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Is Bitcode Prime A Scam?

Bitcode Prime is one of many automated Bitcoin trading systems available today. There are various reports that claim that Bitcode Prime Edge is a profitable system with a high success rate. Out of the hundreds of different platforms that provide algorithmic trading services, Bitcode Prime is one of the most popular.

Our Bitcode Prime Review will hopefully answer all of your questions about this system. Bitcode Prime has become very popular since last month, as a result, scammers have started to create fake websites in an attempt to scam people out of their money. After you have finished reading our review, please make sure you create your Bitcode Prime account using the form at the top of this page so that you register with the official Bitcode Prime service and not an imitation or scam website.

Bitcode Prime Review

Today, crypto traders are looking for the best timing and chance to start trading cryptos without disclosing their personal financial information. Joining the Bitcode Prime cryptocurrency trading platform at this moment would be ideal.

You must first create a trading account on their website in order to use the Bitcode Prime platform to start trading cryptocurrencies. In contrast to other automated trading robots, creating a trading account on the Bitcode Prime app is quick and uncomplicated and doesn’t need a long verification procedure. You will have access to the trading dashboard with five control choices, including Settings, Deposit Funds, Trade Now, Watchlists, and Make Selections, once your account has been validated and approved.

All four other choices on Bitcode Prime dashboard, excluding Settings, need KYC compliance from every consumer. Additionally, traders may alter trading parameters through the Settings menu, including the time zone they choose and the amount of data storage space needed each day to display charts and other related content.

Trades may be made using the Bitcode Prime trading platform with up to 15 different cryptocurrencies, including more advanced ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As if that weren’t enough, the crypto trading platform also provides investors with access to crucial resources like historical pricing, past performance and other relevant market data for the digital currencies that are offered there. With all these fantastic features, it’s simple to see why the Bitcode Prime Trading Platform is the ideal choice for both seasoned and inexperienced traders in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The outstanding demo trading account features that the Bitcode Prime Trading System provides are one element that sets it apart from the competition. Every newcomer to cryptocurrency trading needs this ingenious tool to get started. 

You can experiment while learning about cryptocurrency trading thanks to the platform’s demo account function, but customers may assess the effectiveness of their Bitcode Prime trading platform to check whether all of the high standards deliver as promised. You may verify it is by doing so.

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What Exactly Is The Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is a unique automated trading system for cryptocurrencies. Automated trade algorithms are accustomed to finding trading signals by examining the crypto market and evaluating potential trading tactics. 

The Artificial Intelligence based trading robot can execute profitable trades using a high-frequency trading process, analyze trading signals, and monitor trending crypto market news, enabling it to conduct numerous trades at once. You may trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies as well as a few unusual digital assets with Bitcode Prime. The trading software handles every step for you, from doing in-depth research and analysis to placing profitable transactions. The trading software was developed with novice traders in the financial market in mind.

Unique Features of Bitcode Prime 

Like all other cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bitcode Prime promises a few special features to persuade people to invest money in it.

Easy To Use 

Utilizing Bitcode Prime automated trading platform is simple. It’s regarded as one of the easiest automated trading systems available. You should be able to login and use your account with ease due to a simple account setup process.

Fast Execution 

The trading system has the capacity to recognise and respond to profitable trading signals in a very small fraction of a second is essential to Bitcode Prime’s success. Since the cryptocurrency market is unstable, you need a quick and effective instrument to analyze relevant market data and provide timely investment advice.

Trading Strategy With High Accuracy 

Bitcode Prime can open and close trades in less than one millisecond. This implies that when it comes to making deals on the volatile cryptocurrency market, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competitors.

No Licensing Fees Charged

The majority of Bitcode Prime services are cost-free and vary from zero transaction costs to no deposit or withdrawal fees. You are qualified to collect a commission equal to 2% of your trading profits. This indicates that there are no losses-related costs.

If you trade through a broker, you might additionally pay a brokerage charge. Therefore, make sure your robot and broker prices are inside your spending limit at all times.

Global Accessibility 

Investors must register online anywhere in the globe on the Bitcode Prime trading platform. The creators assert that they would incorporate certain elements into the user interface to give people everywhere a smooth trading experience.

