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BlockSpaces Unveils a Strategic Banking Partnership with Cogent Bank 

  • According to BlockSpaces, its decision to initiate a banking partnership with the bank was triggered by the latter’s exclusive knowledge of the blockchain sector. 

A popular B2B integration outfit, identified as Blockspaces, has announced a partnership with Cogent bank to facilitate the banking activities of its blockchain companies. The renowned integration network made the announcement today during the yearly meeting of the Florida Bankers Association (FBA) in Florida. According to BlockSpaces, its decision to initiate a banking partnership with the bank was triggered by the latter’s exclusive knowledge of the blockchain sector. 

Furthermore, the B2B outfit believes the bank which operates a full-time commercial and retail banking services possesses an undiluted clutch of the obtainable risks in the industry. With the banking partnership, BlockSpaces will harness the real-time and tokenized payment networks of Cogent. More so, the platform tends to enjoy unequal access to the refined treasury administrative resources as well as the API gateway to aid data integration.

BlockSpaces CEO, Cogent Bank President reacts to the partnership deal

According to the Co-founder and CEO of BlockSpaces, Rosa Shores, the massive expansion of the blockchain industry has now necessitated uprising firms to harness advanced banking outlets. Shores believes such exploration tends to help aid the operations of blockchain businesses. The Co-founder expressed the delight of his team to partner with Cogent, stressing that the bank overtly aligns with the advancing digital revolution. In another reaction, the Chief Blockchain officer of BlockSpaces, Gabe Higgins also expressed the excitement of the team to partner with a digitally advanced banking institution. Gabe, who doubles as a Co-founder of the platform, announced the plan of BlockSpaces to discuss the potential expansion of virtual assets services to more institutions.

Similarly, the President of Cogent Bank, identified as Chirag Bhavsar remarked that the bank aspires to consistently build toward the future of banking operations. According to Bhavsar, Cogent now provides transformational mechanisms to meet the emerging demands of customers and partners. He hinted that the institution is aware of the demand for a blockchain-based payment and has consistently worked to meet up such demand.

Further Notes 

Founded in 2001, the Cogent bank operates as a state-oriented bank with about $1 billion in total assets. The institution has been a consistent enabler of the advancing digital currency, decentralized finance, and blockchain industries. As of today, Cogent bank avails retail and institutional customers with lending, repository, treasury management, and a host of others. It currently enjoys the patronage and loyalty of users in North, Central, and SouthWest Florida. According to reports, the bank primarily designs its routine operations to align with the diverse needs of these customers.

Blockspaces on the other hand emerged in 2017. It operates by linking business projects with blockchain platforms. The outfit, which situated its headquarters in Florida, renders the services by exploring the web3 mechanisms. Its partnership with Cogent bank is geared toward availing its blockchain customers with ease of banking operations without hindrances.

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