Sorare NFTs Surged by 795% Following the Signing of French Star

  • Sorare is enjoying one of its highest NFT sales in recent weeks.
  • Kylian Mbappe joins the growing list of stars to join the NFT space.

Soccer players have grown fond of striking partnerships with blockchain projects, especially NFT platforms. PSG star striker, Kylian Mbappe recently joined Ethereum NFT game Sorare as an investor and brand ambassador and his impact was felt moments after his arrival.

Mbappe’s arrival is expected to leverage his star power to expand Sorare’s frontiers and bring the platform to millions of new players. A tweet by Sorare’s CEO Nicolas Julia welcoming the PSG forward to the team hinted that Mbappe would lead its ambition to create a player-owned gaming experience. The tweet read,

Kylian is more than a football player. He’s a global icon who carries strong values on and off the pitch. Together, we’ll help underprivileged groups start their businesses and learn about web3. We’ll provide training, conferences, and a special diploma for IBKM.

Mbappe became the first ambassador for the fantasy soccer game and sales of the platform’s NFT player cards have skyrocketed as a result of his signing. Reports revealed that trading in Sorare NFTs saw a huge boost on the secondary market hours after the world cup winner signed. Sorare reportedly recorded NFT sales of over $6.6 million, a 795% growth from the preceding 24-hour period.

This would reportedly be Mbappe’s first move into the Web3 space, following the likes of his PSG team-mate Lionel Messi and soccer idol, Cristiano Ronaldo to embrace the blockchain space. Mbappe’s arrival to Sorare will also benefit his charity, Inspired by KM, as the Ethereum fantasy football platform offered to support his humanitarian endeavors.

Athletes Are Increasingly Joining the Crypto Space

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has shown to be a hub of endless possibilities. Amid the global financial crisis, many turned to the crypto space to explore other financial options. Football teams and athletes are increasingly joining the cryptocurrency movement and partnering with suitable crypto platforms.

Crypto sponsorship and partnerships have proven to be effective measures of increasing blockchain adoption. These crypto platforms leverage the popularity of soccer players to boost their brand image. Several high-profile stars have already signed up as ambassadors and partners.

In addition, the NFT space is one of the most attractive sectors of the crypto industry for athletes. Some of these stars have personal investments in NFTs. NBA star Stephen Curry was one of the first athletes to embrace NFTs. He reportedly spent $180,000 on a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT in August 2021. Other stars like Serena Williams, Andrew Wiggins, Neymar, and Shaquille O’Neal joined Curry in obtaining NFT pieces.

 NFTs are far from a finished product despite their popularity. Their precise use cases are still being developed, but their cultural significance is growing. NFTs are gradually beginning to have the same cultural impact as baseball cards and Pokemon cards did in the late 1990s, albeit on a much broader, more accessible scale. NFTs will undoubtedly hit new heights as sports fans and athletes enter the industry. Despite the different sentiments about this digital asset, many believe NFTs are far from being a one-time hit.

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