Vasil Upgrade Postponed By Cardano Developers Due To Bugs

Vasil Upgrade Postponed by Cardano Developers Due to Bugs

  • The price of Cardano’s ADA was unaffected by the delay. They outperformed Bitcoin’s gain of 3.9% during the previous day, rising by 5.6%.
  • Vasil, a network update that would improve Cardano’s scaling capabilities, is currently anticipated for release on the Cardano test network in late June.
  • Hard forks are a type of network update where new rules are predetermined, and blockchains verify and create new blocks.

The Cardano development team has announced a delay to the much-anticipated Vasil upgrade. In a blog post, the team said that seven bugs had been found that needed to be fixed before the change could be implemented.

This is not the first time that the Vasil upgrade has been delayed. Earlier this year, the team pushed back the planned release date by two weeks due to issues with one of the proposed changes.

The Vasil upgrade is a major change to the Cardano protocol and is designed to improve scalability and efficiency. It includes a new way of handling transactions that should make it easier for users to send and receive payments without waiting for confirmation from miners.

Cardano is Popularizing Blockchain through Partnerships

Despite the delays, Cardano remains one of the most active projects in the cryptocurrency space. In addition to developing its blockchain platform, Cardano is also working on popularizing blockchain technology through its partnership with the education initiative Input-Output Global (IOG).

IOG’s decision not to release the hard fork on Monday was due to technical bugs that were discovered. The team is currently working on fixing these issues and hopes to have the hard fork released soon. In the meantime, IOG has advised users not to update their nodes until further notice.

The Vasil hard fork was originally planned for earlier deployment but was delayed due to last-minute changes. IOG decided to push back the date so that they could thoroughly test it before releasing it. This most recent delay is a result of additional testing that needs to be done.

IOG is committed to delivering a high-quality product and ensuring a smooth experience for all users. They apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause and thank users for their patience as they work to resolve these issues.

In the case of Vasil, the Cardano network will be updated to a new set of rules that will allow it to process more transactions per second. This is an important update for Cardano, as it looks to scale its network in order to accommodate more users. The release of Vasil on the test network is a critical step in this process, and we expect to see it go live on the mainnet soon.

Cardano has been one of the most active projects in the cryptocurrency space over the past year. In addition to scaling its network, Cardano has also been working on building out its ecosystem with things like smart contracts DApps. With Vasil now slated for release, Cardano is one step closer to becoming a fully-fledged platform for innovation and development.

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