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HashEx’s AnalytEx Launches Lending Protocol Aggregator

  • The lending protocols aggregator by AnalytEx is an all-in-one platform that collates data from different DeFi lending protocols.

One of HashEx’s subsidiaries, AnalytEx, has launched a lending protocols aggregator. The aggregator is a comprehensive, simple, and easy dashboard containing data from several DeFi lending protocols. Thus, investors no longer have to switch between several assets when seeking higher APYs.

Before the launch of this aggregator, investors seeking higher APYs to make more passive income had to always move their assets from one lending protocol to another. However, with this AnalytEx lending protocol, investors can choose from the best available lending opportunities.

All the lending metrics displayed in this aggregator are directly from four blockchains. The four blockchains are Fantom, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, and Ethereum. The blog announcement states that the Tron chain will be included soon.

AnalytEx’s lending protocol collects data from seven lending protocols. These lending protocols are Iron Bank, Compound, Geist, Apeswap, Aave, Venus, and Trader Joe. Users can filter protocol pools by using the chain, a particular token, or stablecoins. Thus, making the aggregator’s dashboard simple to use. 

AnalytEx Listens to the Customers

The AnalytEx team has rebranded the yield farming optimizer to simplify its user interface further. Thus, it is now possible for investors to track yield farming APYs as they occur. That makes it easy for them to select and stake on the farm or pool that suits them the most.

Each pool’s important data are available in one dashboard. Data available include user rewards, APR, Pool, and Farm TVL. Users can even check for more details about each data or claim rewards. Also, users no longer need to move from one place to another to stake their assets.

They can use the AnalytEx user interface to engage the farm’s smart contract. AnalytEx users can use the crypto price tool to track the prices of digital assets. They can also use this tool to monitor changes in market cap and the total supply of such digital assets.

Compared to similar platforms, AnalytEx isn’t a 3rd party platform. It collects data in real-time from the blockchains mentioned above. Hence, it automatically detects and lists new ERC-20 tokens instantly. Developers and protocols can use AnalytEx’s API services for various purposes.

They can obtain real-time crypto prices, view the history of token holders, monitor changes to reserves and possible rug pull, and track network and market data in real-time. HashEx, a smart contract audit firm, launched AnalytEx after completing a new funding series round last month.

AnalytEx is a top-notch analytics dashboard for users to obtain data and insights about passive income opportunities in the crypto space. HashEx rose to prominence due to its top-notch security services for DeFi projects.

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