NFTs: Pharrell Williams Becomes Doodles’ Chief Brand Ambassador

American rapper Pharrell Williams has joined the renowned Ethereum NFT project, Doodles, as its Chief Brand Officer. The platform made the announcement during a recent event hosted alongside the ongoing NFT.NYC conference. The news comes weeks after Williams launched his NFTs platform, the “Gallery of Digital Assets,” or GODA.

Williams joins Doodles’ team to contribute to various aspects of the collection and improve its overall creativity. The 49-year-old rapper would assist the brand in consumer products, music, animation, and other events.

Williams will bring his musical experience into his role as Doodles’ Chief Brand Officer. The music maestro will work as an executive producer on the NFT platform’s album, “Doodles Records: Volume 1.” Doodles plans to launch the album in collaboration with Columbia Records. Sources within the Ethereum NFT project revealed that the forthcoming album will have drawings by famous artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin and will also feature top singers.

Doodles’ representative also announced that fans can purchase the album only through NFTs, however, it will be streamable on a number of platforms. The Doodles album NFTs will also feature unidentified NFT collectibles. 

Reacting to the announcement of his new role, Williams, in a video message, said, “I’m a big fan of the brand. We’re going to build from the core community outward and bring Doodles to new heights, new levels.”

Although 2021 was the “golden year” of NFTs, the industry has continued to attract attention as well as celebrities. Williams joins the growing list of celebrities to collaborate with top NFT projects. Some of these A-list stars such as Snoop Dogg went on to release special collections for their fans.

The NFT album is one of the many events going on in Doodles. Digital artists also unveiled “Doodles 2,” during the NFT.NYC  conference. The new NFT collection would include millions of avatars and feature a greater variety of qualities in addition to wearable accessories. The developers did not specify which blockchain the new collection will launch on, but the avatars won’t be distributed on Ethereum.

Doodles Announces Funding Led by Seven Seven Six

While announcing Williams’ addition to the Doodles project, the platform noted that it had raised its first round of funding, led by Alex Ohanian’s venture firm, Seven Seven Six. Although there was no information on the raised amount, this would be the first capital raised for the Doodles. As part of the collaboration with Doodles, Katelin Holloway, Seven Seven Six co-founder, will join Doodles’ board.

Speaking in a pre-recorded clip, Reddit co-founder Ohanian expressed his delight over the partnership with Doodles, adding that his venture capital firm would further collaborate with Doodles to “take all the work they’ve done so far and bring it to another level, scale it even further.”

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