TimeChain Labs Partners With NU10 to Offer End-To-End Blockchain Solutions

  • Parimal Priyadarshi, Nu10’s VP of Product, is credited as the main force behind the TimeChain and NU10 partnership.

TimeChain labs (TCL), a crypto firm built on the BSV blockchain, has partnered with Nu10 technologies. Under the terms of the partnership, the two firms intend to offer blockchain as a service solution (BAAS) to various firms worldwide. Rohan Sharan and Mohit Kataria signed the terms of the agreement. Sharan is TCL’s CEO and co-founder, while Kataria is one of Nu10’s founders.

The two firms also agreed to always discuss face-to-face with potential and current clients who need their services. However, the firms state that they will build all solutions on the BSV blockchain. This announcement comes less than a week before the next Enterprise Utility Blockchain (EUB) summit.

BSV blockchain association is one of the sponsors of this event, which will be held between August 5 and 6 in Bengaluru, India. In a joint statement, TCL and Nu10 said the decision to build their solutions on the BSV blockchain was because it has two significant benefits – low transaction charges and scalability.

Closer Look at TimeChain and NU10 Partnership 

Sharan, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, launched TCL in 2021. Besides being TCL’s founder, Sharan enjoys a cordial relationship with the BSV blockchain association. He is currently an ambassador for the association in India. Sharan is supported at TCL by Mallikarjun Karra, who is on the board of TCL as one of its directors.

Karra is also a graduate of IIT Kharagpur but is currently pursuing a Physics Ph.D. in Berlin, Germany. Sharan and Karra share a vision to launch various TCL products that enhance humanity’s living standards. Conversely, Nu10 is a web3 solutions provider. It has branch offices in Bengaluru, New York, and Estonia.

Nu10 co-founder, Kataria, is multiple graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology in the Chennai and Delhi districts. He is also a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He believes the BSV blockchain is the best Distributed Ledger for enterprises. Some reasons for his conclusions are that BSV offers nano and micro-payment features, has excellent data capacity, and offers greater scalability without huge transaction charges.

Parimal Priyadarshi, Nu10’s VP of Product, is credited as the main force behind the TimeChain and NU10 partnership. Having conducted his research, Priyadarshi has expressed his appreciation of the superiority of the Bitcoin SV. He dreams of being the leading force in the growth of the web3 and BAAS industry.

Sharan and Kataria believe that their BAAS will suit the needs of individual and government enterprises. TCL provides architecture designs for robust BSV solutions, while Nu10 complements TCL’s strong capability with more than 100 professional full-stack developers. Both firms said they have started receiving consultation requests from various firms, especially as the EUB summit draws close.

The broader BSV ecosystem will benefit from an Indian-based BAAS provider that can provide enterprises with cost-effective solutions and blockchain adoption. Patrick Prinz, a BSV blockchain association managing director, commented that it is excellent to see greater interest from Indians in registering for courses in blockchain utility and its potential, two of the courses the association runs.

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