Payments Maestro, Flexa, Acquires Drop Party

Payments Maestro, Flexa, Acquires Drop Party

Flexa is showing a strong hand in the digital payments space by making Drop Party a marquee acquisition. Payments are now as much about customer interactions as it is about the technology a company offers.

The marketing technology company will help Flexa engage with customers through multiple online campaigns. It’s been employing merch drops to connect brands with consumers.

Drop Party’s primary business is to create engaging customer experiences through live events, online campaigns, and performances. It will continue to operate independently, however. Its mission will only evolve to accommodate and connect fans with Flexa merchants. According to a statement this Thursday, it’ll also bring innovation to loyalty platforms and integrate new technologies such as instant digital payments and NFTs.

The terms of this innovative deal remain undisclosed.

Flexa’s Expanding Payments Bouquet

Flexa, on the other hand, is a globally-acclaimed pure-digital payments network. In April, Flexa announced plans to expand its options to enable merchants to accept more than 99 different cryptocurrencies from any app or digital wallet.

Drop Party is a commerce platform and full-service agency, partnering with major brands to market big events, big ideas, and big things through merch drops. The drop serves to deepen the brand-fan relationship, offering fans the opportunity to experience a high-quality product.

Drops happen for cultural moments, including album releases, conferences, game releases, global events, movie releases, and new TV seasons. The company says the best part is Drop Party handles all aspects of the process, including design, fulfillment, sourcing, fulfillment, and customer service, in order to achieve smooth collaboration.

Drop Party comes to the Flexa pool to improve the latter’s commitment to merchants, ensuring comprehensive promotional campaigns that are creative, unforgettable, and seamless. The company will participate in supporting new drop parties that bolster the bond between fans and Flexa merchants.

A New Era for Transactions: Lightning Network Payments

In tandem with this development, Flexa is concurrently brewing something impressive in El Salvador. Along with a few choice partners and retailers, it’s launched Lightning Network Payments. Lightning Networks aims to rapidly gather and settle Bitcoin payments. The net transaction will eventually be published to the Bitcoin blockchain.

The El Salvador experiment happened as soon as the country legalized BTC as legal tender last year. The company wants to make it simple for businesses to accept crypto in-store or online.

Another significant Flexa partnership is with Regal, a Cineworld Group subsidiary. Regal operates one of the most diverse theater circuits in the US and, working with Flexa, provides access to digital currency payments to customers globally.

More than 7,000 screens and 500 theaters across the world are on the Regal imprint, and patrons can now easily pay for movie tickets and a crunchy bowl of popcorn using various digital currencies. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Dai, dogecoin, or ether, transactions are guaranteed to be instant and risk-free.

Flexa is only expanding the possibilities within its ecosystem by acquiring Drop Party.

Stepping into the Future

Flexa’s current Chief Executive Officer, Marco Marandiz, and Chief Operating Officer, Shayan Hashimoto, will continue collaborating to lead Flexa’s new marketing offering from its present base in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Marandiz will take on the role of Chief Marketing Officer of Flexa. In his words, Drop Party is enthusiastic about working with creators to position their fan base in the bull’s eye of a rewarding experience that is equally exceptional and unforgettable. The prospect of working with Flexa to create fresh and significant engagement with customers is exciting, he says.

Tyler Spalding, Flexa CEO and co-founder, is “incredibly proud” to welcome the Drop Party collective as they contribute to delivering a unique and powerful platform that enables merchants to connect with customers and fans in a genuine way.

With both companies having a common mission to deliver premium merchant experiences, Flexa will continue to offer enviable digital commerce services to merchants.

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