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Understanding BitQL & How It May Help You

As a new phenomena, cryptocurrency may not be understandable or interesting to all asset traders. For a newcomer, the volatility of crypto markets, with their constantly shifting prices, might be difficult to grasp. Crypto trading robots can help in this situation. It processes trade better than people with restrictions, thanks to its effective knowledge and quick procedures.

BitQL is a cryptocurrency trading platform that employs an AI-based algorithm. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge, and others may be included in these assets. The main goal of this software is to give a newbie with simple transaction models and instructions on how to trade online.

With a variety of setup choices, this software makes it simple to create an account in three easy steps. You may use their demo account with demo trading services if you are afraid about trading in the actual game. As a rookie, this will keep you from making any serious mistakes – BitQL has your back in such a scenario.

The trading platform will function as a side hustle for you because it is totally automated, and it will just require your aid during trading. As a result, this is an excellent alternative for those who have a 9-to-5 job and have money to invest in lucrative ventures.

BitQL: At A Glance

BitQL offers an array of advantages that make trading easier for you. We’ve listed them below

  • AI driven crypto trading tool.
  • The official website of BitQL claims to enjoy a high success rate of 60%
  • The registration process is fairly straightforward, with no hefty documentation. The registration is completely free of cost.
  • Account setup and verification in three simple steps.
  • An initial deposit of  EUR 250 is required, which also serves as your investment fund.
  • Regulated by the Financial Control Authority (FCA).
  • BitQL has a very impressive demo account feature that allows you to learn the nitty gritties of asset trading.
  • Withdrawing funds from your BitQL account is a fast and simple process. It’ll take a maximum of 48 hours to clear your account upon receiving a withdrawal request.
  • End to end user data encryption (military grade encryption)
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What Is The Process Employed By BitQL?

BitQL is a cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes cutting-edge technology. Artificial intelligence assists in the operation of the gadget. By assessing qualitative and quantitative data of the assets, AI and sophisticated algorithms evaluate prospects for the user.

This implies that BitQL can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, giving the investor a substantial profit margin. As a result, the BitQL trading tool is quite popular on the market. BitQL distinguishes out among its competitors due to its fast data analysis and accuracy.

To execute news-based trading, the BitQL algorithm employs Natural Language Processing. Short-selling tactics are often used in order to make faster gains.

Is BitQL A Trustworthy Platform?

BitQL has undergone extensive testing, with all test results indicating that BitQL is a trustworthy platform. When it comes to validity and accuracy, it gets top grades. Because of its openness, accuracy, and vivid analytical skills, the trading instrument is generally trusted. Furthermore, the platform’s customer assistance and asset and user information security provide value.

It’s simple to become confused about a trading tool’s authenticity. To counteract this, BitQL is as open with its potential users as possible. A website agreement, a risk disclaimer, and their privacy policy will keep you on the safe side.

Is BitQL Safe To Use?

BitQL uses a secure socket layer to encrypt data (SSL). This is a guarantee that the website where you are entering your credentials and other information is safe.

SSL encryption ensures that the monies you deposit are secure, and that you will not be defrauded.

Some Tips And Tricks

It will be quite different to enter this stream of trading assets than it will be to enter any other trading strategy. Trading or selling your assets entails significant risks. However, with greater risks come larger rewards, which is why the cryptocurrency industry has blossomed in recent years. As a result, we recommend that you follow the tips and tactics described below to get the most out of these marketplaces.

Creating An Account

To begin, go to BitQL’s website and complete the online form to register an account. On this form, you will just be asked to submit your basic information, such as your first and last name, email address, and phone number. Aside from that, no additional information or banking credentials are required.

Fund Your Account

After registering, you will be connected to other broker partners. To begin your adventure on BitQL, you will need to make an initial deposit of EUR 250, which may be made using MasterCard, Maestro, or e-wallets.

Using A Demo Account

Rather than making real-money deposits and trading right away, you may first create a BitQL demo account. This will assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of how trading is conducted or how the BitQL trading tool functions. After that, you can begin trading on a regular basis.

Start Trading

After you’ve completed your training on the demo account, you may move on to the actual market using this day trading software.

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Some Features Of BitQL

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the BitQL trading platform. The reviews are aimed mostly at traders who are unfamiliar with both automatic and manual trading software.

Highly Secure Platform

One of the most severe problems is making transactions or entering your credentials on any platform. Hackers and fraudsters may quickly access data on an open platform. As a result, BitQL has Secure Socket Layer encryption certification to counteract this (SSL). This will alleviate your anxiety of being conned and ensure the safety of your data and valuables.

