Morpho Raises $18M Co-led by a16z and Variant to Enhance DeFi Lending

  • Morpho introduces a groundbreaking lending protocol that combines the current liquidity pool model used in Compound or AAVE.

A decentralized lending protocol identified as Morpho Labs has raised $18 million in a funding round. As revealed, Andreessen Horowitz and Variant emerged as the leading investors of the round. Reportedly, this round witnessed notable inputs from a league of about 80 investors.

Notably, the protocol aims to build on standing lending protocols to advance its services. These protocols include Compound and AAVE to give lucrative yields through peer-to-peer liquidity. 

Last week, the protocol initiated its Morpho-Compound for advanced users’ experience. Subsequently, Morpho Labs revealed that the initiative smashed about $30 million in liquidity. Furthermore, the firm is aiming to launch the Morpho-Ave in a few weeks. 

Morpho Labs Ready for DeFi Lending

A notable official from Variant Fund, one of the firms that participated in the round, Spencer Noon, reflected on the development. As a General Partner of Variant Fund, Noon regarded Morpho labs as a force to reckon with in the industry. Noon decried how decentralized lending platforms are battling the current market situation.

According to Spencer Noon, these protocols are excelling in their endeavors. Yet, they don’t give the best rates to their community. However, Noon revealed that Morpho can move above this limit.

He Opined that Morpho is a new platform that lends according to the needs of its users. According to him, this is because it employs lending protocols like Aave and Compound. Then, unlocking rates that are attractive on and offhain respectively.

According to a blog post, Morpho labs revealed its plan for users and investors. As shown, the firm is keen on offering the best services to its users. Morpho Labs indicated that developing its native yields will improve the state of DeFi. Therefore, the firm hopes that the move will help it broaden its outreach.

Also, the Firm conceded that it must continue to follow that path. This will help show appreciation for the efforts of the community and investors across the globe. 

Additionally, Morpho labs divulged that it created the Association for developing Morpho DAO to follow its goals. These goals include the embracement and decentralization of Morpho.

The association holds the intellectual property of the protocol and the funds acquired from the round. It reflects the goal of developing Morpho as a platform for everyone. 

As indicated in the blog post, the firm disclosed that it sees investors as enthusiasts of the protocol. Morpho Labs insisted that investors are not just a means of raising capital. 

The firm made it known that investors are selected based on what they could bring aboard. Thus, the funding round aims to equip the protocol with the needed features to serve users efficiently. Lastly, Morpho Labs thanked the group of investors for their faith in the company.

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