Clos3t, web3 wallet

Clos3t, A Web3 Wallet Built By Former Google, Chanel, And PwC Employees

  • Former employees at Google, PwC, and Chanel are creating a Web3 wallet called Clos3t
  • The wallet is focused on Web3 fashion and aims to “hyper-personalize” shopping

Ex-employees at respectable firms like Google, Chanel, and PwC are shifting to crypto and Web3 and plan to roll out a new Web3 fashion-focused wallet for customers which will allow them to “hyper-personlize” shopping. The wallet has been named Clos3t.

The founder of Clos3t, Amandine Degotte, spent years while working on major brands like Chanel and Dior where she learnt focusing on client engagement and digital strategy. While her time as an employee, she also learnt that the customer experience is quite fragmented.

“We developed a lot of apps, but also algorithm with AI to make sure we can deliver personalized recommendations to clients, and I was super surprised, because all the brands that are developing their own client journey, are basing it only on the data that they pull,”

said Degotte, co-founder and CEO of Clos3t, in an interview with The Block.

In the interview, Degotte cited the lack of decentralized sharing of information in the fashion industry as a major reason why she chose to create Clos3t.

For example, if you buy something at Chanel, you will share all the info you have with the employees of the store but the same data won’t be transferred to Dior. This is what the new Web3 wallet from Degotte aims to achieve.

The Web3 wallet is capable of storing proof of attendance protocols (POAPs), proof of authenticity, and other non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Degotte noted that the difference between other Web3 wallets and the fashion-focused wallet is that hits the right spot and tackles the issue faced by a fixed and large users. While other wallets demand some sort of crypto know-how, Closet won’t be the same.

The crypto and Web3 adoption continues across the whole globe as many fashion firms like Gucci have launched their NFT collections and decided to accept crypto in their stores as well.

It seems that institutions are also aiming to become a part of the booming crypto culture.

“When I got into web3 a few months ago, I really wanted to develop a super consumer-centric application that will really leverage the preferences of the client, not only based on one brand, but everything that he likes related to fashion,”

said Degotte.

Furthermore, Clos3t raised $300,000 from Fabric Ventures and Frst, with the option to increase the funding to $800,000 in the near future as well. The firm also plans to raise more funds in the near future.

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