The Sandbox and KEB Hana Bank

The Sandbox And KEB Hana Bank Partner Up To Provide Banking Services In The Metaverse

  • The Sandbox has partnered with KEB Hana Bank to provide banking services in the metaverse
  • Playboy will also create a Playboy MetaMansion game in the metaverse

The Sandbox seem unbothered by the current bearish trend in the crypto market as it continues to expand its partnership and introduce new features into the metaverse. According to a blog post, the metaverse project confirmed its partnership with KEB Hana Bank.

KEB Hana Bank, a commercial bank that provides the largest range of foreign exchange products in South Korea, plans to “expand global metaverse business in the banking industry,” as per the official blog post.

The Sandbox and KEB Hana Bank have set forth on a new journey and plan to launch a new type of event marketing and aim to build a collaborative business model where the metaverse enthusiasts can open a virtual branch at The Sandbox metaverse and enjoy basic banking services along with investmenet opportunities.

Furthermore, Hana Bank will be introduced in the K-verse a virtual space containing all kinds of Korean content through which the bank will be able to reach Gen Z meaningfully.

“We are excited to see KEB Hana Bank enters the metaverse to create new kinds of content. This will be the next frontier of easy-to-use metaverse banking service for users,”

said Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea.

So Jung Kim, Deputy President of KEB Hana Bank believes that this partnership will help the bank reach the younger generation as it aims to become a part of the digital trend.

Playboy and The Sandbox

The Sandox also confirmed its partership with Playbox, an American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine via a Twitter post.

Through the partnership, the two giants aim to capitalize on the metaverse and NFT frenzy with the creation of a Playboy MetaMansion in The Sandbox metaverse which will also include NFT collectibles.

Last year, Playbox officially launched an NFT collection in October called the Playboy Rabbitars. The holders of these NFTs will have access to special expereinces inside the MetaMansion that is being built by Playboy in the metaverse.

Playboy views blockchain and NFTs as a new layer of technology which will allow investors to gain an experience of the Playboy lifestyle.

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