Messari Acquires Business And Assets Of Dove Metrics From Blackrose Capital

  • Messari, the leading crypto market intelligence products and services provider, has acquired the business and assets of Dove Metrics from Blockrose Capital
  • The newly acquired Dove Metrics dashboard, when combined with Messari’s system, is performing well, claims a press release

Leading crypto market intelligence products and services provider Messari has recently announced the acquisition of fundraising data and intelligence provider Dove Metrics’ assets and business. 

As per the press release, the newly acquired Dove Metrics dashboard, when combined with Messari’s system, is performing well and will help the company to bring much more usefulness to its operations. According to the market intelligence firm, acquiring the assets and enterprise of Dive Metrics will improve its goods and services by increasing transparency, particularly with regard to the knowledge of ecosystem fundraising.

Commenting on the acquisition, Eric Turner, the Vice President of Market Intelligence at Messari, said that the company strives to be the leading data and research provider in the crypto industry “to create greater transparency around the industry.” Turner believes that the acquisition of Dove Metrics “will enable [the company] to offer new datasets and tools that further allow [its] users to stay on top of industry trends and monitor, in real-time, the top projects and technologies that investors are backing.”

Blackrose Capital’s Dove Metrics is a renowned fundraising data and intelligence provider for the cryptocurrency funding landscape. Regan Bozman and Pierre Chuzeville, two well-known figures in the cryptocurrency sector, co-founded Dove Metrics, which has tracked more than 8,000 traders as they took part in various crypto fundraising rounds using data gathered from high enterprise capital funds, hedge funds, company funds, funding DAOs, and angel investors.

Additionally, it has monitored almost 3,000 funding rounds, more than 300 of which involved individual fund financing. The datasets also contain information on 200 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) that took place in the crypto industry.

Dove Metrics co-founder Pierre Chuzeville said that he and Regan started the company to bring transparency to the crypto funding space.

“Messari has been focused on bringing transparency to the overall industry for years, so we’re excited to see how Messari will expand and grow the product,”

he said.

Messari concluded by stating that it will continue to integrate new features and develop the dashboard in the near future.

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