brown wooden fence with blue and green wooden signage Equips University Of Oxford With A 2-Year Research Gift

  • will provide sufficient resources for the Oxford University research team to enable innovations in blockchain technologies. has revealed that it has signed a 2-year agreement with the computer science department of the University of Oxford. The announcement revealed that the gift would be used by the Blockchain Research center of the University.

The goal of the gift is to enhance the use of blockchain and other innovative technologies to establish a better secured, transparent, and decentralized community. The aim is to have a borderless community with respect for local laws and regulations.

Notably, Professor Bill Roscoe will be in charge of the center for the 2-year duration. Apart from providing leadership to the research center, professor Roscoe will also contribute in other ways to the research and capabilities.

For instance, he would seek to establish a Distributed Trust without proof of work. The goal of this distributed trust is to prevent the waste of resources. Support on Oxford University will provide sufficient resources for the Oxford University research team to enable innovations in blockchain technologies. Thus, enabling a better understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Also, the research results will help close the gap between academia and the private industry.

The company chose to support the University of Oxford for two significant reasons. One, the University is one of the oldest in the world. Secondly, the Oxford University research team is among the best globally. 

One way the University College Oxford has shown outstanding commitment to blockchain research is via the establishment of a research center.

Since last year, has been involved in many other academic research support programs.

Worth noting, the crypto exchange also supports the new blockchain lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Computer and Information Science. Additionally, it is also one of the supporters of Carnegie Mellon University’s Secure Blockchain Initiative.

The two institutions are recognized global leaders in blockchain research. In addition, is also providing support for Bitcoin security independent research at the Digital Currency Initiative. The initiative is run through the Media lab of the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

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Despite supporting research in various research institutes, also has its own research team. The team consists of experienced academic researchers and publishes open access reports monthly. The team  covers various topics including crypto security and market size.’s head of research, Dr. Henry Hon, explained that Professor Bill Roscoe was crucial in this collaboration with the University of Oxford’s computer science department.

Dr. Hon added that professor Bill Roscoe and his team have been at the forefront of remodeling blockchain mining and trust-building. Hence, Dr. Hon hopes that Prof. Roscoe’s work can provide a better understanding of privacy models and escrow in the blockchain space. Thus, there can be better secured blockchain-based exchanges.

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