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Automated cryptocurrency robots are the order of the day, pleasing many and dissatisfying equally many individuals. The platforms offer many perks that benefit traders who get to learn how to take advantage of the automatic crypto trading robots.

Bitcoin storm is one of the platforms that employs the use of automated trading robots. The system has an automated algorithm that calculates price variances in the Bitcoin market. It is also created to perform transactions at a fast pace, thereby reaping benefits for users regardless of their level of knowledge. This article will delve into everything you need to know and establish whether Bitcoin Storm is legitimate or a scam.

Bitcoin Storm At A Glance

  • Type: Artificial Intelligence Trading Software / Bitcoin robot
  • Minimum initial deposit: $250
  • Wining Rate:90%
  • Withdrawal Duration: 24 hours
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTE, ETH, BCH, XRP

Bitcoin Storm Review: What Is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm is one of the most innovative crypto trading platforms available. The system is automated, and you do not need to make a lot of effort trading on the platform. Also, you can undertake various activities on the website as well as trade on the cryptocurrency market.

The Bitcoin Storm system, just like any trading bot, uses a complex algorithm that analyzes the market and makes trades. The platform promises to earn from these trades depending on the market’s outlook at that moment. In addition, the website can handle these transactions at any moment without the input of the traders.

Furthermore, users on the platform do not incur extra charges when transacting. The only charges that the users will incur are withdrawal fees when the trader is transferring money into their bank account. The online broker takes the deducted money through which the payment is made.

The user interface on the site is also intuitive and user-friendly. This enables both experienced and inexperienced traders to earn profits on the platform.

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Bitcoin Storm Review: How Does Bitcoin Storm Work?

Bitcoin Storm works using an automated robot and regulated brokers who facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies. The regulated brokers are crucial in the platform’s operations, such as deposits, trades, and withdrawals are conducted on their platforms. The trading bots analyze the crypto market for trading signals and then transfers the information to the broker’s platform via an API. In turn, brokers conduct trades from the analysis they receive.

Bitcoin Storm Review: Is Bitcoin Storm Legit?

The Bitcoin Storm trading account is an automated platform that allows traders to transact 15 different cryptocurrency assets. Traders can transact Ethereum and Bitcoin at the same time. Also, the platform allows users to trade without the need for additional financial information or any other private information.

On the other hand, the platform includes a demo trading account that allows users to practice trading before going on the main account or the live training. In the demo account, no real money is used or earned.

Numerous customer reviews indicate the site is legitimate and profitable. Many users have shared experiences saying that they earned substantial profits on the site. Therefore, the site is legitimate, and you should not have any reservations about joining the platform.

Furthermore, the site has been reviewed by Trustpilot, a renowned company. That, coupled with the numerous positive feedback, indicates the site’s legitimacy. The site has a secured system that is protected from malicious attacks and hacking. User information is also protected by the site and cannot be accessed by third parties. It is, therefore, safe to claim the site is legitimate, an amazing option for crypto trading.

Bitcoin Storm Review: Features

The Bitcoin Storm platform offers an array of features that enable easy and convenient transactions for the users. These features include:

Fast and Easy Registration

The process of opening an account is very easy. Only very basic information will be required before setting up the account. These include your name, phone number, and email address. You will also be required to provide basic bank details for transactions. The details may include the account number and credit card details. The registration process will take approximately 30 minutes. After the registration process is complete, the trading bot will start making trades according to your preferences.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The user interface on the platform is very simplified and straightforward. It does not necessitate prior trading knowledge, training, or technical expertise to operate. Therefore, both experienced traders and newbies will have an easy time navigating through the account.

Advanced Technology

The users in the Bitcoin Storm can enjoy numerous benefits and functionality thanks to the advanced software powered by a complex algorithm. Conversely, the platform is still very easy to navigate, and making trades is also very simplified.


Another notable feature of the Bitcoin Storm platform is its honesty. It is very easy for the users on the site to compute the amount of money they will receive according to the revenues generated by the account. There are also no hidden costs that may get the traders unaware, and therefore, the users earn their fair share from the transactions.

Convenient Deposits and Withdrawals

The automated system of the Bitcoin Storm allows for deposits and withdrawals at any time of the day or night. Moreover, the withdrawal process is fast and efficient. Traders can receive funds within 24 hours after withdrawal and without any restrictions. Additionally, the platform has set up measures that eliminate the possibility of fraud through an improved verification process.

Affiliated Brokers

The Bitcoin Storm platform users are closely monitored by regulated brokers who ensure that they are actualizing the best outcomes. The online brokers do an intensive scrutiny of the deals conducted by the auto trading bots.

