Dragons Den Bitcoin: Is it Fake News?

Throughout the past few months, there have been rumors which have been circulating that the Dragons Den has supported Bitcoin trading platforms. These platforms, presumably, include Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Loophole, as well as Bitcoin Code.

When we take a deeper look into these rumors, they claim that Bitcoin trading methods have been featured on Dragons Den several times and have even been mentioned across different investors and businessmen featured within the TV show. Today, we are going to be diving deeper into the world of Dragons Den to truly see if these rumors are actually real or just jargon. 

What Exactly Is Dragon Den, and What Does Dragons Den Bitcoin Imply?

Dragons Den is a show that has a unique concept behind it relating to the world of business. The idea is for entrepreneurs to get into the show and present their ideas to a panel of five investors who have immense wealth. These investors within this show are called the “Dragons,” and the entrepreneurs are essentially entering their “Den.” The attendees of the show typically feel like they have created an idea, or a product that’s practical, has a high level of profit margin, and an overall excellent business idea; however, they cannot really expand on their product due to the fact that they essentially lack capital. 

Evan Davis hosts this British television show called Dragon Den, and the show is based on a Japanese television show known as “The Tigers Money.” Initially, Nippon TV was the one that established this format, and they are distributed by Sony Pictures Television. However, there are separate, local versions of this show which are available in a total of 30 countries on a global scale.

The businessmen who are featured within this show are required to actually indicate how much capital they actually require from these investors, and if the required amount is not offered by at least one of the investors, they essentially walk away without any money. The investors can, however, provide the entrepreneurs with the entire amount, or a share of it, depending on their preference at the moment of the presentation.

The show has been around for years, and as such, there have been numerous investors who have appeared on it throughout the years. If you are looking for a list of some of the best ones which have appeared in it, they include the following:

  • Peter Jones – A British businessman as well as an entrepreneur.
  • Rachel Elnaugh – A British entrepreneur that founded Red Letter Days, which is a gift company within the UK.
  • Simon Woodroffe – An English entrepreneur as well as a motivational speaker.
  • Sara Davies – An Entrepreneur, businesswoman as well as a television celebrity.
  • Tej Lavanti – A British businessman as well as the CEO of one of the United Kingdom’s largest vitamin companies known as Vitabiotics.
  • Deborah Meaden – A businesswoman that has seen a great level of success.
  • Duncan Bannatyne – A Scottish author, philanthropist as well as entrepreneur. 
  • Richard Farleigh – An Australian private investor.
  • Touker Suleyman – A British – Turkish Cypriot fashion businessman.
  • Theo Paphitis – A British Greek retail magnate.
  • Doug Richard – An American entrepreneur.

Note that as the show advances and evolves, more and more investors will get features, so this lineup might shift in the future. 

What Exactly Is Bitcoin, How Does It Work, and How Would Dragons Den Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the first, as well as currency, one of the largest cryptocurrency tokens in terms of market capitalization. It was initially created and launched by a group of people or an individual that used the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto.” The technology behind Bitcoin Trading is essentially defined as this advanced software for cryptocurrency trading, which was specifically designed as a means of ensuring that trading is easier for beginners that want to trade and gain a profit through the utilization of cryptocurrencies. As such, crypto traders on a global scale appreciate Bitcoin technology and utilize it in various forms. It is a fully decentralized network as well, which means that it is not controlled by a central entity, such as a bank, for example.

When Was the Dragons Den Bitcoin Episode Shown?

A question that has been circulating the web and has been on the minds of many fans of the TV show is on which episode Bitcoin actually appeared in for the very first time.

However, the answer to that specific question is the fact that neither Bitcoin nor Bitcoin Trading Technology has ever been featured in an episode of this popular TV show. Every single story regarding these claims, and any rumor, is as such untrue and should be regarded as fake news. 

What Exactly Is the Connection Between Dragons Den Bitcoin?

If you have been following mainstream media to some extent, then you might have noticed that there are numerous rumors and reports regarding Dragons Den and its connection to the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency and technology. 

In fact, according to many of these media outlets, it is presumed that entrepreneurs who have been featured on the show have presented Bitcoin trading systems and that investors on the show, such as Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Theo Paphitis, and Sarah Davis, have all invested and approved these Bitcoin trading technologies. However, the fact is that none of these rumors are actually true.

It is incorrect that Bitcoin is Dragon Den’s most significant investment, and it is always recommended that you carefully go over and attempt to verify every single piece of information that you come across while surfing the web as a means of ensuring that you are misled or lied to due to the vast amount of fake news within it. 

