Bitcoin R&D Center Vinteum Launches in Brazil

  • Vinteum, a Bitcoin Research and Development center, launched in Brazil on Wednesday.
  • The nonprofit organization seeks to provide infrastructures capable of training and funding open-source developers for the Brazilian Bitcoin ecosystem.

Vinteum, a non-profit organization focused on Bitcoin research and development has announced its launch in Brazil. Bitcoin developers in Brazil and most of the Latin America region welcome the new development set to facilitate the decentralization of open source networks. 

According to the announcement, the non-profit community will provide infrastructures capable of training and funding open-source developers for the Brazilian Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Vinteum considers the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Lightning Network as areas that have become quite complicated and critical over recent years. This is mostly attributed to bitcoin’s maturity which has grown beyond hobbyist use cases. Thereby suggesting a major challenge for developers within the region.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin and Lightning Network will enjoy a series of well-trained and funded open-source developers committed to facilitating the network. All thanks to the Bitcoin research and development center debut, Vinteum. The nonprofit explained via the announcement that it is hell-bent on protecting and fostering the next generation of Bitcoin builders.

Vinteum and The Bitcoin Infrastructure 

According to the announcement, Vinteum was co-founded by Lucas Ferreira of Lightning Labs and André Neves of ZEBEDEE. The idea behind Vinteum was initially inspired by Lucas Ferreira who had long desired to fund Bitcoin developers in Brazil. The mentioned co-founders will serve as the foundation’s executive director and director of partnerships, respectively.

Although Vinteum has refused to disclose the number of funds it is currently holding, the announcement revealed that the non-profit organization saw sponsorship from a number of institutional investors. Some of Vinteum’s investors include John Pfeffer of Pfeffer Capital; Xapo Bank founder and early Bitcoin champion Wences Casares; Sebastian Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Bitcoin blockchain company Ripio; crypto-exchange Okcoin; and the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). 

Per the announcement, the team’s decision to launch a non-profit Bitcoin research and center was triggered by their concerns to protect the Bitcoin ecosystem, especially in Brazil. The community believes Bitcoin is a well-deserved network considering its numerous use cases, thereby calling for further efficiency within the ecosystem.

According to Vinteum, there is no official team, nor is there any built-in mechanism for funding Bitcoin developers. This is because it is open-source software and a decentralized protocol with no owners nor a system of leadership. 

As such, the intervention of a Bitcoin Research and Development Community like Vinteum is highly recommendable considering the mechanism it seeks to deploy. The organization is on the mission to provide several funding channels for developers so that they can effectively work full-time on Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, or other important open source projects in the Bitcoin space.

As noted by Vinteum, the Bitcoin ecosystem needs developers who can continue scaling the network, maintain its security, improve its privacy, and increase its programmability.

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