Binance is set to re-enter Japan after five years and establish a new entity that will comply with the local laws. 

Binance to Establish a Regulated Entity in Japan: Details

  • Binance is set to re-enter Japan after five years and establish a new entity that will comply with the local laws. 
  • The exchange acquired Sakura Exchange Bitcoin (SEBC) in November 2022, which will close operations on May 31. 
  • In the coming weeks, SEBC will reopen as Binance Japan, and customers will have to re-register after August 1, 2023. 
  • All the funds of the users will be converted to Japanese yen and transferred to their bank accounts automatically.
  • The crypto exchange and its partner, Gulf Innova, recently got a digital asset operator license in Thailand. 

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, continues to dominate the industry with the highest trading volume. The firm’s plans of worldwide expansion are gradually coming to fruition as regulatory policies surrounding digital assets become clearer. More importantly, the exchange founded by Changpeng Zhao has shown increased interest in expanding services in Asia. As per a new turn of events, the exchange will be re-entering the Japanese market after five years and will establish a fully regulated entity in the region. 

This announcement comes after the crypto exchange acquired the Japanese crypto exchange Sakura Exchange Bitcoin (SEBC) in November 2022. SEBC will cease operations in the country by May 31 and will reopen as Binance Japan in the coming few weeks. Thereafter, the users on the platform will have to re-register with the new entity, and this migration will be available after August 1, 2023. 

All the funds that a user has on their SEBC account will be transferred to their bank accounts in June after being converted to Japanese yen. 

Moreover, the crypto exchange confirmed that it will not provide access to derivatives to investors in the region while adding that it will not accept new registrations on its global platform. Japanese investors will not be able to open new positions on the global exchange starting June 9. All the pending orders will be canceled, while the open positions need to be closed prior to June 23.  

“In the future, we plan to continue to enrich our service offerings in Japan and will work closely with regulators to possibly provide derivatives services in a fully compliant manner,” the company wrote.

Binance Expands Operations in Thailand

The company and its Thai partner, Gulf Innova, were granted the digital asset operator license in Thailand, and the two are set to debut a crypto exchange in the near future. 

As per the announcement, Gulf Binance Co., Ltd., a joint venture between the leading crypto trading platform and Gulf Innova, a subsidiary of Gulf Energy, has been given the digital asset operator license by the country’s Ministry of Finance. Interestingly, digital asset operators are regulated by the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as per local laws. 

It is crucial to note that Gulf Binance will now work on its plans to open a digital asset exchange and digital asset broker in the region that will comply with local laws. Moreover, it is expected that the new platform will debut in the fourth quarter of this year (Q4 2023). 

The partnership between the two firms includes “the extensive expertise in the digital asset space” brought by Binance combined with Gulf’s “local industry knowledge and established presence in Thailand.” The two aim to “drive innovation, foster growth, and deliver the best value possible to Thai users.”

As per the announcement, the two firms have been working together since 2022 “to ensure the formation of a compliant-first exchange” that strictly follows the guidelines mentioned by the Thailand SEC.

Moreover, Gulf Binance will aim to provide accessible services to users in Thailand, presenting them with a crypto exchange that complies with the guidelines of the Thai SEC and takes advantage of the latest advances in blockchain technology.

“Ultimately, it is Gulf Binance’s mission to be the leading provider of infrastructure services for the digital asset ecosystem in Thailand. A key part of this vision is to nurture local Web3 talent and help spur the growth of the broader blockchain landscape,” read the announcement.

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