Dexilon Launches Testnet For Advanced Services, Acquires $2m From Funding Round

  • The Co-Founder of Dexilon, Maksym Aptilon revealed how the exchange aims to offer quality and affordable services.
  •  As opined by the Co-founder, such innovation will distinguish the company from its peers.

Today, a decentralized exchange (DEX) identified as Dexilon has launched its testnet. According to the announcement, the testnet will aid institutional-grade trading derivatives.

Notably, the Dexilon ecosystem fully supports the launching of derivatives contracts for assets outside the digital space. These assets include metal, foreign exchange, energy, and others. As a renowned decentralized exchange, Dexilon is a force to reckon with in the industry. 

Dexilon to the World

The Co-Founder of Dexilon, Maksym Aptilon revealed how the exchange aims to offer quality and affordable services. As opined by the Co-founder, such innovation will distinguish Dexilon among its peers.

The platform is seeking to have strong liquidity, this will aid it to offer more transparent service, Maksym added. Furthermore, Maksym made it known that the platform is working on a special type of Decentralized. Also, the CEO indicated that the platform is working on profit-aiding mechanisms that are not common with other platforms.

Worth noting, that Dexilon has its special blockchain. This blockchain was specially crafted to run every need of a decentralized exchange. With that, the platform aims to usher in a new dawn of trading derivatives. As a hub for market builders, the outlet provides technical support to help them manage market costs.

On its platform, Dexilon doesn’t charge traders for gas fees, instead, it falls under taker expenditure. One of the long-term goals of the platform is to offer the most affordable market solution. Likewise, the Decentralized exchange is also working on elements that will safeguard the market against flash wrecks. 

Consequently, the platform innovated a liquidation pool that allows investors to demand a liquidated position. This game-changing invention emanated from an age-long financial technique known as block trading.

Alongside the launching of the testnet, the decentralized exchange also acquired $2 million from a seed funding round. The round witnessed the participation of notable investment firms like GSR, Youbi Capital, and Cipholio Ventures among others.

Side Notes

Before the end of 2022, the platform is working on initiating its mainnet. The plans further underline the commitment of the decentralized exchange to embrace growth and innovation.

Established last year, Dexilon is a decentralized derivatives exchange that works on its native blockchain. The uniqueness of this platform also includes a central limit order. As indicated on its website, the platform provides self-custody, lightspeed processing, affordable charges, and transparency. 

As a decentralized exchange platform, Dexilon leaves investors in charge of their funds. The platform allows investors to leave their funds in a smart contract, giving room for transparency and accountability.

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