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Virtual Avatar Company Hologram Announces $6.5 Million Funding Round

  • Virtual avatar company Hologram discloses completion of $6.5 million seed funding round. 
  • The firm announced a partnership with online communities to facilitate the creation of unique digital identities in the metaverse.

Hologram, a virtual avatar company that is committed to creating unique identities in the metaverse, announced on Thursday that it has concluded a seed funding round that saw it raising $6.5 million.

Reportedly, Hologram’s recently concluded funding round was led by Polychain Capital. Also, it noted that the seed round saw participation from an impressive number of venture firms and angel investors including Nascent, Inflection, The Operating Group, Quantstamp, Neon DAO, Foothill Ventures, South Park Commons, and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

Per the report, the company has disclosed plans to leverage the proceeds from the funding round towards making new key hires such as engineers and artists. This reflects its efforts to expand its ability to further create unique identities in the metaverse.

Hologram to Expand Partnership With Online Communities 

Alongside the company’s plan to make new key hires, it has also disclosed plans to expand its partnership with other digital communities and individuals seeking to enter the metaverse.

As said earlier, Hologram is committed to creating unique identities in the metaverse. Hence, it has taken it upon itself to partner with online communities following plans to foster self-expression and digital identity in the metaverse.

The platform understands that self-expression in the metaverse is an attractive feature for those entering the space. As such, it is keen on enhancing self-expression and digital identity in the metaverse.

According to the report, Hologram has opted to partner with brands, online communities, and individual creators to create unique identities in the metaverse. The Company had integrated with an Anime NFT avatar collection, dubbed Anata NFT. 

Furthermore, it also revealed collaborations with other projects such as Cool Cats, Deadfellaz and Crypto Covens. Hologram’s co-founder Tong Pow, made comments on the company’s unrelenting efforts toward boosting self-expression and digital identity in the Web3 space.

According to Pow’s statement, he considers the platform’s ability to take on any identity in the metaverse, as its most compelling feature. He noted that these are activities that cannot be done in the current Web2 world.

Pow’s statement reads,

“We’ve created new identities through social media profiles, through different usernames, which we’re already very familiar with. But I think the ways we can express ourselves beyond our physical identities really remained static with the examples I listed before.” 

Further elaborations from Pow revealed that the company is working towards providing its users with improved pseudonymity. In a bid to protect users’ personal information behind their digital personal ownership, Hologram is making efforts to make pseudonymity in the metaverse more legitimate.

This feature will provide additional benefits for “high stake use cases,” such as interviews or other public appearances, according to Pow.

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