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Is BitiQ A Scam?

BitiQ has been gaining popularity over the past few months as an advanced cryptocurrency trading system capable of making automated profitable trades with a high success rate. These claims have people questioning if BitiQ is a legitimate platform or if it is a scam.

Our BitiQ review will answer all of your questions. Due to the popularity of BitiQ, a lot of fake websites have been created in an attempt to trick and scam people out of their money. After you have finished reading our review, make sure you create your BitiQ account using the form at the top of this page. Registering your account using the form on this page will ensure you are joining the official platform and not an imitation or scam website.

BitiQ Trading Platform at Glance

🖥️ Type:AI Trading Software
🤖 Robot type:Cryptocurrency trading robot
✅ Rating:9.2/10
💱 Supported Assets:ETH, BTC, XRO, others
💰 Minimum Deposit:$250
⌛ Withdrawal timeframe:24 hours
📱 Mobile App:Yes
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Excellent Rating

BitiQ Review: How BitiQ Works

The BitiQ trading platform uses blockchain technology and AI to offer transparent and profitable trading. The trading platform was founded in 2018 and has since grown into one of the most sought crypto trading accounts.

BitiQ has a desktop app where traders can trade cryptocurrencies through an advanced system and complex algorithms. The platform will conduct arbitrage trading, price trend analyses, trading strategies, and other functions to ensure successful trades.

The trading system is like a human with advanced knowledge of crypto trading but functions at higher speeds, offering more precise trades. This is because the system was developed by a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing to adhere to instructions. The Natural Language Processing  (NLP) system goes through billions of pages simultaneously and scans for profitable market opportunities before eventually acting on them.

Additionally, the BitiQ trading platform uses news analysis elements and technical analysis to get an accurate picture of the market. This saves a lot of hassle of following up on trading news and trying to come up with advanced trading strategies.

The platform is also designed to follow up on individuals whose actions impact the crypto market. For instance, BitiQ will analyze Elon Musk’s tweets and figure out their impact on the market. The trading system will then act acc0ordingly to and make trades from the expected effects.

Furthermore, the platform is equipped with a demo account. This demo account allows users to get acquainted with the account, test the waters, and develop unique trading skills. The good thing with the demo account is that you use your real money. You will be set for future success in the crypto-trading realm from the skills you acquire.

Finally, the system is straightforward and can easily be used by experienced and inexperienced traders. Registration is also easy, and there are no hidden charges while transacting on the account.

BitiQ Review 2022: Is it Legit or a Scam?

It may be challenging to decide whether a trading app on the market is genuine or not at a glance. Many automated trading options promise traders great returns, and any rational person may have significant doubts about these sites. From our investigation, all indications point to the BitiQ platform being a legitimate website that assists traders in making their crypto trades.

However, you should note that different traders have different experiences on automated trading sites. You will, therefore, come into all sorts of reviews regarding the trading platforms online. The BitiQ account offers traders a simple, smooth, and intuitive trading process. As a result, beginners will gain a significant advantage in trading with the BitiQ platform without grasping too many advanced techniques.

As much as we say the site is legitimate, you should exercise caution when making crypto trades. This is because crypto trading is a precarious venture due to the volatility of cryptocurrency assets. The BitiQ platform helps you mitigate these risks. However, if you are not careful and trade without caution, you will lose your investment.

Taking everything into account, BitiQ is an excellent platform that brings newbies into the world of crypto trading. The website also has a lot of helpful information that will significantly assist the users on the site.

BitiQ Review: BitiQ App Features

The BitiQ platform offers traders an array of features to ensure they maximize their trades. These features set the platform apart from other trading bots. Here are some of the features listed below.

BitiQ Fee

Many different trading platforms charge their users fees on activities such as trade request executions, store transactions, and withdrawals, among other charges. The BitiQ platform has eliminated a wide range of unwarranted fees, expenses, and commissions. This aims to ensure a user experience on the account is both appealing and satisfactory.

BitiQ Withdrawal

Some trading platforms require regulated brokers and traders to wait for up to a week before traders receive money in their accounts. Fortunately, BitiQ has ensured its users do not suffer the same plight. After filling out your application form, the BitiQ website takes less than 24 hours before processing your request. Additionally, you will have various withdrawal options to settle on from BitiQ.


Cryptocurrency trading requires entering and exiting a position at precise times. This is because the value of crypto assets can decline drastically in a short period. BitiQ platform offers a precision of 0.01 seconds, ensuring a highly optimized trading process for the highest gains.

BitiQ Customer Service

BitiQ trading platform has ensured you can reach their customer service through different channels. All these communication channels are efficient and offer round-the-clock responses. Any questions about trading will be met with satisfact0ory responses. Also, any other concern will be addressed.

