Virtual Pangea and Moretti Fine Art Gallery Announces Strategic Partnership to Venture the Metaverse

  • The NFT market runs the metaverse ecosystem, thereby making the partnership between Virtual Pangea and Moretti Fine Art Gallery extremely competitive.

Pangea AG, a multilayer metaverse ecosystem, has announced a strategic partnership with Moretti Fine Art Gallery to further venture into the metaverse market. Reportedly, the  partnership is aimed at establishing an initial digital art gallery on metaverse before the end of the year. The art gallery will be stationed in the Virtual Pangea AG space on the metaverse.

Andreea Mocanu, Business Director and cofounder of Virtual Pangea, said, “the partnership with the Moretti Fine Art Gallery opens the door for art experts and enthusiasts, as well as curious users to enjoy and invest in masterpieces in an exciting and memorable way. We are beyond excited about the opportunity to host such a prestigious gallery in our Block-0 and we are looking forward to growing what is already looking to be a fruitful relationship.”

The NFT market has recorded tremendous adoption, especially with increased institutional investors. While most NFTs are prone to wash trading and volume inflation, the future offers the industry more use cases. 

Furthermore, almost all things in the real world can be represented as an NFT.

Notably, the metaverse industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decades. The sheer potential in the Metaverse industry advised Facebook to convert its name to Meta. 

Notably, the NFT market runs the metaverse ecosystem, thereby making the partnership between Virtual Pangea and Moretti Fine Art Gallery extremely competitive.

As a trailblazer, venturing into the metaverse will see Moretti Fine Art Gallery inaugurate Block-0, which is the first block of the Virtual Pangea Metaverse and the first immersive 3D & VR-ready experience. The virtual gallery will be situated in this huge multi storey structure which exhibits the strength of NFT in the digital space.

In the structure, customers of Moretti Fine Art clients will experience the making of a new history, also a remarkable experience of engaging and purchasing artworks on the metaverse. With the innovation, enthusiasts are opportune to relish art and traditional artifacts without any hindrance of their physical environment. The initiative will engage the finest technology to connect the physical and virtual world together.

Based in Switzerland, Virtual Pangea AG is the inventor of the initial Multilayer Metaverse that offers users a seamless trading service. The firm concentrates on community ownership and developing solutions that will contribute to R&D and further blockchain adoption.

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