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Seed Group Enters Strategic Partnership With Fast-Rising Crypto Mining Firm, 2bminer

  • Seed Group will enable 2bminer to expand its operations across the middle east, particularly the UAE. 

A company related to Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum’s private office (the Seed Group) has announced a new collaboration with a crypto mining company, The mining firm, whose headquarters are in Prague and Los Angeles, provides investors with the chance to get the highest return from their investment. Investors can choose from any available flexible plans to buy, host or sell mining equipment at the best prices.

Seed Group and 2bminer Work Together

Through this partnership deal, Seed Group will enable 2bminer to expand its operations across the middle east, particularly the UAE. Thus, the crypto mining firm can reach the decision-makers in the government and private sectors. The Seed Group will also assist with effectively marketing its products across the middle east continent.

Conversely, the fintech firm will focus on creating the best crypto mining machines for the fast-evolving UAE crypto market. won’t just be selling machines. It would also host technical sessions to assist crypto mining firms in the UAE with the best ways to make huge profits from crypto mining.

A recent report by Chainalysis revealed that the UAE is among the top three crypto markets in the middle east. The Chainalysis data also showed that the UAE transacts $25B worth of cryptocurrencies yearly.

Turkey and Lebanon occupy the first and second spots, respectively. Turkey’s yearly transaction volume is $132.4B, while Lebanon’s annual transaction volume is nearly $26B. The Chainalysis data showed that UAE’s crypto market grew by an astonishing 1,500% between 2020 and 2021. The period coincides with the influx of leading crypto firms into the UAE.

The CEO of Seed Group, Hisham Al Gurg, commented on the deal, saying, “many people are eager to invest and make profits from cryptocurrency as their popularity continues to grow.” Al Gurg added that the UAE keeps establishing policies to attract the best fintech companies, including crypto mining firms.

One of such policies is the establishment of a growth-oriented crypto environment. The Seed Group CEO also said that the emirates digital economy is open to all virtual asset service providers. However, they must be willing to provide their products and services at globally competitive rates.

Thus, investors can make huge gains from their investments. Hence, it is no wonder that there has been a massive influx of manufacturers of crypto mining equipment and hosting service providers seeking to establish their presence in the UAE recently.

Side Notes 

Despite being a year old in the business, is rapidly establishing its presence globally. It has two head offices (one in Los Angeles and the other in Prague). However, it has hosting centers scattered in different locations around the world.

The mining company’s services include selling mining machines, hosting, management, maintenance, and administration. The company has mining facilities in New York, Taxes, Nebraska, and the UAE. However, none of its mining facilities uses a coal power source.

They are powered by solar, wind, and hydro plants in each location. CEO, Jakub Hlavenka, said their partnership with Seed Group would enable them to achieve their business objectives across the MENA region. He reiterated the company’s commitment to offering its best crypto mining facilities in this region.

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