Crypto Court Corridors: 3AC Creditors To Get an Emergency Court Hearing on Tuesday as Owners Allegedly Failed to Cooperate

  • According to the findings, the court will grant a hearing to the 3AC creditors in New York on Tuesday. 
  • Three Arrows Capital Ltd. is a hedge fund that was established in 2012 and is marketed as a company focused on providing superior risk-adjusted returns.

As per emerging reports, the lingering turmoil ravaging crypto asset hedge funds and venture capital, Three Arrows Capital (3AC)  is not ending anytime. Reportedly, 3AC creditors have instituted a legal filing, accusing the founders of the firm of failing to cooperate with the ongoing proceeding. 

The legal document was reportedly filed last Friday in New York by a group of lawyers representing the creditors of the hedge funds 3AC.

3AC Liquidation Proceedings 

Earlier last month, a British Virgin Islands Court directed the Singapore-based firm to liquidate all its assets. Worth noting, that the crypto asset hedge funds and venture capital plunged into a liquidity crisis in the wake of the prevailing market downturns bedeviling the crypto industry. Notably, liquidation usually manifests in situations when a firm is struggling to live up to its financial responsibilities. 

With 3AC suffering a similar fate, creditors have been thrown into a state of palpable fears about losing their investments. For instance, a digital asset broker, identified as Voyager Digital, recently issued a notice of default to 3AC over fears of its inability to repay $75 million loans. As reported in June, Voyager in the default notice threatened to start looking for prospective buyers for 3AC assets in a bid to retrieve its loan.

Notably, 3AC’s liquidation directive from the British Virgins Islands Court came a few days after Voyager’s default notice to the ailing firm. As reported, the partner of the firm, based in New York, Teneo was directed to oversee the insolvency of 3AC.

Now, creditors in a Friday filing decried the failure of the owners of 3AC to corporate with the court directive. As revealed in the filing, the whereabouts of the founders, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies remain obscure to the creditors till this very moment. 

According to the legal representatives of the creditors, the two founders initially presented themselves for a zoom conversation with their lawyers but decided to mute their visual and audio functions. The lawyers in the filing claimed they did that to avert answering questions specifically directed to them and ensured that their lawyers did all the answering on their behalf.

Furthermore, the creditors’ lawyers claimed they stormed the office of 3AC in Singapore and realized it had been left in unprecedented abandon by the 3AC owners. The legal team feared most of the assets of the crypto hedge funds, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Cash can be moved with ease by the “incorporating” founders. 

For instance, the lawyers through the filing claimed the 3AC’s NFT asset, Starry Night, has been moved to another wallet without any notice.

Now, the creditors through their lawyers want the Court to direct the accurate itemization of all assets owned by 3AC by its founders. As observed in the filing, they request for the listing of all its wallets, bank accounts, virtual funds, derivatives, securities, and all other necessary details. 

Additionally, the creditors want the court to freeze all the assets after they must have been fully highlighted. According to the findings, the court will grant a hearing to the creditors in New York on Tuesday.

Side Notes

Notably, the company manifested as a consistent investor in the virtual market. Its investments cut across NFTs, DeFi, blockchain, and crypto projects. 

The crypto hedge funds came into the limelight as a result of the positive turnout in crypto market conditions last year. However, the crash of the Terra and UST project reportedly marked the beginning of problems for 3AC. 

According to findings, the crypto hedge funds lost their $200 million investment to the crash. The firm’s woes became compounded after it failed to meet up with the margin call.

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