Football Giants, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, File Joint Metaverse-Related Trademarks

  • The two soccer clubs will also launch a mutual governance token.
  • Barcelona and Real Madrid applied for the filing about a week before Kondoudis made the news public.

The two most decorated soccer clubs in Spain (FC Real Madrid and Barcelona) have submitted a filing to own a joint metaverse trademark. According to the news as shared by mike Kondoudis, the two clubs filed metaverse trademarks for international classes 9 and 41

The clubs intend to grant fans access to various club-related products in the metaverse. Class 9 trademark covers downloadable software that works as an e-wallet and downloadable software for managing crypto transactions through blockchain. By comparison, the class 41 trademark covers virtual reality games, interactive entertainment, virtual reality content, and experiences.

Barcelona and Real Madrid on Metaverse

Kondoudis, a famous metaverse trademark legal counsel, shared the news via Twitter on august 11. 

However, the clubs applied for the filing about a week before Kondoudis made the news public. Surprisingly, the two Spanish club giants are filing a joint trademark, given the long-term rivalry between the clubs.

Also, the two teams’ values differ considerably. Football club Barcelona (FC Barca) represents the ideals of the Catalunya region, while Real Madrid represents values associated with the royal family and core Spanish culture. 

Worth noting, that the joint web3 trademark filing isn’t FC Barca’s first foray into crypto.

In June 2020, the club launched its fan token ($BAR) on the Chiliz platform in collaboration with The Chiliz platform is the most popular blockchain-based platform for sports and entertainment firms. In November 2021, the club partnered with Ownix (an NFT marketplace) to launch digital collectibles featuring iconic moments in the club’s history.

The club’s president (Joan Laporta) said the initiative would enable the club’s fans to have access to share in the legacy of their beloved team. Unfortunately, Barca terminated Ownix’s deal following allegations of sexual assault and document falsification against one of the marketplace’s executives, Moshe Hogeg.

Earlier this year, the famous football club searched for a new official sponsor for its jersey. After multiple discussions, the club had to choose between Spotify (a digital streaming service provider) and Polkadot (a blockchain protocol). However, the club later signed a deal with Spotify in March 2022.

Other Soccer Teams and the Metaverse

Besides these top Spain-based football clubs, other soccer teams are also making moves to explore the metaverse space. Last month, the English premiership soccer team, Crystal Palace FC, filed a metaverse trademark for its crest. This trademark will cover the launch of NFTs, cryptos, virtual accessories, and sports items.

Also, Qatar-owned French football club, Paris Saint-Germain, launched its digital collectibles in March 2022 after applying for NFT-supported multimedia such as crypto wallets, virtual clothing, and sportswear. Two months ago, the English Premier League (EPL) applied for a metaverse trademark as an entity in the United States. The trademark will cover the name and two logos (the lion head and loving cup trophy).

Soccer players aren’t left behind; they are jumping on the NFT bandwagon. In April, ex-soccer star and model, David Beckham, filed three metaverse-related trademarks, which covered NFTs, digital tokens, and virtual accessories. In June, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and binance entered a multi-year NFT partnership. Under the deal, Ronaldo will launch various NFT products on the Binance platform.

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