Hackers Stole $174K From Bill Murray Charity NFT Project

  • The on-chain analyst @NFTherder on Twitter pointed out that the hackers targeted the Bill Murray charity non-fungible token (NFT) project and made away with a huge amount of funds.
  • Actor and comedian Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet was compromised, and the hacker swapped the majority through 1inch, then sent everything to 0xada, then sent it to Binance, HitBTC, and FixedFloat.

Another attack on an NFT project has been implemented, and it seems that over $174,000 has been stolen as a result. Twitter analysts have been worried sick about the recent NFT hacks, and if the situation remains the same, we can expect additional attacks on many more projects as well.

An on-chain analyst @NFTherder on Twitter pointed out the hack and also revealed that the attackers targeted the Bill Murray charity non-fungbile token (NFT) project and made away with a huge amount of funds.

Actor and comedian Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet, which is controlled by his partners, was compromised and the hacker swapped majority through 1inch then sent everything to 0xada then sent it to Binance, HitBTC and FixedFloat. Interestingly, they didn’t use TornadoCash, the Ethereum Mixer which has come to attention of several regulatory authorities due to its usage in money laundering.

The Billy Murray Ethereum wallet contained over $174K worth of Wrapped ETH (110 WETH), a token pegged to Ether (ETH) and used in several platforms and DApps that support ERC-20 tokens.

“The compromised Tx doesn’t show anything malicious. So this could indicate a seedphrase compromise through various forms, eg. malware,”

added the on-chain analyst.

Murray’s partners at The Chive and Project Venkman told Decrypt that the Ethereum wallet was used to sell NFTs related to the actor and comedian’s life. The stolen WETH were raised following the auction of an exclusive, single-edition NFT this week on Coinbase NFT marketplace and raised 119.2 WETH, or about $185,000 during the sale period.

Gavin Gillas of blockchain startup Project Venkman first noted the unauthorized transaction removing 108.03 WETH (about $171,500) which was followed by another transaction for 1.73 WETH (about $2,750). Interestingly, it was also noted that around 800 Ethereum non-fungble tokens were also present in the wallet followed by other collections that the actor owned including CryptoPunks, VeeFriends, and Damien Hirst artwork.

Additionally, none of the tokens were stolen and the 1000 Ethereum-based digital assets that belonged to the project and will be sold in the near future were moved to another wallet as well. Gillas and John Resig, CEO of comedy and entertainment website The Chive, backed by Murray, revaeled that they had filed a report against the hackers in the police.

“We engaged Chainalysis within 10 minutes of learning of the attack last night. They’ll have a bigger report on that, and they’re still investigating all of the threads,”

Gillas told Decrypt.
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