If you do, however, come to the point in time where you encounter an article that states that Bitcoin is affiliated with Dragons Den, in that case, typically, scammers have paid them to spread this misleading and fake news.

Dragons Den Bitcoin and Bitcoin Loophole

The Bitcoin Loophole is essentially this trading tool that makes trades on behalf of new as well as experienced investors within the space of crypto, without them having any prior experience in doing so. According to rumors that are spread across the web, there are accusations that one of Dragons Den’s entrepreneurs offered Bitcoin Loophole to the show’s investors. Bitcoin Loophole has never been featured within Dragon Den nor promoted by any of the entrepreneurs within the show.

Dragons Den and Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is one of the most popular and essentially one of the oldest automated trading platforms within the crypto sphere. In terms of the reviews surrounding it, a majority of them are positive, and this system has assisted new inventors in the process of trading. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin Profit is powered by intelligent algorithms which scan the market for profitable trades on a consistent basis. However, while there are speculations surrounding the affiliation with Dragons Den to Bitcoin Profit, these are all untrue and fake news. Dragons Den and Bitcoin Profit have no affiliation whatsoever and no endorsements. 

Dragons Den and Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is essentially yet another automated technology that places trades on behalf of the investors that utilize it within the broader Bitcoin market. There have been numerous reports circulating online that the Dragons Den investors were impressed by an entrepreneur that originally pitched this idea on the show; however, all of them are false, as Dragons Den has never backed Bitcoin Revolution, and you should be wary about such fake news.

Did Peter Jones Ever Invest in the Bitcoin Revolution on Dragons Den Bitcoin?

Peter Jones, a British businessman, entrepreneur, and TV star, originally started his business career when he was 16. According to a 2019 private valuation, his empire has grown to $489 million throughout the past few years. 

That said, there have been numerous media speculations regarding the fact that Peter Jones has Invested in Bitcoin Revolution. However, this is not a fact; this is fiction. 

Due to the fact that he is a celebrity, associating him with any product or service would, in turn, provide that service or product with a lot of fame. However, any claim regarding this news is unconfirmed, and cannot really be confirmed, as Peter Jones has no affiliation with Bitcoin Revolution.

Has Deborah Meaden Ever Endorsed Bitcoin on the Dragons Den Bitcoin Show? 

Deborah Meaden is a British entrepreneur who is currently operating a multi-million-pound family vacation business and has been featured within the Dragons Den TV show several times as an investor. Meaden is said to be the owner of 29 enterprises, and her net worth is estimated to be around £40 million. With such a high level of fame and success, however, it is no wonder that there have been numerous reports that she has officially promoted Bitcoin on one of the Dragon Den’s episodes. Nonesuch news has been verified or authenticated, however, so keep that in mind.

Has Bitcoin Ever Been Endorsed by Theo Paphitis on Dragons Den Bitcoin?

Theo Paphitis is essentially a British Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur as well as a retail proprietor who has a reputation and is well-known due to his appearances within the Dragons Den show. He is the chairman of Millwall Football Club and has earned a lot of his money within the retail industry. His net worth is over £301 million, and on the 2019 Sunday Times World’s Richest List, he was included as one of the world’s wealthiest people.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that there have also been rumors surrounding the web that he has publicly backed Bitcoin as a lucrative cryptocurrency while he was a part of the Dragons Den TV show. None of this has been confirmed, and as such, there is no affiliation between Theo Paphitis and Bitcoin.

Scams in Bitcoin Trading Technologies and Dragons Den Bitcoin

There is a genuine and strong belief that many sources out there have been spreading fake reports as well as rumors deliberately. These celebrities, as well as TV shows, are typically leveraged by affiliate marketers within their advertisements.

However, while the products and brokers which are promoted might not be fake or fraudulent, their practices do lead people towards believing that they are indeed scams. 

CFD trading platforms are associated with frauds quite frequently, for example, such as Forex Trading, although both of these markets are real and sustainable. They are simply filled with scammers, which have badly affected their reputation.

Dragons Den Bitcoin Conclusion

The bottom line to all of this is the fact that, specifically on the Dragons Den TV show, there has been no one thus far who has pitched or even backed Bitcoin or any other similar trading system or technology. 

However, due to the fact that a lot of fake news is being spread online, and affiliate marketers are using tv shows and entrepreneurs for their advertising purposes, fake news has been spread around, so remember to always double-check the sources for authenticity.

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