Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction – 2023, 2025, 2030

Everipedia (IQ) Overview

🪙 Cryptocurrency Everipedia
💱 Ticker Symbol IQ
🏆 Rank 618
💸 Market Cap $154,552,809
💲 Price $0.008571
🚀 Trading Volume $12,543,173
📈 Price Change (24h) -7.27%
💰 Current Supply 18,032,726,356
  • Bullish Everipedia (IQ) price predictions range between $0.038568 and $0.072851 by 2030.
  • Market analysts believe IQ could reach $0.029997 by 2025.
  • Bearish Everipedia market price prediction for 2023 is $0.006857.

Everipedia (IQ) Introduction

Everipedia is owned and operated by the holding company Everipedia, Inc. The business’s headquarters are in Westwood, a region of LA, California, not far from UCLA. The website describes itself as “everything’s encyclopedia” and was earlier known as the “encyclopedia for everyone.” 

After raising financing, the company received funding from angel investors. The startup gathered from 201 investors for around $130,000 on Wefunder before receiving its 1st venture investment by Mucker in July 2015. As of January 2017, they have received $700,000 from private equity for about 30 million USD. On February 8, 2018, it was announced that the firm had raised funding, with Galaxy Digital’s Ecosystem capital taking the lead.

In January 2017, they employed eight to nine entire staff members, including two well-skilled developers. The number of employees had grown to 15 full-time employees by February 2018. The majority of the site’s income in 2016 came from adverts. The business seeks to make money in methods other than through banners or donations.

What Is Everipedia (IQ)?

Decentralized information and forecasting platform called Everipedia (IQ coin) was created as a Wikipedia substitute. The publication life of the website everipedia.org began in 2014. Later, it entered the market for crypocurrency by creating its cryptocurrency, the IQ coin.

Everipedia is a website platform based in the United States with a central office in Los Angeles and was founded by Christian Design, Theodor Forselius, Travis Moore, Mahbod Moghadam, and Sam Kazemian. As a decentralized and cryptocurrency-focused alternative to Wikipedia, Everipedia is well known.

2018 saw its most significant advancement to date. Everipedia and Galaxy Digital struck a partnership agreement when the decentralized finance ecosystem started taking off. Due to the contract, Everipedia inked with Galaxy Digital; the company has received $30 million in funding. The Everipedia site already has 50,000 users that are actively using it. Everipedia (IQ) coin’s inclusion on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange was a further positive development. 

Contributors receive prizes for their work on the Everipedia platform. The platform claims that IQ Token enables the platform’s contributors to be tracked and compensated. IQ Coin owners are also regarded as shareholders in the Everipedia Network. Users who vote with their IQ coins determine which new articles and edits should be included in the knowledge base.

Everipedia (IQ) Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the process of evaluating statistical trends and predicting the direction of price changes in the bitcoin market using mathematical indicators. Looking at past price movements and volume data helps us comprehend how the market works and predict how it may affect future price changes.

Technical analysis approaches assess the cryptocurrency markets and identify trading opportunities through price changes, the average anticipated price, and patterns apparent on charts.

They are based on the notion that key indicators of future price and activity are a cryptocurrency’s historical trading activity and price swings.

The popular momentum oscillator, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), can determine whether a cryptocurrency is overbought (below 70) or oversold (below 30). (above 70). The IQ market is neutral, as the RSI reading is 49.81.

Utilize MA (Movable Averages)

All financial industries frequently employ moving averages as indicators. A moving average shows the average price change over a certain period (M.A.). Moving averages, however, are a lagging indicator. They are therefore dependent on the movement of earlier Everipedia price rise and fall estimates. Simple moving average (SMA) and exponential moving average are the two types of moving averages.

Utilize indicators

Traders can use indicators to forecast the price of tokens, such as Everipedia. Indicators consider the duration, amount, strength, and other factors to decide whether Everipedia will rise or fall. Trades can produce changes and stability even when traders cannot foresee Everipedia’s price estimate.

Oscillators For TRAC Tokens

An oscillator sets high and low bands between two maximum values to construct a trend indicator that oscillates within these limits. Traders use the trend indicator to spot short-term overbought or oversold positions.

