Thoroughbred Horse Racing Metaverse Game

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Metaverse Game

The Game of Silks project is excited to be partnering with Arbitrum, a platform that enables fast and secure execution across different blockchains. The thoroughbred racing Metaverse will offer an engaging user experience, thanks to the speed and efficiency provided by Arbitrum. With Ethereum’s upcoming scaling improvements and cross-chain compatibility through EVM, this partnership is poised to be a great success.

The decentralized nature of the Metaverse and its simplicity makes it an exciting space to play in, with no limitations on who can participate. Combined with the speed provided by Arbitrum, this project ensures that gamers have the tools they need to enjoy immersive experiences on the blockchain. Unlike other games which rely on a single blockchain, the Metaverse can offer gamers different chains to play on based on their preferences.

The Metaverse platform has a wide range of use cases. However, they will require solid scalability to unlock their full potential. Game of Silks taps Arbitrum to achieve this goal, as Ethereum has too many bottlenecks. 

The game will have different levels, each with unique race tracks. Different in-game items can be unlocked as players progress through the levels. These items will help them to improve their performance and give them an edge over the competition.

Players can also place bets on other races taking place in the Metaverse. This adds another layer of excitement to the race, as they try to predict the winner.

Overall, Game of Silks is poised to reshape the way people experience horse racing in the Metaverse and beyond. As more and more people get interested in virtual reality, there has been a growing demand for immersive experiences like horse racing. Game of Silks is one of the first games to offer such an experience and it is sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it. Thanks for reading!

The Metaverse is becoming more prominent in recent months. Both mainstream companies and blockchain startups are exploring opportunities in the industry. Merging the real and virtual worlds is, in theory, the key to building more immersive experiences spanning work, entertainment, and social activities. Game of Silks is an example of this, as it delivers virtual horse racing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Game of Silks is a decentralized application that lets users bet on horses in a simulated race while sitting at their computer or mobile device. Virtual horses are represented by non-fungible tokens and each race has three winning horses. Users who bet on the winning horse are rewarded with ETH, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum.

The project was founded by entrepreneur Joe Zhou, who is also the CEO of 9Lives Arena, a blockchain-based game that allows players to own and trade digital cats. According to Zhou, Game of Silks was inspired by his experience working in the horse racing industry. “I was always fascinated by horse racing and decided to apply my computer science skills to create a more user-friendly betting game for fans of the sport,” he said in a statement.

Participants can own, trade, and interact with various Metaverse NFTs, including land plots, stables, etc. The project has raised USD 2 million in funding and aims to raise more money through its upcoming NFT sales.

The Game of Silks team is aware of the current situation with Ethereum. Rather than wait for Ethereum to scale better, the team has partnered with Arbitrum. The Layer-2 solution is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, making it a straightforward choice. As a result, the Silks developers can continue to use their favored tools, and the derivative Metaverse requires no code changes to unlock Arbitrum’s benefits. 

Silks Head of Technology Michael Lira in a statement said, “We choose Arbitrum over other L2 solutions for its exponential method of increasing scalability and speed to the Ethereum network without sacrificing security. We see this as extremely important to our users and allows us to add greater game utility and build a more expansive Metaverse experience.”

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