BitiQ Demo Feature

The BitiQ trading platform includes a demo trading account. This demo is available once the user joins the platform and is acquainted with the user interface. You will be able to use this demo account to practice different trading strategies without risking your investment. Later, you will use the skills acquired to make profits once you enter the live trading sessions.

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Excellent Rating

How to Create a Bitcoin Account

You will have to follow easy procedures before starting trading on the BitiQ platform. These are listed below.

Step 1- Registration

The registration process on the website is straightforward. The site offers a registration form at the top and bottom of each page on the site. You will be required to provide your name, email address, and phone number. Also, you will set a password for your account before proceeding. Finally, you will have to verify your account using your email.

Step 2- Make a Deposit

After account verification, you will have to deposit funds. The BitiQ trading platform has set a minimum of $ 250 as the initial trading amount. However, you can deposit higher trading amounts, although starting with the minimum trading amount is prudent. The platform also offers numerous methods of depositing funds, including credit cards, debit cards, and online bank transfers.

Step 3- Dem Account

The BitiQ platform offers users a demo account which allows them to understand how the site works and develop trading strategies. The feature simulates live trading but does not involve the use of money. Therefore, you will be well prepared to trade from the experience gained on the demo account. Additionally, you will have an easy time using the app as you will already be acquainted.

Step 4- Start Trading

You can start trading as soon as you deposit funds and get acquainted with the app’s functionality on the demo app. You will be able to command the app to conduct trades according to the preferences you settle on. It is, therefore, paramount to develop trading strategies before you hop on live trading.

BitiQ Review: Why Choose This Bitcoin Robot?

The BitiQ platform offers users with some advantages that distinguish the website from other automated trading platforms. Here are some of the benefits you will derive from trading on the platform.

Suitable for Beginners

The account is user-friendly, and newbies can easily navigate the website. Also, the auto trading robot allows traders with limited crypto trading knowledge to make profitable transactions.

A Completely Free Software

BitiQ can be used entirely at no charge, unlike other platforms. Additionally, traders on the platform will not get charged any other expenses, fees, or hidden commissions.

Secured Platform

BitiQ ensures that your information and the funds you have invested in the account are safe from any breach or malicious attack. The platform utilizes high-end SSL encryption and other security technologies to safeguard the website from attacks.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

BitiQ trading platform allows traders to buy and sell different currencies apart from Bitcoin. These currencies include Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and others.

BitiQ app Pros and Cons

The app offers traders features that make it a good platform for new and experienced traders. Users on the forum enjoy a lot of benefits. Conversely, there are challenges that come with crypto trading. We have listed some of the pros and cons of trading on the BitiQ app.

What we like about BitiQ

  • There is easy registration and user verification.
  • Traders receive excellent customer support.
  • Investors on the app will experience fast withdrawals.
  • Traders can buy all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.
  • The platform offers a demo account for traders.

What we don’t like about BitiQ

  • There is no mobile application.
  • The platform does not eliminate the risk of crypto trading.
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Excellent Rating

How Much Money Can I Make Using BitiQ

Many testimonials we came across indicate that some of the users rack hundreds of thousands of dollars by trading on the platform and taking advantage of the site’s functionality. However, the amount of money earned on any trading platform is not cast in stone. The money you will make will eventually come down to your skill level. Also, your level of investment will be a significant determining factor.

The crypto market is highly volatile. It is therefore paramount for any trader to manage their expectations. Even the best traders make huge mistakes while making trades. Consequently, you should be aware that there is always a possibility of incurring losses when trading.

Which Countries is BitiQ in?

Traders can transact on the BitiQ platform in the following countries.

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • Singapore

When Should I Use BitiQ

Many scenarios may warrant the use of automated trading bots. These bots are precise and can trade at any moment of night or day. Here are some of the ideal scenarios for trading on BitiQ.

Repetitive Tasks

Some tasks may require a significant amount of time and energy for competition due to their repetitive nature. The tasks are also mundane due to their monotony. Trading bots are desi9gned to handle redundant functions seamlessly. They are also more efficient and precise than human traders and are an excellent way to handle the repetitive tasks.

Other Engagements

Traders may have other engagements, such as their full-time job. This may hinder their availability from conducting manual trades. In such cases, one can select their preferences on the site. The auto trading bot will execute trades on your behalf according to your preference.

Time Consuming Task

The volatility of the crypto market necessitates proper timing. Trading with precision can result in better profits. Therefore, traders should endeavor precise trading if they want to achieve better results. Finding the right time to enter the market can be time-consuming and difficult. A trading bot is usually helpful in such scenarios. The bot can find the right time to enter the market and execute the appropriate trades. Therefore, trading bots help handle time-consuming tasks.

