Announces New NFT Collections by Dogecoin Creator and Other Notable Artists

  •, through its CEO, has already secured official partnerships with over 100 distinguished artists for the actualization of the NFT collections.

As a measure geared toward streamlining the minting and sale of NFTs across the globe, a popular all-in-one social NFT metaverse, identified as has partnered with a host of highly revered collaborators, including the creator of Doge, Billy Markus. As revealed, the collaboration will birth a series of twelve NFT collections scheduled for launch in late June. 

As of today,, through its CEO, has already secured official partnerships with over 100 distinguished artists for the actualization of the NFT collections.

The a-one-in-all metaverse plans to drop the collections on its cross-chain social NFT aggregator and Opensea. As announced, the first collection will be on Opensea, while the second stays on its native aggregator. 

With this, the firm aims to alternate between two collections to foster drops. According to findings, the first collection will feature 47 unique artists benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

The next collection is posed to feature a collage of the artists’ work. As of press time, former Miss USA, Susie Castillo, Doge Founder, Billy Markus, and others have contributed immensely to this particular collection. As reported, other collections tend to open up the diverse abilities and interests of the artists.

What brings to the NFT space

Even though the NFT industry has continued to record an exponential boom, particularly with its increasing adoption, the fact remains the trend is still new to many. As of today, many potential collectors, buyers, and subscribers as the case may be are unaware of the protocols necessary in choosing artists or NFT works. 

In most cases, collectors, particularly new subscribers, usually find it difficult to understand the robust scope of creators and their respective market styles. As a matter of fact, even contemporary collectors are vulnerable, and sometimes, get multiple NFTs with a similar niche.

However, with the ongoing innovation by, all artists, collectors, and prospective buyers converged into a single platform. This tends to solve the problem as it provides all actors in the NFT trend an avenue to sell, buy, and link up with one another without any difficulty. 

More so, the space to be provided by the all-in-social metaverse paves way for NFT artists and collectors to communicate and deal with one another without resolving to third-party messaging apps. According to findings, in conjunction with its collaborators intends to represent the vast number of artists and differentiated genres defining the NFT market by launching the series. Furthermore, the project helps to expose the offerings by NFT artists to the list of emerging buyers, possessing diverse experiences and wants.

According to, every user who purchased an NFT from a particular collection tends to enjoy unhindered access to the presales of subsequent consecutive collections. This simply connotes the fact that a purchaser of one of the NFTs in the first collection automatically qualifies to access the presales of the second collection. 

Additionally, the firm intends to avail aging generations who want to create or unveil their own NFTs with a full-scale service program. As revealed, understands that some of the people in such a category are not familiar with emerging web3 technologies. Now, the one-in-one social metaverse plans to help those customers create, launch and release their exclusive NFTs at a given cost. announced its resolve to always take a 10 to 15 percent cut in situations where minting and gas fees can be applied. More so, the metaverse project does “lazy minting”, which allows minting at the point of sale without the artist making payment for any upfront gas fees. Here, the artists pay after the sale of the exclusive NFTs.

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