Gala Games’ GRIT To Be First Game On Epic Games

Gala Games’ GRIT to Be First Game on Epic Games’ NFT Show

Gala Games has made the Web3 entertainment playing field steeper by publishing GRIT to the Epic Games Store. The company today announced fortifying its pioneering efforts in the blockchain game-o-verse.

Epic Games Store’s nearly 200 million is a lucrative option for publishers looking to take Web3 games to the wider population. This move certainly positions Gala as the industry leader in a thriving Web3 games ecosystem.

Gala has largely defined the development of this genre. Only recently, it announced the first Web3 first-person-shooter (FPS) offering by a first-class game studio and launched the Gala Music platform. It also announced Spider Tanks, the world’s premier NFT e-sport.

Reviewing Games and NFTs

Launching GRIT, a Wild West title, on the Epic Games Store will promote the visibility and mainstream fortunes of NFT games.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens use the blockchain to authenticate unique digital items, enabling players to resell items too.

The specific launch time is not yet determined but there’s a live store page for anyone interested.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, had tweeted that Epic Games will allow NFT games after Valve banned them.

Blockchain game companies have seen plenty of funding – just over 35 percent of $3.4 billion raised by all games startups in the first quarter. But, the player base remains small. Blockchain games have the immediate hurdle to go mainstream despite strong objections to NFTs. It so happens that blockchain game companies focusing on high-quality content see things differently.

For instance, the president of Gala Games, John Osvald said in a statement that being a crucial player in the industry, distributing Gala Games’ titles via the Epic Store legitimizes this new concept in gaming. According to him, digital ownership enriches the gaming experience marking a turning point for those who do not yet know it.

Investment in Blockchain Gaming

As such, Gala Games and crypto investment firm, C2 Venture, collaborated on a $100 million investment fund to support play-to-earn games, metaverse environments, and projects whose foundations are blockchain technology.

Epic Games, on the other hand, is best known for its work in developing Fortnite. This game was also the last one launched on the Epic Games Store, earning the company billions of dollars in revenue and becoming one of history’s most popular games.

Other top titles have arrived on the Epic Games Store. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rocket League are two of those games, even though no others have actually launched on it.

Talking GRIT

GRIT is set to break the streak and do something radically different by introducing NFT gaming to the Epic Store. It’ll feature land ownership in NFT form where followers can own virtual land and make money from it, while collectibles like artwork, apparel avatars, skins, vehicles, and weapons. Players can own and trade these with others.

The game itself is a wild west Battle Royale genre game developed by the Team GRIT. Players can fight old-style battles using long rifles and small weapons while traversing the world of GRIT.

Players can find loot weapon cards from downed enemies. Choices aren’t always easy in GRIT, and you’ll have to decide if you scour the grounds for a special perk from a winning hand or collect the best firepower.

Gala Games plan to offer 10,000 player avatars for its next game with unique look and characteristics as mystery boxes.

GRIT for the Future

Experienced gamers haven’t embraced NFT gaming just yet. But Gala Games remain bullish, speaking glowingly about the partnership with Epic and how it would “go to the entire gaming world.” They look forward to the day when we’ll all say,

why would you be playing a game when you don’t own what you buy in the game?

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