Zerocap Partners With ANZ Bank to Enable Trade of Tokenized Carbon Credits with A$DC

  • Zerocap is renowned for the offering of tailored investment products and reliable custody to its worldwide clients, including wholesale investors, family offices, HNWs, and many others. 

In resolve to enable the trading of tokenized Australian Carbon credits on its platform, a leading full-service crypto firm, Zerocap has announced a special partnership with ANZ bank and Beta Carbon.  

As revealed, the newly enabled trading of the tokenized carbon credits (BCAU) will employ the A$DC stablecoin issued by ANZ bank. The partnership between the three firms is intended to work towards the actualization of such a feat.

Zerocap Leadership Mindset

According to ZeroCap CEO, identified as Ryan McCall, the crypto platform aims to link emerging digital assets with the world of traditional markets. McCall expressed the delight of his team to engage ANZ bank and Beta Carbon in bringing the latter’s tokenized carbon credits coupled with A$DC stablecoin to Zerocap’s platform. 

He reassures the commitment of the firm to continuously perform its role in fostering the mainstream of digital assets with the partnership. The CEO further said that Zerocap with this move proves the efficiency of the digital asset ecosystem in trading and settlement of an asset. 

“We believe that the tokenization of assets combined with blockchain technologies allow frictionless transacting and just as importantly immediate, irrefutable settlement and secure custody. It shows the digital transacting, and our efficient markets can play an important role in the necessary development of carbon abatement instruments and assets,” McCall noted.

He further explained plans by Zerocap to ensure the tokenization of every feature enveloped in carbon credits to bonds, property, equities, and a host of others. According to him, such efforts provide a robust milestone to achieving the vision. 

According to him, tokenization of assets coupled with blockchain technologies paves way for frictionless transactions. More so, the CEO further says that the trend helps in fostering secure, immediate, and incontrovertible custody.  This development, according to McCall illustrates the ability of virtual transactions and Zerocap’s efficient market to play a robust role in the possible development of carbon diminution instruments and assets.

Key Notes

As revealed, ZeroCap secured the BCAU through Beta Carbon, a network that converts the Australian Carbon Credit Units into virtual tokens. Each of the converted Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) reportedly represents 1kg of captured carbon.

 This development tends to avail A$DC/BCAU with robust liquidity. In addition, the transaction also offers A$DC redemption rights to Smorgon Group and Zerocap.

Recall that the A$DC initiative is coming a few months after the successful implementation of the first Australian bank-issued dollar stablecoin payment by ANZ and Zerocap. This, as reported, was executed through a public permissionless blockchain transaction.

To date, Zerocap is renowned for the offering of tailored investment products and reliable custody to its worldwide clients, including wholesale investors, family offices, HNWs, and many others. The full-service crypto platform usually provides storage infrastructures guided by insurance policies meant for the compliance of its investors. 

According to findings, it usually explores standard technologies, which include; MPC cryptography, hardware isolation, and a host of others in rendering such services to its diverse clients.

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