Global Crypto Visa Credit Card Bitcoinblack Debuts in UAE

  • Top-rated crypto credit card company, bitcoinblack has extended its global reach to the United Arab Emirates amid the persisting bear market.

Bitcoinblack, a crypto-powered Visa black card, has officially launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) according to a recent report. Hence, the exclusive Visa black card is now available for UAE residents.

Bitcoinblack is a top-rated crypto credit card launched in 2021. The card features a gateway to luxurious goods and services, while also promising users a unique membership experience. Prior to the recent development, it was limited to only 10,000 members all around the globe. However, its availability is now open to more users in the United Arab Emirates.

Thus, residents of the United Arab Emirates who desire to own a black card and enjoy the exclusive benefits it promises its users now have it fully within their reach, all thanks to the new development.

Bitcoinblack Now Available in UAE

Following the team’s vision to create the world’s most exclusive crypto-powered premium card, the team is deploying necessary measures to improve its features and accessibility.

The card being secured by the holder’s crypto features unlimited spending access wherever Visa is accepted around the world. Moreso, holders will receive 10 percent rewards in $SPND tokens. Bitcoinblack seeks to provide a way for crypto users to easily spend their crypto fortunes while also earning rewards in return.  Prakash Chand, the CEO of bitcoinblack made further elaborations on the exclusive experience it proposes to users saying;

“bitcoinblack is perfectly suited for high networth individuals who want to use their crypto for business or pleasure wherever they are in the world, including the 140+ countries where Visa is accepted. All members need to do is simply load up their crypto through the web app or soon-to-come secure bitcoinblack wallet app, and they’re instantly empowered to spend their crypto with the best conversion rates and high limits,” the press release noted.

In addition to bitcoinblack’s availability in UAE, the company also revealed plans to launch a new marketplace dubbed “Haute Living Luxury Marketplace ” in two weeks.

In collaboration with Haute Living Magazine, the marketplace will be built as an online boutique that offers sales services for curated items including luxury watches, purses, cars, charter jet deals, private mansion access, and more. This is an added benefit for holders of the card as they can redeem the $SPND token rewards offered to them in the marketplace.

Speaking on the upcoming Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, the Chief Luxury Officer of Bitcoinblack, Kamal Hotchandini said, in addition to being able to spend rewards on incredible luxury items, the marketplace will also allow members to purchase exclusive experiences. 

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