Dogecoin Gains After Musk Tweets, Synthetix Hits $200m

A Detailed Guide On How To Mine Dogecoin

What is Dogecoin Mining?

Dogecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that began as a silly joke regarding Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency today. However, in 2021, Dogecoin became increasingly popular, after being promoted on Reddit, another top-performing social platform. Dogecoin, like any other cryptocurrency on the market, can be digitally or virtually “mined”, allowing other users the ability to “mine” Dogecoins for themselves. 

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more commonplace in everyday life, with the ability to cash out, exchange cryptocurrencies for alternative, or alt coins, or even purchase products and services with the cryptocurrencies you own. 

The blockchain uses a Dogecoin proof of work mechanism that allows computers the ability to mine Dogecoin by solving various mathematical equations in the process. Whether you enjoy mining cryptocurrency as an individual or if you are interested in using a Dogecoin script to launch your own mining website, the options and resources have become virtually endless with the rise in popularity of Dogecoin and the Dogecoin community itself. 

What You’ll Need to Get Started Mining Dogecoin

Getting started with Dogecoin mining will require a bit of preparation, especially if you are new to the process or if you are working on an outdated computer. You will also need to consider whether you will be mining Dogecoin solo as an individual, or if you prefer to mine Dogecoin using a group pool, which we will explain a bit later.


Creating a cryptocurrency mining rig is one of the most important elements involved in getting started with crypto, especially if you plan to mine on your own at home. Building a CPU mining Dogecoin will require powerful motherboards, processors, graphics cards, and plenty of RAM. If you choose to build your own Dogecoin mining rig, keep in mind that this method is high-risk, as computers can easily overheat during the process of mining, especially without proper power to the computer. 


In addition to using hardware such as computers and processors themselves, there is also software available to assist in the process of mining and collecting Dogecoin for your own digital wallet. Another popular form of Dogecoin mining hardware includes GPUs, or graphics cards, which can be used on their own to mine cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin itself. Using a Dogecoin mining calculator GPU can also help to optimize your mining techniques.

If you are interested in a Dogecoin Scrypt solution, consider using a Scrypt ASIC miner. Scrypt miners are designed to mine digital currencies that are script-based, such as both Dogecoin as well as Litecoin. Although Scrypt miners are extremely powerful, they can quickly add up in cost as well as in heat and electricity, which is why it is often recommended to seek out Scrypt mining platforms such as Parallel Miner.

Regardless of your preferred method of mining Dogecoin, you will need to choose which software you would like to use with your current setup. For those who intend to mine Dogecoin with their own CPUS, you can find a free CPU miner for Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and others here.

If you are working with a GPU to mine Dogecoin, take a look at the following Dogecoin mining software solutions:

  • EasyMiner – Ideal for those who are new to mining and just getting started. Great UI/UX.
  • CGminer – Ideal for GPU hardware mining
  • CudoMiner – Optimal for users who are working with Nvidia hardware 

For those who prefer to work with Scrypt ASIC, MultiMiner is a great choice for script-based currencies, including Dogecoin and Litecoin alike.

Dogecoin Wallet

With any cryptocurrency, you will need a digital wallet to store and protect your Dogecoin (as well as any other cryptocurrencies you own). A virtual “wallet”, is secured and encrypted, but allows the ability to send and receive DOGE, or other cryptocurrencies, directly to other wallets or connectors online. A traditional cryptocurrency wallet includes a public key address that allows the user to send and receive DOGE, while also including a private key for user-only access. With any cryptocurrency, there are online, software-based, and hardware-based digital wallets.

  • Online: Online digital wallets such as Binance as well as Coinbase allow the ability to acquire, maintain, and sell cryptocurrencies directly online.
  • Software: Software-based cryptocurrency wallets are stored directly on your computer’s hard drive or your smartphone. It is possible to use the official Dogecoin wallet, or you can opt for an alternative third-party digital wallet to store and manage your Dogecoin. 
  • Hardware: Hardware-based crypto wallets are often considered the safest and secure choice for accumulating and storing digital currencies. Hardware-based crypto wallets often require physical storage devices, such as USB sticks, in order to manage and store cryptocurrencies. Using hardware-based wallets is ideal for those who are interested in storing and managing their crypto even when they are offline. 

Choosing the Dogecoin wallet that is right for you is much easier once you are familiar with the available options. Some of the most popular wallets used for Dogecoin can be found in our Dogecoin wallets list below:

Solo Mining Vs. Mining Pool

Once you decide to begin mining Dogecoin, you may be wondering if Dogecoin solo mining is for you or if you are better turning to the mining pool Dogecoin community. Solo mining can be done with the use of your own CPU hardware as well as powerful GPUs. However, it is important to remember that mining can be extremely taxing and demanding, which can quickly cause your electricity bills to spike if you are using powerful computers to mine at home. Using the Dogecoin mining pool and public mining options may not always provide larger sums of Dogecoin, but it provides alternative methods of mining that are not as taxing in terms of energy usage and finances. 