Reliable Customer Service

The customer service team at Bitcoin Storm is available at any time. The help desk responds to any trading queries promptly, and they also provide appropriate directions to challenges that may arise for users. Additionally, traders can reach the help desk via email, phone call, or an online live chat.

Easy To Navigate

The Bitcoin Storm platform offers users an interface that is easy to navigate. This makes trading on the website seamless every time. Users can log in to their accounts and trade without hindrances or difficulties finding certain functionalities.

High-Level Efficiency

The website facilitates fast, profitable trades. Traders on the platform can benefit from high levels of efficiency that are on par with the volatile and evolving conditions of the crypto market.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Options

With Bitcoin, you will be able to trade many cryptocurrency assets. You will also be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many of the top altcoins.

Low Commission Fees

One of the most attractive features of the Bitcoin Storm account is the low commission fees the website offers. The platform charges a 0.01% commission fee, ensuring traders are not met with exorbitant charges. The fees are very fair and easily compete with other trading bots.

No Registration Fees

The Bitcoin Storm platform is highly accessible and transparent. Unlike many other sites that require users to pay licensing and registration fees, the sites operate on a no-registration fee policy.

Flexible Payment Methods

Users on the Bitcoin Storm website can benefit from flexible payment methods. Users can fund their accounts using their debit or credit cards. They can also make deposits directly from their bank accounts.

Demo Trading Version

The platform allows traders to access a demo account before getting to the live trades. The demo account is very useful for users vas it equips them with knowledge of how to use the account and how the crypto market works. Therefore, traders are well prepared before starting trading using their real money.


The Bitcoin Storm account is compatible with desktops, smartphones, and tablets of all kinds. The platform is a web-based trading bot, and users do not have to install external apps to use the platform’s services.

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Bitcoin Storm Review: Pros and Cons

What we like about Bitcoin Storm

  • No charges or hidden fees.
  • Fast and easy registration.
  • An available demo account.
  • Fast and easy withdrawals.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Experienced online brokers.

What we don’t like about Bitcoin Storm

  • It does not have a mobile application.
  • The trading bot does not eliminate market risk.
  • The platform is not available in all countries.

How To Create a Bitcoin Storm Account

Step 1- Registration

Anybody can create an account on the Bitcoin Storm trading platform. Before opening an account, you will need your name, phone number, and email address. You will then be prompted to add a few other details after opening the account.

Step 2- Deposit Funds

After opening the account and verifying your details, you will be prompted to transfer funds into their accounts. The procedure is straightforward, and you will be given different options to transfer funds into the account. These options include credit cards, debit cards, and Skrill payment methods.

Step 3- Try Demo

You should begin on the demo account if you are starting crypto trading. This is an imitation of the live account that does not involve the use of money. Traders will get to have the hang of the platform and the crypto market. They will also be able to test their trading strategies to see if they will suffice in the market.

Step 5- Start Trading

You can start trading on the live session as soon as you make the initial deposit of $250. Your account is credited in no time after you make the deposit. You will have to employ different trading strategies with the platform’s automated trading bot for maximum profits. Also, the platform offers an array of functionalities, such as the stop-loss function that protects your funds from being lost when the market goes into a dip.

What Countries Is Bitcoin Storm Available In?

These are the countries that can access the Bitcoin Storm platform.

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Uruguay
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Ecuador
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Excellent Rating

How Much Money Can I Make Using Bitcoin Storm?

The Bitcoin Storm platform claims it has a success rate of above 90%. They further claim traders can make up to $1500 a day. However, measuring the profits earned is very difficult. The amount of money generated may be influenced by the capital invested, market circumstances, and risk criteria. Therefore, we cannot claim for certain you will earn a certain figure.

Is Bitcoin Storm Right For Me?

The Bitcoin Storm website offers high speeds and an automated trading system. The system uses complex algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to ensure profitable transactions. Therefore, if you are looking for accurate trades, the platform is best suited for you.

When Should I Use A Trading Robot?

Trading bots assist traders in making trades without their input. This is because these trading robots are automated and operate without human emotions. Different scenarios may warrant the use of a trading robot. These scenarios may include:

When You Are Engaged In Your Full-time Job

When traders are committed to their full-time jobs, it may be difficult to trade manually. Trading bots automate ordinary tasks, and therefore, traders can concentrate on other activities.

When There Is Need To Keep Emotions in Check

At times, a user may be too emotional during trades. For instance, a trader can decide to stay too long on the market when they are expected to exit. This may be detrimental to your portfolio; hence an automated system is utilized in such scenarios. Once you select your preferences and trade strategies, the automated trading bot can precisely conduct trades on your behalf.

When Is There A Need To Simplify Complex Techniques?

