Fanpage Releases Limited Edition of Omaha NFT Series 

  • Fanpage is teaming up with top college athletes at the 2022 College World Series event to launch a limited edition of Omaha NFT series.

Fanpage, a boutique NFT platform,  and the Athlete licensing company (ALC) are offering first-time participants at the 2022 College World Series tourney a chance to celebrate the moments in a unique way. The duo have agreed with the top 20 players from this tournament to release an exclusive Omaha edition NFT series.

“NFTs are quickly becoming the go-to vehicle for college athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness,” said Billy Rodgers, Fanpage CEO. “It not only offers collectors an opportunity to invest in the future of rising athletes, but also gives fans, alumni and boosters the ability to help support these kids who are bringing immense value to their universities.”

However, only limited quantities of the NFT will be available. It is an open secret that Omaha breeds the highest number of stars in college baseball. Hence, capturing these historical moments as NFTs is a treasure that will forever live in the hearts of these players.

Fanpage and ALC Mindset on NFTs

It is the first time Fanpage and ALC are partnering in this kind of deal. The NFTs will be created on the polygon blockchain. However, the NFTs will be limited to the 20 most popular players among the top D1 baseball programs who are good enough for Omaha.

Fanpage CEO, Billy Rodgers, said most college athletes are now using NFTs as an avenue to make money from their popularity, name, and image. Rodgers added that these NFTs are beneficial to collectors, fans, and alumni.

Collectors have a chance to support the growth and development of a fast-rising athlete. Also, fans and alumni see it as their way of helping kids contribute massive value to the universities they represent.

On Friday, fans and collectors have the chance to buy a 3d animated baseball. At least one of these fans’ favorite players would have signed these digital baseballs. Fanpage will only be releasing 100 NFTs of each player. All of these NFTs would be in huge demand for many years to come.

Fanpage continues to work with musicians, athletes, brands, and influencers in designing, creating, and marketing their NFTs. Interested NFT creators can also sell their NFTs through Fanpage’s NFT platform.

Also, NFT collectors can transfer or resell Fanpage NFTs on third-party NFT marketplaces. NCAA players usually leverage the experience of ALC to protect their intellectual properties. The College World Series (also known as NCAA men’s College World Series) holds in June of every year in Omaha, Nebraska.

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