An Anonymous Twitter Account Receives a Cease-and-desist Letter from Nexo Accusing it of Embezzlement

An Anonymous Twitter Account Receives a Cease-and-desist Letter from Nexo Accusing it of Embezzlement

  • The legal team at Nexo is looking for the user(s) of the Twitter account “@otteroooo,” after a tweeting Mustelidae claimed that the company’s co-founders had stolen money from the HelpKarma charity.
  • For its part, otteroooo contends that Nexo did not personally serve it with a Cease and Desist notification.
  • Nexo recently said that it had retained banking titan Citigroup (C) as a merger and acquisition advisor for other companies in the lending industry.

Nexo, one of the world’s leading crypto lenders, has sent a cease and desist letter to an anonymous Twitter account accusing it of embezzlement. The Twitter account “@otteroooo” has claimed that the company embezzled funds from a charity. Still, the company says the user of the account is intentionally using the name of someone unrelated to Nexo in order to damage its reputation.

Nexo is demanding that the @otteroooo account user immediately stop making false and defamatory statements about the company, remove all such tweets from the account, and issue a public apology. If the user does not comply with these demands, the company says it will take legal action.

This is not the first time Nexo has been accused of wrongdoing by anonymous social media accounts. In 2018, an anonymous Twitter user accused the company of being a Ponzi scheme, and in 2019 another anonymous user made similar accusations on Reddit. However, both of these claims were proven to be false, and it is likely that this latest claim will also be found to be without merit.

According to otteroooo, Kanchev, who is also a co-founder of Nexo, used his position as an executive at HelpKarma to siphon funds from the charity crowdfunding platform. HelpKarma is a non-profit organization that helps people in need with crowdfunding campaigns.

Nexo has responded to the accusations, saying there is an issue of confused identity. The founder of HelpKarma is Constantine Krastev, not Kosa Kanchev, who shares little physical similarities to Krastev. The company says it was not personally served a Cease and Desist notice by otteroooo.

The Twitter presence also claims that, in addition to the request to purchase his profile, a PR representative of the company offered otteroooo money in exchange for dirt on competitors of Nexo. If true, this would be a major ethical breach on the part of the company and their PR team. Neither otteroooo nor the PR representative has responded to requests for comment at this time.

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