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Let’s Investigate the Trading Platform

It is difficult to overlook the sudden increase in interest that has come along with the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in recent years. The cryptocurrency market is a new industry in its infancy stage with many new opportunities, thus trading cryptocurrencies may be advantageous. Crypto trading robots, which make the claim that they can reliably forecast price fluctuations and continuously place profitable trades, are one of the most recent innovations to enter the cryptocurrency trading market.

Crypto Method is an automated crypto trading platform that makes the claim that it can let investors, regardless of previous trading expertise, enter the cryptocurrency market and generate consistent profits. In this evaluation, we’ll examine the attributes, costs, trading algorithms, efficiency, win rate, withdrawal process, and reputation of Crypto Method trading software. We’ll also research the track record of the Crypto Method platform.

What is the Crypto Method trading platform?

Crypto Method is a cryptocurrency automated trading software. The trading robot asserts to use sophisticated and distinctive trading techniques that are based on a preset artificial intelligence based algorithms to scan the crypto market, do market research, and discover successful deals. Because it is totally automated, the trading software can assess trade charts and read market news without the user’s involvement. As a result, the trading robot handles every aspect of trading on the user’s behalf; nevertheless, based on user feedback, the user should spend around 15-20 minutes each day monitoring his or her account.

The trading robot is believed to employ a sophisticated algorithm, and it is said to be able to recognise trading signals and act upon them on its own initiative in the crypto market. On the Crypto Method website, it streams a live test video to show off the operation of the trading platform and the deal execution process.

Listed below are the highlights of the trading platform.

  • Minimum Deposit of €250 only
  • 24 Hour Withdrawals
  • Success rate of 98%
  • No native mobile app
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, and XRP
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Is the Crypto Method Legit or a Scam?

The claims that users frequently make earnings between €3,000 and €13,000 per day are entirely speculative and quite likely to be false, even if Crypto Method does give consumers access to automated trading platform for a number of cryptocurrency pairings. Additionally, although being helpful in formulating trading strategies, it does not have the accuracy rate of 98% that the official website of Crypto Method claims.

The bulk of user testimonials from other websites indicate that consumers make between €100 and €1500 daily, despite the Crypto Method promise that it may provide a daily profit of €13,000. Additionally, the website boasts testimonials from famous people like Martin Lewis and others; however, none of these people have backed the trading robot. All this makes one wonder that Crypto Method employs dishonest marketing techniques to publicise its platform.

Crypto Method Salient Features

Contemporary Technology

Complex algorithms are reportedly used by the Crypto Method trading software to analyse the cryptocurrency market and provide trading signals. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of these technologies, which are both at the heart of automated trading. These algorithms enable the trading software to analyse enormous amounts of market data quickly, making it quicker and more effective than a person.

Verification Process

Before using the platform, brokers must authenticate their identity in order to be in compliance with the legislation. Fortunately, Crypto Method has made the procedure as simple as it can be. Users may register at no cost by providing just their name, email address, and phone number. After verification, you simply deposit your trading capital and are prepared to start trading right away.

Fund Withdrawals

The creators of this automated trading platform are completely aware of the requirement for customers to have quick access to their trading funds. Connecting your bank account to the Crypto Method, which is by far the most popular, is the simplest method. Money can be moved between your account and the Crypto Method every day if necessary. We discovered that withdrawals may be made within 24 hours over the course of our inquiry. With Crypto Method, all you have to do is make a withdrawal request, which is processed within a day. You can choose from a number of different payment methods.

Fees & Charges

In contrast to other trading systems, the Crypto Method trading software is entirely free. This suggests that there aren’t any additional fees or commissions involved with using it or using a broker connection. There is no hassle and no additional cost involved in withdrawing all of their website revenue. You must thoroughly read the terms and conditions if you want to trade with leverage to make sure you are fully aware of the risks.

User Testimonials

The fact that many users have had success with this bitcoin trading bot has led to a lot of enthusiasm about the software in various trading circles. The testimonials on their website indicate that many people are utilising the product to generate large passive income.

Customer Service

Every user of a cryptocurrency exchange will relate to how lonely it can be when you experience a technical issue with your bitcoin trading platform. With the help of a 24-hour helpline, Crypto Method achieves its goal of being one of the most beginner-friendly trading platforms. We used their website’s live chat feature to get in touch with them, and we were happy to hear back from them within an hour. Customers can also email customer service as an alternative.

