What Is Cardano and How Does It Work?

Cardano is a famous cryptocurrency or a digital currency. The Cardano cryptocurrency was founded in 2015 but started trading in 2017 for only a few cents. The founder of this crypto was Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum, which is another well-known cryptocurrency that runs using blockchain technology.

Cardano’s unit is called ADA. The cryptocurrency uses a “proof-of-stake” system where the currency owners validate transactions to get rewards. The staking reward is an excellent way to earn income, with some of the best cryptocurrency brokers letting you stake with little to no cost.

Cardano, like any other cryptocurrency, can be viewed as a token that allows one to power or enable apps. Also, you can send money, among other things, using the cryptocurrency.

History of Cardano

So, what is Cardano history? The Cardano founder is Charles Hoskinson, who doubles as an Ethereum co-founder. He launched Cardano in 2017, intending to make it a blockchain 3.0 (third-generation blockchain). This means the cryptocurrency aims to build on the technology that Bitcoin pioneered (first generation), followed by Ethereum (second generation).

Cardano has a goal to become highly scalable and be an innovative contract platform that is energy sufficient. The platform uses the Ouroborous mechanism, which was a result of research that was peer-reviewed by a team of cryptographers and computer scientists from different institutes. These institutes include Tokyo University and the University of Edinburgh, among other universities.

What Does Cardano Do?

The Cardano platform has several features. Below are some of them:


Cardano is a digital currency that you can send or receive, provided you have a cryptocurrency wallet. You can also use it in exchange for goods and services.

Smart Contracts

Smart contract on Cardano are contracts that execute themselves when the appropriate conditions are fulfilled.

Decentralized Finance

The Cardano decentralize system and Cardano finance aid its users to skip intermediaries or financial institutions and transact with other individuals on the basis that does not warrant permission.

Digital Apps

Cardano lending is part of decentralized finance. The Cardano app facilitates trading, lending, insurance, asset management, and other financial services are a possibility.

How Does it Work?

Cardano technology uses the blockchain, which verifies the transactions and ensures that individuals do not use the same tokens more than once. The system is decentralized, meaning that there isn’t a government or central organization involved.

The digital currency uses the Cardano proof of stake instead of proof of work, as seen in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Proof of work mechanism typically involves miners running computers to solve complex equations to add new data blocks to the blockchain, getting cryptocurrency in exchange for their work.

On the other hand, Cardano staking is a process where the participants on the network get the right to take part in the blockchain operation. During the blockchain production, the protocol of Cardano has been designed to keep the energy expended at the lowest possible levels.

What Is ADA?

The Cardano platform uses ADA as its native cryptocurrency. The name is derived from Ada Lovelace, a mathematician from the nineteenth century who was dabbed as the pioneer computer programmer.

Just like ETH tokens drive the Ethereum platform, the ADA native tokens are responsible for fueling the ADA platform. These tokens are used to pay transaction fees and are used as stakes by delegators and validators who are responsible for maintaining the network’s stability and security in reciprocity for rewards.

There are also plans to use ADA as a token for governance. This will allow holders to vote on upgrades and changes on the platform.

Advantages of Cardano

  • Cardano is environmentally friendly. The cryptocurrency has a blockchain system that is among the most environmentally friendly. In one of the interviews, Hoskinson claimed that Cardano energy consumption is 1.6 million times better than that of Bitcoin.
  • Faster Cardano transactions. The platform’s processing speed is much better than that of Ethereum 1.0. Cardano transactions per second are 250 compared to 4.6 and 15-45 for Bitcoin and Ethereum 1. o respectively.
  • Peer-reviewed network. Cardano peer review research assists in the platform’s blockchain development. This ensures the cryptocurrency evolves beyond the original framework.

Disadvantages of Cardano

  • Competing with more established cryptocurrencies. Cardano competitors such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have longer histories of use and increased uptake by developers. For instance, Ethereum 2.0 introduced a proof of stake feature, which negates the Cardano advantage.
  • The cryptocurrency does not stand out. The cryptocurrency market is highly crowded, and getting attention is not easy. Cardano is not a meme currency and lacks any unique features that set it apart.

Is Cardano a Good Investment?

If you want to buy Cardano AD, its volatility is something you should put into consideration. However, those who have stuck with the cryptocurrency from its 2017 debut have made significant profits. Therefore, before investing in Cardano, try to understand what you are buying instead of recent losses or gains.

Like any other cryptocurrency, Cardano is not backed by any assets or cash flow of a business. The price of the cryptocurrency therefore rises and falls depending on the interest of traders. The interest is driven by sentiment, optimism, and speculation. The uncertainty of any cryptocurrency is what keeps investors such as Warren Buffet from investing.


It will be advisable to do a lot of research and talk to people who have invested in cryptocurrency before dipping your toes in the game. You can either invest in cryptocurrencies directly or use other indirect ways of investing. For instance, you can invest in a company that invests in blockchain technology. This way, you will profit without having to trade yourself.

If you decide to invest in Cardano directly, you will have to come to terms with its volatile nature. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that you might end up losing the entire investment. Therefore, always invest using money that you can lose without creating other financial problems for yourself.

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