Ethereum Merge’s Tentative Dates Are Here

  • Ethereum core developers have confirmed that the tentative date for the Merge will fall around September 15 or 16 following the completion of two more upgrades.
  • The last two upgrades left are the Bellatrix has been scheduled at 144896 epoch and the Paris upgrades which will be at a TTD of 58750000000000000000000.

On Thursday, during a Consensus Layer Call, Ethereum core developers came forward to discuss possible dates for the highly-anticipated The Merge. 

The core development team led by Tim Beiko discussed the best dates to aim for during the call, and there was a general agreement on the timing of the two major upgrades. They came to an agreement on the Bellatrix upgrade’s 144896 epoch, which meant that it would launch on September 6. The team is currently targeting September 15 or September 16 for Paris, with a TTD of 5875000000000000000. 

The possible dates stated by the team are tentative and could change over the next few days and weeks. Fluctuations in block times and hash rates may also change the anticipated dates. The developers also mentioned that on August 23, the foundation will publish a blog post with information on client releases.

As the crypto industry approached an inflection point of widespread adoption, the three fundamental concerns in the cryptocurrency industry—security, scalability, and environmental sustainability—were challenged by Ethereum regarding its leading networks.

Ethereum anticipated these concerns and saw Proof of Stake as the way to safeguard its future from the beginning. The team has come up with a potential launch date for the most anticipated event in Ethereum’s history, The Merge, after working for years to create a design “that makes Ethereum’s economic model more durable, its infrastructure more scalable, and its consensus engine more sustainable.”

The Merge will change the Ethereum network’s consensus from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS) by going through two upgrades: Bellatrix and Paris. The second part is when the Merge actually takes place. Notably, Paris will occur after the network achieves a specific total terminal difficulty (TTD), related to the network’s hash rate.

The Merge is scheduled to occur after the Bellatrix mainnet upgrade, but the team aims to finish it before September ends. However, one might see a manual override if the Ethereum hash rate falls considerably, which would cause slower block times and delay the expected time for The Merge.

Notably, the team started discussing dates for The Merge soon after a smooth Goerli testnet merge on August 10, which was the last step required before mainnet launch.

The event was previously set to happen on September 19. The news of the recent meeting shot Ether (ETH) value higher, which went further upward after the announcement of the launch date. According to our data, ETH recently touched a local high of $1,927 and is taking a healthy break at $1,884, at the time of publication.

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