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New Donald Trump NFTs Sell Out After Launch

  • The NFTs are not owned or managed by Trump.

The embattled former President of the United States, Donald Trump, remains a popular figure among his followers despite his ongoing legal battle. A second batch of Trump’s NFTs sold out on Wednesday, April 19, shortly after their launch.

The new collection has generated over $4.65 million, according to reports. The Trump NFTs featured 47,000 digital collectibles priced at $99 apiece. In addition, the “Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2” collection has gotten up to 750 Ether in trade volume on OpenSea.

A FAQ section of the website described the NFTs as “personal digital collectibles or ‘trading cards’ that you can collect, accumulate, trade, etc.” It added that users are to “think of them like traditional baseball or basketball cards, but stored digitally so you never have to worry about physical damage.”

The NFTs are designed by artist Clark Mitchell and issued on the Polygon blockchain. Each autographed card, according to the creators, has the former president’s digitized signature on it.

It is important to note that the Trump NFTs are not managed or owned by either Donald J. Trump or The Trump Organization, but instead use the former president’s “name, likeness, and image” in accordance with a paid license. Users who purchase 47 Digital Trading Cards or buy 100 cards with cryptocurrency are guaranteed one ticket to the Gala Dinner with Trump in South Florida.

Users can purchase the NFTs with a credit card or Wrapped Ether (wETH). They’ll also need a Torus wallet to receive the NFT. Additionally, the process requires users to complete a Know Your Customer authentication to receive the collectibles.

The artwork in the second collection is strikingly similar to that from Trump’s NFT debut in December, which likewise sold out within a day of going on sale. The inaugural collection was an unexpected hit, and its floor price quickly increased in the 24 hours after the sale, reaching 0.19 ETH, or nearly $230 on OpenSea. Reports claim that Trump pocketed between $500,000 and $1 million from the NFT project based on a deal he signed with the creator of the collection.

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