Simple Account Creation

To sign up for a free account, traders must go to the official Bitcode Prime website and complete a registration form. Basic information like a name, phone number, and email address must be provided by sellers. You are not required to provide personal user information, such as bank account number, transaction history, or records of previous transactions, related to your bank account.

Deposit Requirement Is Minimal

Once you are satisfied and prepared to start trading, deposit funds of at least €250 and wait for the site to function. This minimum deposit is your capital investment in your live trading account. Mastercard, Skrill, Visa, and other payment methods are only a few of the options available for funding your Bitcode Prime account and getting started on the cryptocurrency trading journey. Anyone may establish an account and begin trading instantly from anywhere in the globe. You may utilize your money and reinvest it to increase your earnings.

Verification Within Minutes

It reportedly offers a quick verification process, claims Bitcode Prime. Unlike other trading platforms, customers do not have to wait days for their accounts to be verified, according to the trading robot. Making unlimited deposits into your account while having your account immediately verified on the Bitcode Prime trading platform is a reasonably simple process. The website that offers the Bitcode Prime trading software doesn’t seem to care about account verification for its customers.

Demo Account

Many Bitcode Prime reviews claim that the trading platform gives consumers access to a free demo account. An account’s attributes will be briefly explained to a trader before he decides to open one. The Bitcode Prime Crypto Trading System will give traders a balance of €1500, so they may fully test the trading environment. Use this sum to begin trading in demo mode and let traders experience lucrative trades in the cryptocurrency market.

Various Deposit Options

Bitcode Prime offers a wide range of payment options. However, it’s crucial to confirm that the trading bot accepts chosen transaction methods before registering for membership. The following are a few of the most popular ways to make deposits and withdrawals:

  • Card: debit or credit
  • A bank or wire transfer
  • Other recognised cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and  Bitcoin
  • Visa, UnionPay, Mastercard, and Maestro
  • E-wallets: Neteller, PayPal and others

Fortunately, regardless of the out-of-pocket technique employed, Bitcode Prime is renowned for its quick transfers. In this situation, the transaction might not be finished for up to 24 hours.

Withdrawals Processed Quickly

The automated interface of Bitcode Prime aids consumers in handling withdrawal requests swiftly. The site promises that within 24 hours of making the withdrawal request, the monies will be transferred and visible in the customer’s account.

Friendly UI

The website claims that the automatic trading software is one of the easiest-to-use programmes out there. According to the bot’s website, using it is simpler than manual trading. The instruction manual for the bot is provided after registration. The website reveals the bot’s ideal trading settings with you upon request once you have cash accessible in your trading account. We are certain that the claim is accurate. The human trader can easily navigate through the menus and setting.

Customer Service

The customer service departments at the Bitcode Prime platform are the least effective we’ve ever encountered. Although the website of the bot seems sophisticated, there is no information on how to get in touch with or contact the staff of the business. Both a phone number and a chat support window are absent from the website. It’s probable that you won’t be able to find the appropriate people online to help you when you need them.

What is the function of the Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is an artificial intelligence based trading bot that facilitates traders’ cryptocurrency investments. Unlike manual trading it manages the placement of crypto trades using AI, algorithms, trading signals and other market trends. The bot handles the bulk of the job, saving you time and energy. This does not imply that Bitcode Prime software will do all the work for you and you will receive the banner back from the activity. Nevertheless, you must do in-depth market research and implement risk management procedures for your investment. 

Fortunately, Bitcode Prime software provides an interface that is simple to use, making it accessible to all cryptocurrency traders, including newcomers. Additionally, the platform may be customized and offers a risk-free sample account for testing before making a commitment.

The majority of traders think that the sole trading platform for crypto market is Bitcode Prime. The fact that they host more than 7 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and others, proves that this is not the case. In several jurisdictions, leading brokers have automated trading bots. To get the most out of your stock market investment experience, be careful to choose the correct broker. A special approach provided by Bitcode Prime enables you to access listed assets and begin trading with a deposit of at least €250.

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Is the Bitcode Prime Legit Trading Bot?

