CRIPCO launches IP-based Blockchain and NFT Business, Native Coin Listed on FTX

  • CRIPCO protocol has launched IP 3.0 Hub to actualize its NFT growth target. The IP 3.0 hub is an avenue for every community member to create, control, and earn through their engagement within the platform. 

CRIPCO protocol, a blockchain and NFT firm based in Singapore, has revealed the listing of its native token, IP3 on popular trading platform FTX. The listing on FTX is part of the Initial Exchange Offering that will commence next month. 

With the development, CRIPCO will inaugurate a blockchain and NFT enterprise built on intellectual property (IP).

“By listing our IP3 token on the globally recognized FTX exchange, we are expanding the CRIPCO ecosystem for everyone to participate in,” said Kimberly Hyunkew Lee, CEO of CRIPCO. “This will enable the opportunity to collaborate with many global IPs and brands and will create a new IP-based NFT business model.”

CRIPCO and NFT market

The firm intends to build its NFT ecosystem, a project that will support startups to develop their IP-oriented virtual content. It includes supporting every initiative or project relating to NFT.

 Above all, the firm aims to make the proposed ecosystem a gateway to unlimited fun for IP organizations. 

Notably, the company has launched IP 3.0 Hub to actualize the aforementioned target. The IP 3.0 hub is an avenue for every community member to create, control, and earn through their engagement within the hub. With the initiative, members of the community are bestowed with the opportunity to use and build IP projects.

Simply, the organization intends to lure international players to explore NFT and metaverse initiatives within its ecosystem. The presence of these global bigwigs will cement CRIPCO’s status as a force to reckon with. 

The company has garnered investments from leading organizations like Solana Ventures and FTX ventures. Additionally, it has attracted the attention of big Tech firms, popular artists, and prominent people across the industry who are willing to participate in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

Potential partakers of the DAO include Edison Chen, NAVER Z, James Fauntlerov, and others.

Speaking about the development, the CEO of CRIPCO, Kimberly Hyunkew Lee emphasized the firm’s willingness to be a leading force in the market. She indicated that getting listed on the FTX is a major step toward actualizing the dream. 

Notably, a source at FTX ventures echoed the exchange platform’s decision to collaborate with CRIPCO. The source specified that there’s a strong hope for the organization’s potential to be the next big thing in the market. 

A representative from SOLANA ventures heaped praises on the collaboration that’s capable of building a dominant force in the market. The representative said the two firms are aiming to work on numerous projects within the blockchain and NFT industry.

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