A Separate Demonstration Account

BitQL provides a separate demo account for users to get acquainted with BitQL’s automatic AI trading technology. This enables you to have an understanding of the dynamics of a market based on digital currency. A EUR 1,500 demo deposit is also available for use in transactions. To begin, improve your abilities in trading with individuals online and determining market trends for bitcoin. This will save you from making several errors in the future.

User – Friendly Interface

The BitQL includes a very user-friendly interface and live trading robots that can be controlled both automatically and manually. The choices provided on the dashboard allow you to simply alter the settings to your liking. These settings will allow an investor to use the bitcoin trading tool for both manual and automatic trading. When compared to a sophisticated trading system, BitQL will provide you with a great deal of convenience.

Multiple – Currencies Options

Trading in various currencies lowers the danger of losing money. As a result, BitQL lets you trade BTC, ETH, and XRP. Once you’ve begun trading, the BitQL trading tool will forecast whether or not your transaction will be lucrative, as well as provide you with the finest trading possibilities.

No Admission Fees

More than the first investment, there will be no other payments to make with BitQL. You won’t have to worry about paying for your trading license or any other hidden expenses.

Low Commission Fees

You will have to pay a commission while trading with BitQL. This is essentially your brokers’ incentive, and it’s worth 0.01 percent.

Trading With Margin

Another benefit that BitQL provides to its consumers is leverage trading, or trading on margin. This will put you in a better position to negotiate a better deal with your broker while investing less money. However, it is strongly recommended that you have a thorough understanding of this function before utilizing it. You can trade with a leverage ratio of 5000:1.

Earn Anywhere

You will be able to make transactions while on the move if you have the ability to log in and out from anywhere. All you have to do now is keep your credentials safe so that any data breaches do not result in a loss.

24 – Hour Customer Service

You will receive customer support assistance at any time of the day if you have any questions. Because you will be working with a broker, you will have them to help you with your problems, but they will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BitQL – How To Register

BitQL has made the account registration procedure as simple as possible. An SSL certificate protects all of your personal information, which means that whatever information you enter into your account is encrypted.

Register Your Account

You may create an account right now by filling out the short form below with your basic information. After you’ve finished filling out the form, you’ll need to confirm your account. It takes 20 minutes to finish the entire process. After that, a personal account broker will be assigned to you.

Make A Deposit

BitQL has a EUR 250 minimum deposit requirement. This deposit is not just the smallest on the market, but it’s also what you’ll use to make your first cryptocurrency transactions. You won’t need to worry about having enough money to invest or a deposit on hand. Your trading capital is covered by your deposit.

Proceed To The Trading Room 

You have the option of using the demo trading tool or proceeding directly to the live trading room. The demo account will assist you in becoming acquainted with the trading room. It is, however, entirely optional. If you’re ready, you can go right into the live trading room.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using An Automated Trading Tool?

You can always use the demo account tool to hone your trading abilities, so take your time with it. Even if you believe you are ready to trade in the live crypto markets, there are still several factors that may cloud your judgment. It will be difficult for a newcomer to deal with so many things at once. This is why automated trading systems like BitQL are created to assist traders in diversifying and controlling their trades.

High Speed

Within seconds, the cryptocurrency market rises and falls. To counteract this, you have software that adapts to the situation. BitQL is built to be lightning quick, processing trades in less than a millisecond.

Trading Without Sentiments

BitQL is a piece of software that was created utilizing complicated mathematical techniques. The technology is used to quantify and rationalize all decisions made on this platform. Fears, urges, and irrational emotions are absent from computers, clouding human judgment.

24 – 7 Trading

The crypto market is the only market that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, the BitQL trading tool is intended to work at all hours of the day. The user can alter the trading time period to suit their needs and so interrupt the deal.

Ability To Conduct Past Strategy Analysis

BitQL is one of the few programmes that can examine past data and create strategies based on it. This contributes to the precision of a choice.

Limit Risk Exposure

After you’ve created an account, you may work with your broker to define your trading parameters. When to commence and finish trading sessions, as well as when to establish your stop-loss limit This will assist you in reducing your chance of losing money.

BitQL: Our Conclusion

BitQL is a reputable, high-performance trading system, and we can confidently conclude that. It is a trading tool that has the potential to generate massive gains for all traders. This makes the platform suitable for folks who work full-time yet want to supplement their income with their leisure cash. You will only have to devote a little portion of your day to monitor your account. BitQL provides its users with all of the information they need to increase their financial portfolio’s profit margins.


  • Market volatility Management 
  • Withdraw crypto direct to wallet
  • Automated client to broker pairing
  • Full user risk control tools
  • Friendly and efficient account brokers
  • Fully automated Trading mode


  • No mobile app
  • Initial deposit could be lower

BitQL Common Faqs

BitQL Signup
Excellent Rating
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