Some techniques are difficult to use due to the amount of time they require and are too complicated for the average person. Automated trading bots are designed to analyze the market using complex algorithms and make precise trades. Therefore, new traders can use robots for their complex techniques.

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Worthy Tips For Beginners To Make Profits On Bitcoin Storm

Bitcoin Storm is a platform that allows both experienced and inexperienced traders to trade and earn profits. Different trading strategies coupled with the automated system can lead to huge profits. Here are some tips for new traders willing to excel on the site.

Begin With A Small Budget

It is always advisable to begin trading with a small initial investment and grow your capital as you gain experience. The best starting point is usually the minimum set by the account. In the case of Bitcoin Storm, the set minimum is $250. From there, you can work your way up.

It is not advisable to spend huge amounts of money on trades even though you may have traded before. Crypto markets are extremely volatile, and if caution is not taken, your mind ends up losing your money.

Set Your Profits Aside

You should set aside a portion of your profits for future investment. Also, it would be best if you tried to recoup your initial investment while ensuring the platform has a positive cash level. This will ensure that you face minimal risks when trading.

Be Modest

You should be aware that there is nothing like a perfect trader. No matter how much experience you can have and how sophisticated your strategies are, you are prone to make mistakes. Heck, even the best traders make mistakes that are at times disastrous. Therefore, you should trade with caution and keep an open mind to new strategies.

Learn As Much As You Can

You should always research new information, expertise, and strategies regarding cryptocurrency trading. Follow acclaimed top-notch trading brokers and listen to their tips to improve your skills. Additionally, you can join communities and forums to brainstorm different ways you can improve your skills. In short, always try to learn new tips each passing moment.

Why Is Bitcoin Storm Profitable?

The Bitcoin Storm’s website promises its users good returns on their investment. It begs the question: why is the site profitable? Here are some of the factors that generate profits for users on the website.

Trading All Day And Night

The bitcoin trading market is active for 24 hours. Also, automatic trading bots can operate around the clock. You can therefore generate profits as you sleep using these bots. You will get great profits in short spans as the robots reduce the time used by manual trading.


The bots on the Bitcoin Storm platform can analyze the market with accuracy thanks to complex algorithms and artificial intelligence. You can also add your commands to implement your tactics. This ensures the bots give the desired outcome and tactics.


The Bitcoin Storm account offers users an account that is profitable and efficient. The site uses features such as cryptographing signals and trailing stops, which ensures a high level of efficiency and profitability in the system.

Ability To Handle Difficult Tasks

Trading bots are essentially designed to handle complex tasks. Additionally, you can set up your Bitcoin Storm account to handle activities like arbitration if you have a good background in technology.

Possible Risks When Trading With Bitcoin Storm

Crypto trading is not a walk in the park. There are many variables at play, and the market is highly volatile. However, many people perform dismally on the website due to the low levels of effort they make to understand the system’s functioning. These kinds of people invest heavily but end up making losses. Therefore, do extensive research and always trade with a lot of caution. You will benefit a lot if you are patient, set small targets, and gradually improve on them.

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Bitcoin Storm: Media & Celebrity Endorsement

Media outlets and some celebrities have endorsed many articles online claiming the Bitcoin Storm platform. Let’s delve into some of the claims and establish if they are true.

Bitcoin Storm Reddit

There have been numerous discussions on Reddit claiming that Bitcoin Storm has been featured on various TV shows. However, our research indicates that the allegations are false.

Bitcoin Storm Trustpilot

The platform has received many positive ratings on Trustpilot. However, some of the users have made some complaints regarding the site. The complaints included users receiving constant phone calls from the Bitcoin Storm customer service.

Bitcoin Storm Elon Musk

Musk is an engineer and an entrepreneur. He is the driving force behind Tesla Motors, Space X, and Solar City. He is interested in cryptocurrency but has never endorsed Bitcoin Storm or any other trading robot.

Bitcoin Storm Anwar Ibrahim

He is a Somali-American businessman born in the UAE. Ibrahim has been linked to the Bitcoin Storm platform by various articles. However, our research indicates otherwise.

Bitcoin Storm Peter Jones

Jones is a British tycoon and investor. He is worth over 500 million Euros and would be a great partner for any business. However, claims linking him to Bitcoin Storm are false.

Bitcoin Storm: FAQ

Bitcoin Storm Review: Final Verdict

The Bitcoin Storm automated platform appears to be a legitimate site from our research and review. The platform is also fast and offers less hassle than other platforms. Also, users can generate good returns on the website. However, we also advise traders also to learn how to trade in the crypto market before they start trading on the website.

Traders on the site have reported making profits. However, the profits are not proportional to the projections indicated on the site. Therefore, conduct your research and use the different features on the site, including the demo app, for the best results. 

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