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Excellent Rating

Worthy Tips for Beginners on BitiQ

Crypto trading can be a challenging venture. Traders are advised to conduct market research before venturing into online cryptocurrency trading. Also, traders should develop trading techniques that are useful for them. Here are some tips that will set any new traders apart from the rest when using the BitiQ account.

Learn the Basics of the Crypto Market

You should do thorough research about trading cryptocurrency before you embark on trading. You should also know that learning will take some time and effort. This also applies even if you decide to use the trading robots. The good thing is that the trading robots provide you with all the information you may require before you start trading.

Learn About Your Crypto Asset

Learning about the asset you are trading will give you an understanding of how it has behaved in the past, and you will be able to make accurate projections. Conversely, a lack of knowledge of the currency you are dealing with will expose you to more significant risks. You will therefore be prone to lose your investment at an early stage.

Invest Only What You Can Afford to Lose

You may be tempted to make significant initial investments in the hope of reaping huge pr0ofits at a fast rate. As much as high investments can result in increased profits, they can also lead to massive losses. As you start, it will be wise to be as safe as possible as you gradually increase your knowledge.

Don’t Rush

You should avoid rushing into any of your trades. It would be best to take your time to look into options and the risks you will face before going into a live trade. This is the key to making profitable trades. Always keep your emotions in check, and don’t rush into any transaction.

Why are Bitcoin Trading Robots Profitable?

Users who use trading bots have asserted that they are highly profitable. There are many factors that make these bots worthwhile and efficient. Below are some of these factors.


Because trading bots are automated and use precise technology, they can enter and exit trades at speeds of up to 0.01 seconds. This is by far better timing than that of any manual trader.


Trading bots can trade at any moment and constantly carry out accurate and precise trades. These trades are based on indicators generated by the system’s advanced technologies. Trading bots also do not use emotions, unlike humans. They can use market analysis accurately and generate trades with a high level of discipline.


Speed is another critical aspect when trading on the crypto market. You need to go into a trade and leave at high speed because the values plummet at times. Bitcoin bots can enter a trade and leave at the right time, ensuring constant profitability.


Trading bots eliminate losses emanating from emotions. This is because bots rely on the use of data and market analysis. Therefore, the trading robots are more effective since they do not have emotions like fear of losing money or greed.

Possible Risks When Trading With BitiQ

Trading on the crypto market is a perilous venture. As much as the trading bots may streamline the trading of crypto assets, they do not eliminate any of the risks involved. The trading system of the BitiQ trading platform has a stop-loss function, which reduces the risk of losing money once the market takes a dive. However, there is still the possibility of losing money. We advise you to take out a portion of your pr0ofit and put it aside for later investments. Also, avoid too much greed when conducting your trades.

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Does BitiQ have an App?

The BitiQ trading platform has a desktop app available for its users. However, there is no mobile app for the BitiQ trading platform. You will have to use your browser to trade on your mobile.

There are numerous allegations on different sites claiming BitiQ has been endorsed by certain television shows. Furthermore, some articles claim that certain celebrities have supported the platform. Here we will establish whether these rumors have any ground.

BitiQ This Morning Show

This Morning is a popular television show in Britain. According to a post on Reddit, BitiQ, among other cryptocurrency trading platforms, has been featured on the show. We took the liberty of investigating these allegations and found that the claims were false. Furthermore, these articles were being used as click baits for cloned versions of BitiQ. The platform has issued warnings to its users to avoid such sites.

BitiQ Shark Tank

This is an American show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors, intending to convince them to invest in their companies or ideas. Some articles claim BitiQ appeared on Shark Tank. However, these allegations are also meant to lead traders into cloned versions of the BitiQ account.

BitiQ Trustpilot

This is an online review app where people review services on different platforms. BitiQ has received numerous reviews on the platform. Some traders have said they have made gains from trading on the app. Conversely, others have complained about issues like their customer service.

BitiQ Elon Musk

A popular rumor claims Musk has endorsed trading through the platform. These assertions are also not factual and are linked to the cloned versions of the BitiQ website.

BitiQ Peter Jones

Jones is a wealthy businessman with a stake in the Drago’s Den television show. The articles linking him to BitiQ are also falsified.

BitiQ FAQs

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Excellent Rating

BitiQ Review: Final Verdict

After researching the app and running tests, we assert that the website is genuine. Both users with advanced and limited knowledge can trade on the site. The BitiQ trading system is also safe, and you will experience easy use while trading. Therefore, if you are looking to venture into online crypto trading, this is your site.

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Excellent Rating
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