Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction – 2024, 2025 – 2030

Selfkey (KEY) Overview

🪙 Cryptocurrency Selfkey
💱 Ticker Symbol KEY
🏆 Rank 1599
💸 Market Cap $29,296,173
💲 Price $0.005522
🚀 Trading Volume $3,375,036
📈 Price Change (24h) 4.00%
💰 Current Supply 5,304,969,446
  • Bullish Selfkey (KEY) price predictions range between $0.033134 and $0.035896 by 2030.
  • Market analysts believe KEY could reach $0.013806 by 2025.
  • Bearish Selfkey market price prediction for 2024 is $0.004418.

Selfkey (KEY) Introduction

Keeping complete ownership and control of your online identity is among the critical concerns in the digital realm and crypto market. Identity management and protection systems for businesses and people were developed as part of the SelfKey project.

The project’s goal is to provide users complete control over their confidential documents and reduce the possibility of stolen identifying details. In addition, users can access various services and goods offered on the SelfKey platform thanks to the integration of a network of financial products that uses blockchain technology in the SelfKey network.

Interested in investing in SelfKey (KEY), but not clear what it involves or what will be the future price? Not to worry, this blog intends to provide you with all the information from KEY fundamental analysis to price prediction to make you understand the project. Before scrolling down, keep in mind that the information presented is for educational purposes, so before investing, seek investment advice.

What Is Selfkey (KEY)?

SelfKey is defined as a decentralized identity solution and a supplier of a self-sovereign identification ecosystem with its group of partners, associated products, and diversified financial landscape. Users can also utilize the SelfKey platform to handle crypto portfolios safely and directly sign up for immigration, blockchain, and financial services.

SelfKey employs a revolutionary identity management strategy while simultaneously addressing the problems with current centralized identification management services. These include the difficult, paper-based KYC procedures and the inaccessibility to financial products.

Features of SelfKey 

The self-hosted storage capacity is one of SelfKey’s unique characteristics. This permits you to protect your identification documents and valuables locally, eliminating the possibility of significant data theft as with other comparable solutions.

SelfKey also provides one-click application support due to its speedy identity verification capabilities. As a result, unlike many other solutions, the marketplace’s whole spectrum of services may be accessed with only a few clicks, whether it’s a cryptocurrency, finances, enterprises, or immigration.

What is a KEY token?

The KEY coin, an ERC token, is liable for driving the SelfKey ecosystem. It enables trust and credibility while allowing participants to exchange value. Consumers can invest in the KEY to enter the network, purchase products, and notarize and check ID documents.

Users must stake a number of KEY tokens to connect to the SelfKey network. This reduces the overall quantity of float, restricts spam, motivates people to purchase and retain KEY, and incentivizes them to act in compliance with the Legal agreement so that dependent parties don’t misuse identity data—for which they would forfeit their stake.

Selfkey (KEY) Technical Analysis

You can anticipate the KEY price by considering technical analysis, market capitalization, average trading price, and historical data. The technical analysis you can use to gain information for the KEY price forecast is provided below.

Pivot Points

Using pivot points to identify significant levels where the KEY price might respond is an appropriate technique. Pivot points frequently act as sources of support or resistance and can be major turning points. The underlying principles of this strategy, which day traders typically use, hold true for various timeframes.

Fibonacci, Traditional, DM, Woodie, Classic, and Camarilla are popular types of pivot points, and each has its own statistical technique.


One of the fundamental methods most cryptocurrency investors use is trend lines to spot patterns in KEY price charts. A trend line connects the minimum price value and maximum price points for KEY. This line serves to demonstrate the overall course of upcoming price changes. When the value of KEY moves beyond the established trend line, it is also helpful to spot shifts in the trend.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI movement oscillator determines the magnitude and speed of KEY price predictions. When displayed, the RSI provides a visual approach to reporting a market’s ongoing upsides and downsides in addition to its historical strengths and weaknesses.

By reflecting the impact of a dependent variable on price movement over a specific financial term, a reliable metric for gauging the KEY price projections and signal is produced.

Support and resistance levels

Many investors are likely to enter at a support level to purchase digital currency, while they are typically expected to quit at a resistance level. When the selfkey price equal at which many individuals would typically sell the KEY coin is broken through a resistance level, it indicates that the value is no longer considered the highest price level to sell.

Selfkey (KEY) Fundamental Analysis

SelfKey boasts software that enables one-click KYC and offers a solution for preventing security breaches and identity fraud. In addition, the project offers a platform for id management that permits individuals to safely keep their personal and financial data with ultimate control over who can access it.

Along with identity management solutions, SelfKey offers a platform where users can acquire over 300 different goods and services, register a bank account, make an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, check documents, and begin a business.

SelfKey aims to enable people to own, govern, and manage their private data. In turn, this will assist businesses in safeguarding user-provided private data and remaining compliant with data protection laws. As a result, SelfKey imagines a safer era in which individuals are more liberated because their confidential information is secure and in their power.

Due to the turbulence in the cryptocurrency market, SelfKey’s net worth rarely matches its intrinsic worth. A wide range of variables can influence the valuation of KEY in the marketplace, and traders can use strategies like technical analysis to forecast the price of KEY in the future. SelfKey’s usefulness is based on the fact that consumers can decide with whom to exchange ID details while retaining all crucial data safe in one location.

