BaaS Company NOIZ Receives Backings From Publicly Traded Financial Companies

  • NOIZ principally engages in include, provision of a private blockchain as an infrastructure technology and ongoing support of all core value transactions and applications for businesses.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company, NOIZ, has received backing from Merdeka Financial Group Limited and Main Board listed Oriental Watch Holdings Limited. On 14 June, NOIZ announced it had reached a conditional agreement on the sale of the entire issued share capital to Merdeka. 

Merdeka announced three days after the subscription of new shares by Oriental Watch. Notably, the subscription shares represent approximately 3.09 percent of the existing issued shares of Merdeka company. Worth noting, that the net proceeds after deducting relevant expenses are expected to be approximately HK$3 million, which is intended to be used as the general working capital of NOIZ.

NOIZ and the Blockchain as a Service Industry 

Blockchain technology has seen several stages of development. And now, more businesses and individuals are open to receiving crypto assets with both hands.

However, there is a technical challenge that most blockchains are facing. How to securely access the blockchain technology to their business at an affordable price.

Then, blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) companies popped up. Worth noting, that NOIZ intends to use the connection with the two financial behemoths and create a seamless connection between blockchain technology and the SMEs on the ground.

Among the notable activities that NOIZ principally engages in include, the provision of a private blockchain as an infrastructure technology and the ongoing support of all core value transactions and applications for businesses. Additionally, the company engages in Metaverse and institutional  smart contracts 

Andy Ann, the Chief Executive Officer of NOIZ, said, ”NOIZ aims to popularise adoption and commercialization of blockchain technology for every business and to empower enterprises to embrace Web3.0 environmentally. We are glad that NOIZ gained recognition and substantial support from prominent listed companies like Merdeka and Oriental Watch. It shows NOIZ’s growth potential and will accelerate our business development to capture the potential growth of the booming FinTech and blockchain technology application.”

Already, NOIZ has business customers including Cathay Pacific, KMB, and ArtiCoin. 

Why Now?

It is a safe bet to assume that blockchain technology will be in the next coming decades. Besides, it has been tested by major macroeconomic factors in the past. 

Consequently, you can expect high-net-worth individuals to venture into the blockchain and crypto market. Among the high net worth people venturing into the crypto and blockchain market include but are not limited to Akon and Gary Vee.

The crypto and the stock market are trending downwards. Deep-pocketed individuals and crypto funds are seeking projects to back. Most investors are seeking projects with liquidity challenges, but offer brighter growth prospects.

In this case, NOIZ is lucky to have a tamper-proof business structure that countable institutional investors are competing to have a share. Thereby showing the sheer magnitude of potential energy in the blockchain technology.

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