2029

According to the 1Inch price prediction and specialized indicators, the currency price forecast is expected to exceed the $2.40 average price level in 2029. The lowest fee for the coin is expected to be $2.33 by the end of the year. 1Inch price prediction signals that this coin will reach its peak value of $2.50 in 2029.

1Inch Network Price Prediction for 2030

With significant collaborations and improvements, 1INCH has a lot of potential in terms of consumers and adoption. This coin has a few advantages in the market, as the independence of the online economy makes it an ideal investment opportunity.

Using technical analysis, 1Inch price prediction suggests the odds of a bullish trend in long term. The 1inch network pricing is expected to exceed $2.60 at the very least by 2030. The average price may remain at $2.71 by 2030. Similarly, the coin’s value could reach $2.82 at its peak.


To summarize, 1INCH Network is a coin with a promising future, and its value will skyrocket in the coming years. This currency also has a large market capitalization, which is one of the reasons it could be a profitable investment. Our forecast indicates that while this currency may not be a good short-term investment, its volatile nature provides many opportunities for long-term investors.

However, no one can predict what will happen in the crypto world with any degree of certainty. Please remember that your decision must be based on your risk tolerance and market knowledge. Also, before investing in cryptocurrency, do your homework.


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