Norwegian Police Warn Crypto Owners After Armed Robbery in Sweden

Norwegian Police Warn Crypto Owners After Armed Robbery in Sweden

Police in Norway has issued a warning to crypto owners, saying they should take measures to ensure their own security with things like multi-signature (multi-sig) solutions and alarm systems.

The warning comes after the incident that took place on April 21 in the Swedish city of Norrköping. According to local newspaper Aftonbladet, the couple was sleeping in their bed when armed strangers broke into their home, tied them up, and forced the couple to transfer unspecified cryptocurrency to the robbers.

The couple did suffer injuries as a result of the robbery, and were taken to hospital after they managed to alert the police, the report confirmed.

Police have not yet revealed the precise value of the stolen cryptocurrency, but are putting a lot of effort into finding those responsible for this crime. This is not the first time Norwegian police have warned citizens with digital assets to take extra security steps. Last year, in November, two people were assaulted and robbed in broad daylight as they were withdrawing money from a bank in Oslo.

At the time, police said that they suspected the attackers were after the couple’s Bitcoin (BTC). The robbers made away with an undisclosed amount of cash and BTC.

In light of these recent robberies, Norwegian police are now advising people with cryptocurrencies to be extra careful when dealing with their digital assets

According to a police spokesperson, the robbery was clearly planned in advance, with the robbers being aware that the victims had access to significant crypto wealth. “This is not a coincidence,” the spokesperson told Aftonbladet.

The type of attack – known in crypto circles as a ‘$5 wrench attack’ – has become increasingly common in recent years. And to help ensure it is not a trend that will spread in the Nordic countries, police in neighboring Norway last weekend issued a warning to crypto owners in the country.

“Make sure you know who you are dealing with, and do not let strangers into your home,” Norwegian police said in a statement. “In case of robbery: Stay calm and make sure any security cameras are on so that the police can see what happened.”

Norway’s warning came on the same day that police in Sweden launched an investigation into a $5 wrench attack against a crypto holder in Gothenburg. According to local media, the victim was tied up and threatened at gunpoint by two assailants who made off with approximately $10,000 worth of bitcoin.

The rise in such attacks has been linked to the growing use of cryptocurrencies as an investment tool and store of wealth. As more people become involved in crypto markets – often without understanding the associated risks – criminals have been able to recognize new potential targets for robbery and other violent crimes.

However, police across Europe are now ramping up their efforts to fight back against these types of crimes.

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