Coinbase Clouds Launches Developer Platform

  • Coinbase Clouds plans to become the Amazon Web Service of the blockchain space.
  • The Node comes equipped with features not found in the QT.

Coinbase Cloud, a blockchain infrastructure company, has announced the launch of Node, an updated version of its previous Query & Transact (QT) platform that provides developers access to a node service at no cost.

Coinbase cloud has provided specialized blockchain nodes for corporate customers since its debut. Several top crypto exchanges and firms presently rely on the services of the Coinbase cloud, including

The new developer platform gives customers access to the Ethereum blockchain and indexers while allowing them to develop and monitor Web3 apps. Additionally, Node has a tier system for subscriptions. The free plan also gives developers access to more sophisticated APIs that enable them to build decentralized applications and NFT apps. According to the Coinbase Cloud team, Node will make it possible for developers to build Web3 applications faster and affordably.

In a chat with The Block, Luv Kothari, group product manager for Node at Coinbase Cloud, explained,

Node will offer free and enterprise options for its customers. With the free option, developers will get 120,000 daily requests – enough to get them started and scale to thousands of users. As they look to scale their apps further, they can opt-in to a monthly fee-based enterprise plan.

The Coinbase Cloud team reportedly added new functionalities to the Node service that are not available on QT, such as “advanced APIs,” which will make it easier to query different blockchains. According to the team, the Node will help developers explore their creativity and focus on the business side of their craft while letting Coinbase Cloud handle any needs for blockchain infrastructure.

Speaking further on the Node, Kothari said,

Each of the different blockchain infrastructure providers takes a unique approach to building developer tools. Coinbase Cloud is focused on building a robust enterprise-grade self-service developer platform. We’re building products to simplify blockchain development through features like Advanced and NFT APIs.

Coinbase Cloud makes it simple for developers to build apps. The platform also offers a fiat on-ramp with Pay SDK in addition to shared and dedicated nodes.

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