With so many new venues emerging, knowing who is who may seem overwhelming and challenging. Determining which sites are genuine and which are obvious scams may be even more challenging. As a result, we were so impressed with the Bitcode Prime trading system that we thought it was completely reliable and real. New clients promote Bitcode Prime as a source that has greatly enhanced their financial success in several online testimonials. Before utilizing Bitcode Prime account live trading features, you may test them out with a demo account. An authorized and regulated CySEC broker manages your account working as your free personal account manager.

As a result, these so-called bogus car trade bots have started to claim to have been on television. Every other auto trading app makes the same promise about television appearances. Some even use the titles of well-known programmes, such This Morning, Shark Tank, and Dragon’s Den. We have examined several bots that claimed to have been on national television up to this point. However, none of them were able to prove their identities. The Bitcode Prime also promoted its presumed appearance on television in an effort to deceive consumers. The following list includes the shows that Bitcode Prime and other auto trading algorithms have identified as receiving phony TV endorsements. Let’s examine some other details below.

This Morning

popular British television programme This Morning. The show has been airing for the last 30 years due to the overwhelming audience reaction. People of all ages find it highly appealing. The show includes parts on music and art, cooking and cuisine, fashion and show business, technology, art, entertainment, and money. On the show, famous television celebrities are occasionally interviewed. According to reports, the show’s host highlighted Bitcode Prime this morning. Naturally, that piqued our interest, and we began seeking for these episodes. However, no sign of such an assault was found. The rumors are therefore just that—rumors.

Shark Tank

The television show “Shark Tank” draws a sizable audience both domestically and overseas. Similar to the TV show Dragon’s Den, the Shark Tank Show gives prospective company owners a platform to pitch a group of successful entrepreneurs on their ideas and goods. Typically, businesses who attend this presentation do so in hopes of receiving investment from a well-funded shark team. Funding is typically provided for ideas that the team finds interesting. A team member’s firm will be featured on the first page of major tabloids when they have a business proposal that warrants a briefing.

Our team spent hours conducting research, however we were unable to find any conclusive proof connecting the programme to the Bitcode Prime Trading software. Additionally, national cryptocurrency CFDs in the United States do not presently authorize the use of cryptocurrency trading software like Bitcode Prime.

Dragon’s Den

The Dragon’s Den Show has drawn more viewers than any other business programme currently airing in the UK. This incredible business programme offers a stage for would-be business tycoons to pitch their ventures to a group of successful entrepreneurs. One or two of the Dragon’s Den team members will contribute money to the proposals that they find compelling.

Our team supplied strong evidence that Bitcode Prime Trading software has been mentioned in the Dragon’s Den series, but despite viewing multiple episodes and searching the internet for leads, our team was unable to locate it.

Do celebrities endorse Bitcode Prime?

Because of its fantastic features, Bitcode Prime draws attention from a lot of people. We made the decision to carry out the necessary research to see whether any celebrities were endorsing trading robots in light of existing concerns concerning celebrity nominations.

For instance, many people assert that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has endorsed Bitcode Prime. Given that he is one of the well-known individuals with an interest in the cryptocurrency business, his judgment on Bitcode Prime is much valued. On the basis of the Bitcode Prime US examination, we were unable to locate any solid proof to back up these assertions.

Others who are widely reported to endorse Bitcode Prime include Nicole Kidman, Peter Jones, the well-known British businessman Gordon Ramsay, and (famous actress) included. All of these claims are untrue, and Bitcode Prime has become well-known because of its unique characteristics.

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Bitcode Prime – Pros & Cons

What we like about Bitcode Prime

  • A demo account with no risk is available for beginners to try it out.
  • You may use Bitcode Prime without having any prior expertise to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Featuring seven cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin
  • Free withdrawals and no deposit fees are available.

What we don’t like about Bitcode Prime

  • No native mobile app
  • There is not much information about the service on the website.
  • For traders with limited resources, a minimum deposit of €250 may be excessive.


Bitcode Prime appears to be a completely reliable website. Anyone may join Bitcode Prime and participate since, as the app advertises, there is no lengthy documentation or expensive fee to register an account. The site also targets novice traders who wish to enhance their regular income in addition to seasoned traders. For new traders to learn the fundamentals of trading without having to risk any of their own money, Bitcode Prime offers a demo account. Bitcode Prime’s entire procedure is easy, safe, and safeguarded from any financial risks.

Bitcode Prime – FAQs

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