SpaceChain Completes Test Running of Space Node for Velas Network 

  • SpaceChain and Velas are broadening their collaboration towards reaching the ISS
  • Early this year, the Space node became attached to a satellite produced by Spiral Global. 

For service advancement, SpaceChain has completed the test running of the space node developed for Velas Network AG. The network is hosted on an LEO satellite, and without relying on terrestrial networks. The Space node, as reported, can now efficiently deliver all the features meant for Velas. 

Additionally, these features include signing transactions, deploying smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Other features, as revealed also include the creation of NFTs added by a stress-free process using the Velas native coin.

SpaceChain Scales Beyond the Sky

Worth noting, that the organization has aided scores of blockchain users to emplace space nodes. This consequently helps their operational services in using space technology to aid blockchain applications and gather appropriate features. 

This, as reported, emanated as a result of SpaceChain’s dedication to aiding the side-by-side growth of blockchain and space technology. 

Notably, the organization will keep funding research to eliminate the long process of examining nodes. Additionally, the company also intends to deploy efforts toward enhancing the swift expansion of programs. This investment will support blockchain-oriented organizations to embrace the space as a destination for market advancement.

Early this year, the Space node became attached to a satellite produced by Spiral Global. The same organization in question monitored the launching process to ensure a smooth deployment process.

Furthermore, the launching process reflected SpaceChain’s prosperous integration of Velas. Accordingly, The Velas is the quickest Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain which runs as a unique outlet for dApps. Currently, the space node assists Velas to improve the growth of its blockchain outlet. The outfit is aiming to emerge as the safest and fastest outlet in the blockchain space.

Also, the CEO of SpaceChain, Zee Zhang aired his opinion about the initiative. According to the CEO, the space node will give an unbiased third-party review, coupled with advanced security, and other features to foster the blockchain sector. As opined by Zhang, this will be made possible through the space node’s physical security and autonomy.

The CEO added that the implementation will advance the worthiness and safety of its interior structure. Subsequently, gaining the trust of more clients, Zhang concluded. 

Side Notes 

Notably, reports indicate that both SpaceChain and Velas are broadening their collaboration. This will see the launching of another space node to the International Space Station before the end of 2022. After completing the launching process, the Velas space node will gain from the good atmosphere procured by the International Space Station.

More so, SpaceChain effectively combines space and blockchain technology to build projects to suit its clients’ demands. The firm offers appropriate business projects and advisory services for space and blockchain organizations. These advisory services include technical advice for marketing and collaboration. Due to SpaceChain’s wealth of experience, it has partnered with popular organizations in the industry. As well as initiating numerous projects in the industry.

By its nature, SpaceChain aids a decentralized system for the modern space market. The organization enhances accessibility for space applications by combining space and blockchain technologies.

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