Cloud Mining

There is also the option of Dogecoin cloud mining, or using a third party to help mine the Dogecoin (or alternative coins) that you are interested in for a flat fee or an ongoing service fee, depending on your preferred provider. You can use tools and platforms such as Prohashing Dogecoin to help calculate how much you can expect to earn based on where you are mining your Dogecoin as well as your other preferences in terms of your cryptocurrency setup. 

How to Mine Dogecoin: Step-by-Step

Select Your Mining Method of Choice. Buy the Mining Hardware if You Go That Route.

First, you will need to choose which method(s) you prefer for mining Dogecoin. Consider which CPU or GPU you intend to use, or what cloud mining platform is right for you. If you are looking to maximize profitability, you may want to seek out a suitable Dogecoin ASIC miner that is suitable for the goals you have set. 

Install the Proper Software

You will need to install Dogecoin miner software with any hardware solution you choose before you can begin mining. Using CPUminer Dogecoin or Easy Miner Dogecoin can help you to get started. 

Join a Mining Pool, and Connect Your Devices

Choose a mining pool or a Dogecoin mining machine that is right for you and set up and activate your account. Once you have an active account with a mining pool of your choice, you can connect your devices and begin mining Dogecoin from the pool’s servers.

Set Up Your Dogecoin Wallet

Using your Dogecoin official wallets, you can begin receiving and sending Dogecoin without a hassle. Find a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Dogecoin storage to ensure your ability to store your Dogecoin in your preferred central location. 

Start Mining Dogecoin

Once your setup is complete, you can begin mining Dogecoin. Monitor your Dogecoin hashrate as well as the overall amount of Dogecoin you have mined and your total revenue at all times. If you are using an online mining pool, you will also need to determine when it is appropriate to view your overall payout. 

Risks of Dogecoin Mining

Choosing to mine your own Dogecoin (or any alternative cryptocurrency) poses a few risks that may result in more expenses than it is worth. Knowing the risks can help you to determine if mining solo or with a cloud solution or mining pool is best for you.

Increased Wear-and-Tear on Your Hardware

Using your own CPU or GPUs at home to mine Dogecoin can quickly cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your own hardware, which can cause your computers to quickly slow down or stop working altogether. If you are getting into the world of cryptocurrency to make a profit, starting off on your own with a limited budget is not recommended. 

Even if you own a massive and powerful computer, it is important to remember that over time, the hardware included with your computer may begin to slow or break down, especially from overuse while mining. Mining for any cryptocurrency, including Dogecoin, is extremely demanding on the computer itself, which can drastically reduce the overall lifespan of any computer you are using to complete mining tasks. 


The price of electricity is rising and showing no signs of slowing down. Mining cryptocurrency can cause your Dogecoin electricity usage to spike hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month. If you are using your own hardware, computers, and GPUs, it is highly advisable to calculate just how much electricity you will be using monthly to mine based on your preferred mining schedule as well as the number of computers or GPUs you intend to use. You can calculate energy usage, consumption, as well as costs compared to the amount of Dogecoin you are able to mine in one month to determine if the investment is worth the potential risk.  

Energy Consumption

If you are choosing to mine your own cryptocurrency at home, keep in mind that Dogecoin energy consumption is much higher than simply using your television or computer at home. Due to all of the mechanisms and energy required to successfully mine, you will see a significant increase in your household’s overall energy consumption when mining at home. Opting to create an account with a mining pool or using cloud mining as your preferred method of mining crypto is an alternative that can easily prevent unexpected rises in your electricity bill. 

GPU Shortage and NVIDIA’s Crackdown

Currently, the world is experiencing a microchip shortage as well as a GPU shortage, which has led to various crackdowns by GPU manufacturers such as NVIDIA. NVIDIA is also cracking down on users who choose to use their GPUs on their own in order to assist in the crypto-mining process. It is not always easy to find the proper GPU for mining and with NVIDIA crackdowns, it can be even more challenging to ensure a smooth mining process when mining from home. 

Is Dogecoin Mining Profitable

If you are wondering is mining Dogecoin profitable, the answer is a resounding yes, in most cases. Dogecoin can be profitable, though it is difficult to predict the market of any cryptocurrency at this time, as the market is extremely volatile. For those who were invested in Dogecoin on the ground floor, it has likely been extremely profitable. Dogecoin mining profitability will depend on the current state of the market as well as the current state of cryptocurrencies as a whole. In order to determine Dogecoin mining profitabilit at any given time, you will need to consider the current economic state as well as the demand for cryptocurrency and where it can be spent and applied in today’s world. 

If you are interested in learning more about how much potential your Dogecoin investment has, you can do so by visiting this Dogecoin Mining Calculator from CoinWarz. 

The Bottom Line 

Although there are many different cryptocurrencies available today, few have shown such promise as Dogecoin. With a rallying community behind the coin as well as the backing of one of today’s top leaders, Elon Musk, there is no telling when Dogecoin’s growth will cease. In fact, those who back Dogecoin might just get to the moon, after all. 

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