Dfinity sues New York Times for promoting content against the Internet Computer Ecosystem 

  • Dfinity accused prominent personalities of using the Times and its popular reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin to maliciously promote a defrauding story (Arkham Report) on June 28, 2021.

Dfinity Foundation has filed a lawsuit against The New York Times for defamation and promotion of unfair business and trade practices. Also in the lawsuit, the organization included Times reporters Andrew Ross Sorkin and Ephrat Livni, Arkham Intelligence, Inc, and Arkham CEO Miguel with intention of increasing the list as the investigation proceeds.

Dfinity accused prominent personalities of using the Times and its popular reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin to maliciously promote a defrauding story (Arkham Report) on June 28, 2021. The organization discovered that some prominent individuals paid for the story in order to weaken the popularity of the computer internet ecosystem. 

The firm tagged the report as an element of “unfair business and trade practices” because it championed a quest to reduce the threat of the Internet positions to the competitive blockchain. The lawsuit emanated after a report from Crypto Leaks revealed traces of manipulation in the report.

Insight into the situation by Dfinity Founder

While addressing the development, the Founder and Chief Scientist of Dfinity, Dominic Williams decried the role of the New York Times in promoting the report. Williams argued that Arkham was relatively unknown before the report, he alleged that the malicious promotion by New York Times gave it relevance. 

He expressed delight at the discovery of Crypto Leaks which prompted Dfinity to bring the perpetrators to book. The Founder revealed how the report was aimed at soiling the reputation of the Internet computer ecosystem in order to cut its edge against competitive blockchains. Therefore, Dominic Williams said the organization through the lawsuit is protecting the industry, investors, developers, and other stakeholders.

Additionally, Dfinity published some claims to back up its position on the issue. The firm questioned the existence of Arkham as a Crypto Analysis group because it had only published a sole report previously. The position was strengthened by the discovery that the Twitter page Arkham only had seven (7) posts from June last year.

Likewise, Dfinity in the lawsuit pointed to the connection between Arkham reporters and Dfinity’s closest competitor, Reserve Protocol. The organization pointed to the inadequate experience of Arkham writers on the blockchain. Above all, Dfinity cited that the organization doesn’t exist and it was created to downplay the Internet Computer ecosystem.

An investigative clip uploaded by Crypto Leaks reveals how Arkham employees acknowledged that the group was set up and laid awesomely to write the report. Dfinity alleges that some of its prominent competitors sponsored the damaging report. 

Lastly, the firm revealed that the defamatory statement has caused severe damage to the reputation of its industry. Thus, the defendants must be held responsible for every negative impact in the aftermath of the report. Dfinity is seeking justice and securing the reputation of its industry with an emphasis on fair competition without defamatory engagement.

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