(IQ) Everipedia Key Price Levels

Simple horizontal zones of support or resistance constitute key levels. This indicates that the price graph’s peaks and valleys correspond to a horizontal psychological barrier. Technical analysis relies heavily on the notions of support and resistance lines. In certain locations, purchasers may find an asset to be pricey or appealing to purchase (support) (resistance).

The term “key levels” simply refers to horizontal zones of support or resistance. This indicates that a horizontal psychological barrier is aligned with the peaks or valleys in the price graph. In technical analysis, support and resistance lines are essential ideas. Buyers may view an asset in these regions as being desirable to purchase (support) or as being too pricey (resistance).

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The relative Strength Index (RSI) is a motion oscillator that may assess whether a cryptocurrency is overrated or underpaid.

Everipedia Correlation

The prices of Compound (COMP), Harmony (ONE), Chain (XCN), Aave (AAVE), and Uniswap (UNI) were most positively connected with Everipedia, while Huobi Token (HT), Synthetix (SNX), Compound Dai (day), The Sandbox (SAND), and Tencent were most negatively correlated with Everipedia (10SET).

Currencies that move in the same direction statistically significantly more often than those that do not are said to be positively associated with Everipedia. A move in one direction for Everipedia would translate into action in the opposite direction for the currency that is adversely connected with Everipedia.

Everipedia (IQ) Token Fundamental Analysis

Traders use graphical analysis to concentrate on an asset’s performance, frequently down to the minute on trading charts, whereas fundamental analysis does the opposite. Trading has increased. They are thoroughly informed about the wise investment and the group supporting it.

Finding an object’s “intrinsic value” is the goal of fundamental analysis. To decide whether a cryptocurrency is overvalued or undervalued, for instance, you may consider several internal and external elements.

Examining what the project has already achieved or anticipates achieving shortly can be used to predict Everipedia price. Long-term traders regularly stay updated with Everipedia news and other predictions and schedule purchases or sales of Everipedia around significant occurrences.

As the saying goes, “Invest in people, not products.” This quote essentially expresses the fundamental analysis’s central thesis.

An additional incentive scheme and a distributed backend housed on the blockchain will be features of the Everipedia protocol. For curating articles, users will receive the cryptocurrency token IQ as payment. The goal of the IQ tokens is to promote information creation. The company asserts that the new approach would enable the result of an independent encyclopedia without the need for donations or adverts.

Everipedia was first launched in 2015 as a more recent version of Wikipedia. The organization now boasts six million wiki pages and over three million unique monthly visitors, outpacing English Wikipedia in content.

Moreover, the supply and demand factors influence the price movement of Everipedia just like they do for any other assets. Total occurrences like block reward halving, new protocol modifications, or hard forks can impact these dynamics. The cost of IQ may also be affected by laws, adoption by businesses and governments, hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges, and other actual occurrences. As a result, Everipedia’s market value might vary considerably in a small amount of time.

Many traders attempt to track the behavior of IQ “whales” that are essentially organizations and people with significant IQ control, to produce an Everipedia forecast. Everipedia’s market is smaller compared to other typical marketplaces; hence “whales” can significantly affect price changes on their own.

Everipedia (IQ) Current Price

Everipedia is currently worth $0.008571 USD. IQ has moved -7.27% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $12,543,173. Everipedia is currently ranked 618 amongst all cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $154,552,809 USD.

Utilizing the relative strength index (RSI), moving weighted average (MWA), williams fractal (fractal) and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) from the chart above, we can determine price patterns for Everipedia (IQ) to decide wether it is going to have a bullish or bearish year.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2023 $0.010285 $0.011999 $0.012856
2024 $0.017141 $0.018856 $0.021427
2025 $0.025712 $0.027426 $0.029997
2026 $0.034283 $0.035997 $0.038568
2027 $0.042853 $0.044568 $0.047139
2028 $0.051424 $0.053138 $0.055709
2029 $0.059995 $0.061709 $0.06428
2030 $0.068565 $0.07028 $0.072851
2031 $0.077136 $0.080564 $0.083993

Our price prediction forecasts use real-time Everipedia (IQ) market data and all data is updated live on our website. This allows us to provide dynamic price predictions based on current market activity.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2023

Everipedia, according to some, is one of the most amazing cryptocurrencies to rise this year (IQ). The IQ price forecast for 2023 anticipates a significant increase in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $0.012856.