Partner Brokers

You can access the cryptocurrency market when using the automated trading tool by using reputable brokers. During our usage of the trading software, we were led to two separate brokers, both of whom were regulated by international regulatory agencies, for further inquiry. The trading robot may access the market through these brokers in a way that resembles a gateway.

Cost Free

Many trading systems and bots contain hidden costs that must be paid in order to utilise them, such as commission and similar fees. On the other hand, Crypto Method is a trading platform that you can use for free and access all of its features.

Certified Trading System

According to reports, Crypto Method is a legally recognised trading system that abides by the law and has been given licence to carry out bitcoin trading on its clients’ behalf.

Evidently Very Profitable

It is one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency trading bots accessible, with an estimated 98% of deals turning a profit. The engineers are constantly enhancing the algorithm to raise the success rate when trading with Crypto Method.

Account Setup Process on Crypto Method

To create a trading account with Crypto Method and start trading, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Account Signup

You must first create a trading account in order to use the services offered by the Crypto Method trading platform. The account setup process is short and simple since you only need to submit the most basic information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. Additionally, you will need to create a password. After completing this procedure, you will be assigned to a broker, where you can access your dashboard and all of the resources you require to begin trading.

Step 2: Make a Deposit

We advise that you place a minimum deposit of €250. Beginners should start with a small trading capital if they have never traded before. The traders must make this deposit before they can utilise the live trading feature. Credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro are all accepted for deposits. Before they can begin trading on the site, users must, however, validate their identity and account. If new users are concerned about the security of their payment cards or personal information, GDPR may apply to them. All transactions are safeguarded by SSL certificates. Your sensitive information is therefore fully secured and safeguarded on the website.

Step 3: Practice Trading 

Use of the demo trading feature is highly advised if you are a novice or inexperienced trader. While it doesn’t involve real money, the demo trading feature is practically an exact replica of the actual automated trading systems. It is intended to let customers become familiar with the trading tools, learn about live trading, and evaluate how it works without risking any real money.

Step 5: Live Trading Feature

Setting trading limits before starting a live trading session is something we advise all new users to do. Any investment will be protected or, at the absolute least, the risk of incurring a catastrophic loss will be decreased. Once a user has selected the initial limit parameters, those settings will be used each trading day—with the exception of days on which the user modifies the settings before a transaction is carried out. Before switching to the actual trade mode, it is advised that you practise trading using the demo option.

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How Much Can I Earn Using the Crypto Method?

According to the Crypto Method claims, it may earn up to €500 each hour. Trading cryptocurrencies, though, isn’t quite as thrilling. It is not universally applicable to use this. Before determining the potential daily income of a trader, there are a number of factors to take into account. Due to the fact that profit depends on the amount of money invested, market circumstances at the time, one’s level of knowledge with a trading platform and cryptocurrencies, and risk tolerance, we are unable to promise a precise return.

Factors Making A Crypto Trading Robot Lucrative

Timing your deals is essential when working with crypto trading platforms because of how unpredictable the cryptocurrency market is. It is important to take into account that trading with better timing might help you increase your trading accuracy. Every contract needs to be thoroughly scrutinised since it might have a big influence on your entire earning potential.

On the other hand, researching the cryptocurrency market and choosing when to enter it could take a lot of time to do on a regular basis. The use of an automated trading system is very advantageous in this situation. Trading bots can help you save time by watching and analysing the market on your behalf and then placing trades when the opportunity arises. Trading robots are quite beneficial and the key perks are listed below


Timing-wise, trading robots are far more effective than manual trading since they are computer programs that buy and sell cryptocurrencies much faster than people can. You can think about employing trading bots in conjunction with trading signals to help you submit more precise market orders to the stock exchanges, resulting in profitable trades.


Trading Bots may operate continuously and reliably carry out transactions in response to trading parameters and market trends, which is one of the main ways that they differ from humans. Trading robots are far superior than humans in this regard. Keeping your trading discipline when working with cryptocurrencies can be challenging; however, using a trading bot reduces the possibility of trading based on emotions.


Speed is essential in the crypto trading process, as it is in the majority of other financial transactions. This is particularly true when it comes to automatic trading options. By trading at the right time, crypto trading bots can increase your efficiency and, as a result, your earnings.