The SelfKey network secures data and guards users’ identities using private and public cryptographic keys. SelfKey adds value thanks to its technological capabilities, application cases, and widespread adoption rate. However, SelfKey’s core worth comes from the work of its project team and pertinent improvements, advancements, and roadmap upgrades.

Selfkey (KEY) Current Price

Selfkey is currently worth $0.005522 USD. KEY has moved 4.00% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $3,375,036. Selfkey is currently ranked 1599 amongst all cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $29,296,173 USD.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.006627 $0.007731 $0.008284
2025 $0.011045 $0.012149 $0.013806
2026 $0.016567 $0.017672 $0.019328
2027 $0.02209 $0.023194 $0.024851
2028 $0.027612 $0.028716 $0.030373
2029 $0.033134 $0.034239 $0.035896
2030 $0.038657 $0.039761 $0.041418
2031 $0.044179 $0.045284 $0.04694
2032 $0.049702 $0.051911 $0.05412

Our price prediction forecasts use real-time Selfkey (KEY) market data and all data is updated live on our website. This allows us to provide dynamic price predictions based on current market activity.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2024

Selfkey, according to some, is one of the most amazing cryptocurrencies to rise this year (KEY). The KEY price forecast for 2024 anticipates a significant increase in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $0.008284.

As with other cryptocurrencies, the rise will be gradual, but no considerable drops are expected. Averaging $0.007731 in price is quite ambitious, but it is feasible in the near future given anticipated collaborations and advancements. KEY is expected to have a minimum value of $0.006627.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, Selfkey KEY price prediction has much room for expansion. As a result of the potential announcements of numerous new partnerships and initiatives, we anticipate that the price of KEY will soon surpass $0.013806. However, we should wait to see if the KEY’s relative strength index comes out of the oversold zone before placing any bullish bets.

Considering the market volatility, KEY will trade with a minimum trading price of $0.011045 and an average trading price of $0.012149.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2026

If the upward trend continues until 2026, it could reach $0.019328 and KEY may profit. If the market experiences a decline, the goal may not be met. KEY is expected to trade at an average price of $0.017672 and a low of $0.016567 in 2026.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2027

If Selfkey successfully boosts market sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the KEY coin price could remain stable for the next five years.

According to our projections, KEY will be green in 2027. The KEY is expected to reach and surpass its all-time high in 2027. In 2027, the virtual currency will be worth $0.024851, with a minimum price of $0.02209 and an average price of $0.023194.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2028

After some extensive forecasting and technical analysis, we estimate the KEY price is expected to cross an average price level of $0.028716 by 2028, with a minimum price of $0.027612 expected before the end of the year. Furthermore, KEY has a maximum price value of $0.030373.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2029

Due to the future partnerships that are expected to happen by 2029, we are expecting that a bullish trend will continue, bringing the average price to around $0.034239. If KEY manages to break the resistant level in 2029, we could see a maximum price of $0.035896, failing to gather the support KEY needs by 2029 could result in a low of $0.033134.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2030

While KEY is striving towards interoperability between networks to hasten interaction, the bullish trend from the previous year is expected to continue. So the minimum trade price has been placed at $0.038657 and a yearly price close above $0.041418 in 2030.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2031

By 2031, Selfkey will finally surpass its previous ATH values and record new price levels. The minimum price could be $0.044179 and potentially reach a maximum price value of $0.04694, averaging out at $0.045284.

Selfkey (KEY) Price Prediction 2032

The cryptocurrency market is known to be highly volatile which is one of the many reasons why price forecasting is a difficult task. BitcoinWisdom tries our best to forecast future price points with precision, however all predictions should not be taken as financial advice and you should DYOR (do your own research). In 2032, we are expecting cryptocurrency to have gained adoption across many sectors. As such, the maximum KEY price in 2032 is projected to be $0.05412 in the event of a bull run, with an average price level of $0.051911.


SelfKey is one of the leading providers of decentralized identity technologies in the Blockchain industry right now, with a workforce that has experience working with enterprises of various kinds and end customers. In addition, SelfKey is moving to advance the idea of self-sovereign identification within the crypto sector as the Crypto-Verse hits Blockchain 3.0 with the expansion of staking ecosystems, community-governed systems, and yield farming.

To determine whether KEY will be a profitable investment, keep updated and pay attention to the market capitalization, various prices, average trading value, and other projections. Never forget to do your own research before making a move . We wish you a safe bet!

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What is the Selfkey (KEY) price today?

Today, Selfkey (KEY) is trading at $0.005522 with a total market capitalization of $29,296,173.

Is Selfkey a good investment?

Selfkey proved to be one of the most talked about coins in the crypto space this past year. With this in mind, it is wise to say that KEY is a good choice of investment.

How high can Selfkey go?

The average price of Selfkey (KEY) can possibly reach $0.007731 this year. Over the next 5 years, it is projected that Selfkey may surpass $0.035896.

How much will Selfkey be worth in 5 years?

Based on the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and Selfkey, a long term investment in KEY could see the price rise to $0.035896 within the next 5 years.

How much will Selfkey be worth in 10 years?

If you invest in Selfkey today, as with any investment, a long term increase is expected. The price of KEY could possibly rise to $0.070135 within the next 10 years.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2024?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.013806 by 2024.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2025?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.019328 by 2025.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2026?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.024851 by 2026.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2027?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.030373 by 2027.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2028?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.035896 by 2028.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2029?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.041418 by 2029.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2030?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.04694 by 2030.

What will the Selfkey price be in 2031?

Selfkey (KEY) price is expected to reach $0.05412 by 2031.

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