As with other cryptocurrencies, the rise will be gradual, but no considerable drops are expected. Averaging $0.011999 in price is quite ambitious, but it is feasible in the near future given anticipated collaborations and advancements. IQ is expected to have a minimum value of $0.010285.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, Everipedia IQ price prediction has much room for expansion. As a result of the potential announcements of numerous new partnerships and initiatives, we anticipate that the price of IQ will soon surpass $0.021427. However, we should wait to see if the IQ’s relative strength index comes out of the oversold zone before placing any bullish bets.

Considering the market volatility, IQ will trade with a minimum trading price of $0.017141 and an average trading price of $0.018856.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2025

If the upward trend continues until 2025, it could reach $0.029997 and IQ may profit. If the market experiences a decline, the goal may not be met. IQ is expected to trade at an average price of $0.027426 and a low of $0.025712 in 2025.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2026

If Everipedia successfully boosts market sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the IQ coin price could remain stable for the next five years.

According to our projections, IQ will be green in 2026. The IQ is expected to reach and surpass its all-time high in 2026. In 2026, the virtual currency will be worth $0.038568, with a minimum price of $0.034283 and an average price of $0.035997.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2027

After some extensive forecasting and technical analysis, we estimate the IQ price is expected to cross an average price level of $0.044568 by 2027, with a minimum price of $0.042853 expected before the end of the year. Furthermore, IQ has a maximum price value of $0.047139.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2028

Due to the future partnerships that are expected to happen by 2028, we are expecting that a bullish trend will continue, bringing the average price to around $0.053138. If IQ manages to break the resistant level in 2028, we could see a maximum price of $0.055709, failing to gather the support IQ needs by 2028 could result in a low of $0.051424.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2029

While IQ is striving towards interoperability between networks to hasten interaction, the bullish trend from the previous year is expected to continue. So the minimum trade price has been placed at $0.059995 and a yearly price close above $0.06428 in 2029.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2030

By 2030, Everipedia will finally surpass its previous ATH values and record new price levels. The minimum price could be $0.068565 and potentially reach a maximum price value of $0.072851, averaging out at $0.07028.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2031

The cryptocurrency market is known to be highly volatile which is one of the many reasons why price forecasting is a difficult task. BitcoinWisdom tries our best to forecast future price points with precision, however all predictions should not be taken as financial advice and you should DYOR (do your own research). In 2031, we are expecting cryptocurrency to have gained adoption across many sectors. As such, the maximum IQ price in 2031 is projected to be $0.083993 in the event of a bull run, with an average price level of $0.080564.


Everipedia Token (IQ) features vital foundational elements and real-world platform use cases. We think Everipedia Token (IQ) has everything it takes to be a successful cryptocurrency on the market because it has the support of numerous leading crypto players and is unique to the Everipedia Platform. 

Everipedia Token (IQ) has the potential to increase dramatically over the coming months and years with the forthcoming enhancements and advancements. Based on our research and analysis, we anticipate Everipedia Token (IQ) to perform well in the coming months and years and will be a good investment.

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What is the Everipedia (IQ) price today?

Today, Everipedia (IQ) is trading at $0.008571 with a total market capitalization of $154,552,809.

Is Everipedia a good investment?

Everipedia proved to be one of the most talked about coins in the crypto space this past year. With this in mind, it is wise to say that IQ is a good choice of investment.

How high can Everipedia go?

The average price of Everipedia (IQ) can possibly reach $0.011999 this year. Over the next 5 years, it is projected that Everipedia may surpass $0.055709.

How much will Everipedia be worth in 5 years?

Based on the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and Everipedia, a long term investment in IQ could see the price rise to $0.055709 within the next 5 years.

How much will Everipedia be worth in 10 years?

If you invest in Everipedia today, as with any investment, a long term increase is expected. The price of IQ could possibly rise to $0.108848 within the next 10 years.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2024?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.021427 by 2024.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2025?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.029997 by 2025.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2026?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.038568 by 2026.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2027?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.047139 by 2027.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2028?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.055709 by 2028.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2029?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.06428 by 2029.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2030?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.072851 by 2030.

What will the Everipedia price be in 2031?

Everipedia (IQ) price is expected to reach $0.083993 by 2031.

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