Does the Crypto Method Work for Me?

In contrast to other trading platforms, the speed and automation of the Crypto Method trading software are two of its most valuable advantages. If you wish to trade more precisely, Crypto Method is the online trading platform for you.

Crypto Method Signup
Excellent Rating

Considered Investment Advice for Novices 

Research the cryptocurrency trading

It’s crucial to keep in mind that it will take time and effort to master the basics of trading. Even if you want to trade utilising crypto trading robots as your tool, you will need to grasp a few fundamental ideas in order to start trading and comprehend what you are doing. Fortunately, the majority of cryptocurrency trading robots already have the great majority of the knowledge you’ll need, so getting started shouldn’t be a problem.

Acquire knowledge of your preferred cryptocurrency

Your capacity to develop better trading strategies based on how your favourite asset’s performance has changed over time depends on your ability to understand your favourite asset. On the other hand, not knowing enough about the market trends of the digital assets you’re trading might put you in a position where you run a higher chance of losing money on your investment.

Only invest funds that you can afford to lose.

It’s typical for beginning traders to make significant initial deposits in order to generate higher profits later on. Higher investment quantities can boost your returns, but they can also raise the risk that you’ll lose your money. Beginning with lesser quantities of money and gradually increasing their investment as their expertise grows is the best course of action for novice traders who want to be as secure as possible while learning the foundations of trading.

Frequently withdraw funds

Most experienced traders advise that after every profitable trade, add the profit to your account. This will make it simpler for you to distinguish between the money you invested and the money you have already made.

Stay consistent

You may trade day or night due to the trading platform’s ongoing internet accessibility. You may go about your everyday business without any hindrance. According to advanced traders, it is sufficient to use the platform for no more than 20 minutes a day.

Potential Risks Associated with Crypto Method Trading Platform

There isn’t a completely risk-free trading platform out there. Trading platforms with stop losses are the only method to reduce the risk involved in a trade, which is inherent in all transactions. There is still a potential that you might lose money even though Crypto Method has developed a system with investor protection protocols that greatly reduces the likelihood. When trading cryptocurrency, we advise that you make wise investments and seize your profit as soon as feasible. Put your extra money in instead of your own money and try not to be greedy.

Is there a native app for Crypto Method?

Desktop computers and numerous mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, may access the web-based application for the Crypto Method trading platform. There is no native app for any OS or device platform.

Crypto Method Signup
Excellent Rating

Has Crypto Method been mentioned in the media or received a celebrity endorsement?


There are a number of Crypto Method trading software reviews on Trustpilot. Mostly positive reviews of the Crypto Method trading system are found on Trustpilot. One of the most prevalent complaints is that there are too many phone calls, along with other communication issues.


Numerous Reddit threads stated that Crypto Method has been on a number of TV programmes. There is no proof supporting those allegations since Crypto Method has not made such information accessible to the general public.

Elon Musk

Although our analysts were unable to locate any evidence of this, Elon Musk is rumoured to be a follower of the Crypto Method website on various online news websites. The success of his electric vehicle firm Tesla and his venture into space with SpaceX have made entrepreneur Elon Musk well known and controversial.

Bill Gates

The Crypto Method trading platform has gained recognition as having the endorsement of the founder of Microsoft Inc. We then searched online to see if there was any information that may corroborate the claim. Nothing on the internet, however, suggested that Bill Gates appreciated his purchase of bitcoins through the Crypto Method trading software.

Pros & Cons of Crypto Method

What we like about Crypto Method

  • Simple registration and validation
  • Free account without any fees or charges, completely free to use
  • Superior client service
  • Swift withdrawals
  • Demo trading account
  • Free personal account manager

What we don’t like about Crypto Method

  • No native apps
  • Does not completely take away the risk.
  • Deceptive marketing strategies
  • No details are known about the founders.


Although users should be aware of how the platform promotes itself, Crypto Method can be used as a trading strategy. Its online site states inaccurately that customers may make €13,000 per day utilising its auto trading services. Although the technology employed by the trading system has benefited consumers, any assertions to the contrary should be taken with a grain of salt. The programme cannot forecast transactions with nearly perfect accuracy.

Crypto Method Signup
Excellent Rating


Crypto Method Signup
Excellent Rating
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