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Despite Crypto Winter, Bitget Targets A 1,000 Workforce By The End Of This Year

  • The current crypto market has forced many crypto firms to cut down staff strength. However, Bitget intends to double its workforce by this year-end.

The rapidly changing crypto environment since the start of 2022 has forced many crypto firms to make changes to their business operations. Since the start of this year’s second quarter, many crypto firms have shut down their ongoing projects. Others have even withdrawn from various deals in which they were sponsors. Also, many of these firms have started laying off their staff members.

Bitget Not Affected By Crypto Winter

However, the leading crypto trading platform, Bitget, stated that its business isn’t affected by this crypto winter. Instead, it has been enjoying tremendous recurring cash flow. Hence, it is in the proper position to expand its product offerings to meet the needs of its customers. While Bitget started last year with a team of 150, the team has grown three times that number as of the beginning of this month.

The company’s development efforts have also grown bigger. Hence, Bitget seeks to increase its staff strength again to complement this growth. Bitget’s CEO, Gracy Chen, said the company is growing quickly since it now has a presence in over 50 nations worldwide.

Chen noted that Bitget’s trading volume grew ten times compared to last year. Its derivatives trading volume hit new peak levels of $8.69M. Also, the company’s user base grew to 2 million globally, a massive achievement for the company. Chen then said it has become necessary to increase the team to fully serve the market’s needs.

However, the company isn’t hiring at random. The headquarters constantly discuss with the regional teams to understand their needs. Thus, they can be employed in the right way. This systematic and strategic approach to hiring makes Bitget manage its resources properly.

According to Chen, “our goal is to improve our operations in various regions through strategic employment. We are also contributing our quota to reducing the employment rate in these regions by hiring the right locals into various positions.”

Targeting 500 New Hires By This Year-End

The Bitget CEO further said the company had made adequate efforts to survive the crypto winter. Thus, the company can hire the best talents in the industry. More importantly, the company’s core staff strength becomes stronger because growing the company is the main priority. Hence, the company will benefit significantly from the next crypto bull season when the market recovers.

Bitget seeks to have a staff strength of 1,000 by the end of 2022. Thus, it intends to hire 500 new employees within six months. However, most of these new hires would serve in the product development and customer service departments.

These additions would enable the Bitget platform to keep running smoothly. Also, there are enough processes to ensure that the platform isn’t accessible by hackers, viruses, or both.

The main reason for Bitget’s rapid expansion is its product development team. Product innovation is the foundation of Bitget. The proof of this foundation is in its main product (the 1-click copy trade), a popular social trading app. Over the past 12 months, Bitget has become the top five derivatives trading platform worldwide.

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