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Binance CEO Is Reportedly ‘Harassing’ Crypto Enthusiast Over ENS Domain

  • Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has been ‘harassing’ an ENS Domain owner
  • The owner claims that CEO CZ is attempting to “rob him of his domain”

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (popularly known as CZ), is known for the support he has continuously provided to the crypto community. However, as per recent Twitter chatter, the billionaire is reportedly “harassing” a crypto enthusiast, Ethereum Name Service domain owner, and developer named “Cryptofelon.”

The developer took to Twitter to reveal the entire conversation that the Binance team had with him over email on the behalf of Zhao. According to the crypto enthusiast, the billionaire aims to “rob him of his domain.”

The struggle between the two has allegedly been going on since November 2021, and this is the first time it has become public. The ENS domain in question has been locked, and this is the reason why Cryptofelon revealed the entire matter on Twitter. 

The matter began when Binance executive Min Lin allegedly contacted him with a proposal to acquire his ENS Domain which belongs to a project website of Cryptofelon which is in the development stages. The latter demanded 420 ETH for the domain which was refused by the former and everything went quiet for a bit.

A few days later, the world’s biggest crypto exchange issued a “Cease and Desist” against Cryptofelon over copyright infringement violations.

He also added that his website has no logo, no symbol or statement related to Binance and yet they claim its copyright infringement.

“CZ is a self-proclaimed proponent of decentralization, yet CZ chooses to abuse centralized powers in order to steal my domain from my own hands.”

Cryptofelon said.

Additionally, after several months, Binance has filed a lawsuit against Cryptofelon and as a result, the domain has been locked. The lawsuit has been filed in a Canadian court and the developer states that he is a felon in the US which means that he cannot appear in the court to defend himself.

On the other hand, Binance CEO has yet to talk about the situation publicly and the exchange hasn’t released a statement regarding the same.

The above-mentioned thread is filled with comments that claim that someone of the two entities involved is not telling the whole truth as the story doesn’t add up.

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