NYDIG Signs Multi-Year Partnership Deal With the New York Yankees

  • Under the agreement, NYDIG will make its Bitcoin savings plan available to all staff members of the Yankees organization.

On Thursday, crypto oriented firm, NYDIG, announced that it had secured a deal with the New York Yankees to become the payroll platform of choice for the famous US baseball team. Under this deal, employees of the most popular sports franchise can access the Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) of the most trusted name in Bitcoin, NYDIG.

This BSP is a unique benefit for staff members of the Yankees organization. Employees can convert part of their salaries to Bitcoin using the NYDIG platform. An essential feature of the plan is that the Yankees’ employees won’t need to pay transaction fees to make the switch.

Also, NYDIG won’t charge them any fee to help them store their Bitcoin securely. Most of the top firms in various industries provide their employees with a BSP to ensure that their best talents do not go to other companies with such plans. Also, it helps these top companies attract the best talents from the competition that don’t offer a BSP benefit.

NYDIG Spreads Bitcoin Gospel

A recent NYDIG survey showed that more than 35 percent of employees aged 30 or below said they wouldn’t mind converting part of their salary into Bitcoin. About 33 percent of those surveyed said they would choose an employer that offers to pay them in Bitcoin over another one that does not make such an offer if the employment terms for both are similar.

Regarding regulations, operations, and governance, the NYDIG Bitcoin platform boasts the highest standard globally. Whether small businesses or fortune 500 companies, companies and institutions, regardless of size, use this platform.

Chief marketing officer of the Bitcoin firm, Kelly Brewster, said NYDIG is excited about its partnership with the Yankees brand as it helps it to achieve its goal of faster Bitcoin adoption. He restates NYDIG’s commitment to helping its customers explore the full Bitcoin potential. More importantly, they won’t need to compromise their reputation to help their customers achieve this goal.

NYDIG is a trusted brand for providing the best Bitcoin services. They have set the pace that many other bitcoin firms look to beat. Brewster further said the Yankees employees that choose to put part of their salary in the Bitcoin savings plan would be making a wise decision.

One of the benefits of this plan is that the dollar-cost average smooths out the bumps on the way. Brewster commended the Yankees organization for providing this BSP benefit for their employees. “It is clear that they understand the competitive opportunities this option brings for their firm.”

In his remarks, a top-level executive of the Yankees, Aryn Sobo, said the Yankees are entering this partnership because it has developed the reputation of expanding and improving their employee experience. The Yankees’ human resource vice president added that the NYDIG platform makes it easy to add an extra benefit for the employees. NYDIG’s full-stack Bitcoin platform delivers technology and financial services to companies across various industries.

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